PHYSSunday, March 25, 2007

1:20 PM-5:00 PM McCormick Place South -- Room S402B, Level 4, Oral
Structure and Dynamics at the Liquid-Liquid Interface
Structuring of Water
Organizer:Mark L. Schlossman
Organizer, Presiding:Robert A. Walker
1:20 PMCombining surface nonlinear spectroscopy and molecular dynamics simulations to understand molecular structure and bonding at a series of liquid-liquid interfaces
Geraldine L. Richmond
2:00 PMStructure, dynamics, and solvation at aqueous interfaces
Shekhar Garde
2:40 PMHydrophobic size effects measured by single molecule force spectroscopy
Chad Ray, Jason R. Brown, Boris B. Akhremitchev
3:00 PMIntermission
3:20 PMSurface hydration dynamics and protein-water interactions
Dongping Zhong
4:00 PMComputational studies of hydrogen bonded liquid interfaces
Liem X. Dang
4:40 PMMolecular interactions at the oil/aqueous interface
Cathryn L. McFearin, Geraldine L. Richmond

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The 233rd ACS National Meeting, Chicago, IL, March 25-29, 2007