ENVRThursday, March 29, 2007

8:30 AM-11:00 AM McCormick Place South -- Room S106B, Level 1, Oral
New Energy Technology
Low Energy Nuclear Transmutation
Organizer:Jan Marwan
8:30 AMFrom cold fusion to low energy nuclear reactions: 2007 Update
Steven B. Krivit
8:55 AMExperimental observation of reactor 137Cs isotope deactivation and 55Mn isotope transmutation in biological cells
Vladimir Vysotskii, Alexander Tashirev, Alla Kornilova
9:20 AMPrecision and accuracy of cold fusion calorimetry
Melvin H. Miles, Martin Fleischmann
9:45 AMResonance transfer of neutron from deuteron: Mechanism of low energy nucleus reactions in metals
Dmitriy D. Afonichev II
10:10 AMOn the energetics of deuterium palladium cluster reactions in LENR electrolytic experiments
George H. Miley, Heinz Hora
10:35 AMQuantization of atomic and nuclear rest masses and stimulation mechanisms of low energy nuclear reactions using super low energy external fields
Fangil Gareev

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