CHEDMonday, March 26, 2007

8:00 PM-10:00 PM Hyatt Regency Chicago -- Riverside Center, Poster
Successful Student Affiliates Chapter Poster Session
Organizers:Andrea T Bennett
Nancy Bakowski
Marietta College ACS student affiliates and chemistry club
Donald W. Carpenetti II, Kevin L Pate
MSCD SAACS: Promoting awareness of chemistry in the community
Susan M. Schelble
Northeast Texas Community College "Science Road Show"
Elida Victoria Bonilla, Darryl Mitsuo Encino
Schooling at The Chemistry CirCus
Roger A. Ashmus, Giannina Heredia, Nancy Avila, Isela Arrieta, Christina Pasillas, Walter E. Dickson, James E. Becvar
Science day on the greenway
Nathan Evans, Lindsey Huber, Tyler Evans, Christopher Suskovich, Adam Huff, Craig Damin, Rachelle Heim, Chad Keyes, Jason W. Ribblett
Seventy years of a chemistry club at Hartwick College
Amy Luby, Emily R. Wojcik, Miranda J. Lahr, Nikolas Deal-Laroda, Susan M Young
Sharing chemistry with middle and high school students through interactive and stimulating educational methods
Sara Yu Choung
SHU reacts with you
Kathleen Donaldson, April Kiral, Jessica Keith, Jessica Ludovici
Smoking and health: Benz[a}pyrenes and cancer induction
Jennifer Adams, Carolyn Dienes, Pasquale Di Raddo
South Texas College Student Affiliates chapter
Jonathan Hernandez, Jorge Gonzalez
The University of Texas at Dallas: Model of a successful Student Affiliates chapter
Erin Kate Walker, Miles V. Selvidge, Danielle Victor, James Jackson, Skye Edgett
Three years of a successful Student Affiliates chapter
Sergio J. Cardona-Gonzalez, Ada Y. González, Ivonne Fernández
Universtiy of Texas at Austin Student Affiliates chapter
Lisa A Fredin, Nathan S Froemming, John Leavitt
Vitamin C, health and wellness
Claudine Kuehnl, Erika Dittmar, Brandon Beaver, Renee Chellson, Pasquale Di Raddo
Your home: It is all built on chemistry
Angel Ayala, Eduardo Rosario, Gladybelle Delgado, Wilanet de la Cruz, Juan Suárez
Chemistry style at San Germán
Josue Lisboa, Christy Troche, Mirna Plato, Heriberto Rodríguez, Yamarie Rivera, Nilda Caraballo, Angela M. González
GCSU's chemistry club: Building stronger bonds
David Nguyen, Daniel E McCall, Katherine Harper, Jennifer Proffit, Michael McGinnis, Catrena H. Lisse
Increasing membership and community involvement: The 2006-2007 University of Northern Colorado Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society activities and accomplishments
Ryan Miwa, Jamison Walsh, Kelsey Barnes, Kimberly A. O. Pacheco
Leading our community into chemistry
Idenisse Rivera, Agnes Dubey, Josué Sánchez
A long history made with magic
Karla B Schallies, Beatriz Perez, Adam Marchetti, Steve Strezsak, Celeo Guifarro
ACS at Kalamazoo College: Giving chemistry a voice in the liberal arts
Holly Catherine Gillis, Andrew W. L. Bayci, George Ettenger, Katherine Diffenderfer, Joan M. Esson, Marina Migliore
Activities of SAACS at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania
Justin Wilhelm, Jackie Freed, David Hunter, Brent D. May, Kevin Range, Jacqueline Whitling
Activities of the Texarkana College chemistry club
Zach Ramsey
Activities: The heartbeat of a successful Student Affiliate chapter
Katherine E. Thompson, Alyssa D. Adkins, Adrian M. Dunson, Elizabet Martinez
Barry University Chemistry Club/ACS Student Affiliates REACT!
Ileana Pazos, Stefanie Thompson, Johnny Zephirin, Sabrina Gillig, Laetitia Barbera, Lina Arencibia, George Fisher
Bike Day: A campus wide activity to spread environmental awareness
Darrell G. Watson, Angeline R. Sedillo
Blown away with chemistry
Kimberly Fallo, Christopher Aiuto, Joseph DePalma, Tariq Lescouflair, Randy Leedham, Kevin Hannigan, Jessica R. Boy, Jessica Reynolds, Paul Yarincik, Christopher Fontana, Jillian Hunter, Rachel LaTerra, Joseph Audie, Linda Farber, Kruti Naik
Celebrating NCW: Chemistry and your home
Pasquale Di Raddo, Kyle Worth, Jamie Sullivan, Emmanuela Ohaeri
Paper Withdrawn
MSUM chemistry club campus and community activities
Kyle J. Marthaller, Brandon D. Madery, Asoka P. Marasinghe
Chemistry and your community: Educating local youth based on hands-on demonstrations
Lesa Celeste, James R. Martin, Adam P. Pendleton, Matthew J. Waitner, Timothy M. Gregg
Chemistry club on campus and in the community: Activities of the 2006-2007 SIUE student affiliates chapter
Lindsey N. Hamilton, Rosalinda Harnack, David Herrmann, Crystal Hise, Dawn Powell, Jennifer Redding, Mariellen T. Sydow, Susan D. Wiediger
Chemistry connections in the classroom, campus, and community
Brandon Stroope, Martin D. Perry Jr.
Chemistry matters at Washington College
Jamie Johnson, Erik W. Hobbs, Shane Moser, Erin Jones, Anne E. Marteel-Parrish, James R. Locker
Chemistry, community and children: The Tuskegee University SAACS commitment
Tahirah Farrer-Bradley, Barbara G. Rackley, Albert E. Russell
ChEmory: Emory University's Student Affiliate Chapter
Katherine A. Rodby, Daniel L. Gray
Chi epsilon mu: Great things can happen when the chemistry's right
Mary Clay, Rachel K. Castleberry, Carrie Brennan
Chico State SAACS: 50 years of community, service and celebration
Jaspreet Rai, Jill Hostetter, Christian A. Plewik, Maisha Kamunde, Allen Mull, Karl Voigtritter, Maddy L. McCrea-Hendrick, David B. Ball, Randy M. Miller
Círculo de química: Improving chemistry knowledge at UPR-Cayey
E. Reyes
Clemson University SAACS
Chris Pollock, Ashlyn E. Dennis, Adam Kraft, Jamie Hodges, John Kaup
Community outreach through partnership with local schools
Jonathan W. Revels, Taylor Thurston, Justin Massing
Curiosity for science, and inspiration for chemistry
Kyungmee Lee
Demos in the dark: A successful NCW activity
Amy S. Nunez
Demystifying chemistry for the masses: The Longwood University SAACS chapter's honorable attempt
Christopher M. Shuford, Russell E. Farmer, Lynsey D. Riddle, Nancy K. Porterfield, Amanda K. Simmons, Scott E. Jenkins, Lee A. Friedman, Melissa C. Rhoten
DePauw Univeristy chapter: Part of the community
David Roberts, Samuel S. Rund, Sarah E. Lemons
Development fostered by demonstration
Justin Valenstein, Teresa M. J. Beary, Lindsey Griepenstroh, Kathryn Brown, Craig M. Teague
Driving force of our science club: Attending ACS national meetings
Jessalyn Machado, Jessica Murillo, Angela Castello, Nicole Salazar, Dionne Dickson, Mariano Amicarelli, Karla Espino, Raphny Alexandre, George Santiesteban, Mayra Exposito, Milagros Delgado
Drury University Student Affiliate chapter
Sean R. LeNoue, Cole E. Denton, Shahaf Ashkenazi
Eastern Oregon University SAACS: Promoting science in the community
Matthew J. Bechaver, Julia C. Deutsch, Tara L. Boethin, Trent Holcomb, Anna G. Cavinato
Elements of team work
Fabiola Garcia
Exciting times for the Pacific Lutheran University's Chemistry Club!
Christine S. Gordon, Craig Fryhle
Exploring the field of chemistry through hands-on experiments
David Groscost, Katie Schreffler, Brandon Humberger, Autumn Aul, Alicia Stallard, Sam Johnson, Palmer Wetzel, Andrew Och, Thiezue James, Amber Miller, Phuc Tran, Brian Williams, Jess Wedin, Ashley Clement, Chris Tran, Ping Y. Furlan
Exploring the world through the eyes of chemistry
Whitney Beaumont, Paul Bobryshev, Celeste Cole, Casee Lemons
Fundraising for the NDSU Student Affiliates chapter of the ACS
Anna Baskerville, Ashley Rassmussen, C. Seth
Getting Florida International University chemistry students involved in the community
Oscar G. Cabrices, San Lamar, Stefano Boulos, Shandi Brito
Green chemistry at the University of Minnesota-Morris
Carla J Steinbring
Hands-on chemistry for highschool students
Samantha C. Laustsen, Stephen K. O'Shea
Hosting activities for large groups of k-6
Emily Mclean, Anne E. Turner, Emily A. Freehauf, Christopher J. Kalish, Timothy H. Zauche
Juniata College SAACS: Expect the uncommon
Meara C. Kauffman, Brandon Bogusz, Kara M George, Robert A. Grimminger, Katrina Kratz, Jonilyn G. Longenecker, Jessica M. Mann, Tom L. Fisher, Richard R. Hark
Learning, teaching, research, and discovery: The UIW chemistry club
Julian M. Davis, Brian G. McBurnett, Edward E. Gonzalez, Roel O Flores, Adam J Obregon, Amanda M Cavazos
Millersville University Student Affiliates
Rebecca L. Butt, Kirsten M. Kahler, Clare M. Flynn, Anna J. Jacobs
Morehead State University SAACS
Allyson Dockery, Kara Russell, Christopher Preece, Mark T. Blankenbuehler
MTSU SAACS activities 2007: The name is Bond... as in chemical bond
Taylor Arnold Barnes, Samantha C Chesak, Ryan Parsons, Gary D. White, Andrienne C. Friedli
Nano chili
Lauren K. Hutter, Dalia I. Georgy, Keith Symcox
Nazareth College outreach program: Bringing science to the community
Angela J. Balliano, Kayleigh A. MacMaster
NDSU Student Affiliates chapter outreach program
Anna Baskerville, Ashley Rassmussen, C. Seth
New methods of membership recruitment for SAACS at Northern Kentucky University
Joel R. Deye, Robert A Wilson, Matthew Lauer, Rebecca A. Seger, Celeste A. Morris, Heather A. Bullen, Keith A. Walters
New traditions for the SAACS chapter at Centenary College of Louisiana
Brett Martin, Jeremy Fagan, Isaiah Newton, Cody Andrews, Thomas M. Ticich
Nurturing relationships and building community with chemistry
Kenneth B. Lewoczko, J. Rhett Barker, Charles M. Baldwin, Randy F. Johnston
Positive impacts of a student and community centered organization
Melinda Woods, Brenton Drake, Jeremy Connolly, Beth Gregory, Kevin L Evans
Professional development activities and community service in a student affiliate chapter
Jacob A Vervynckt, Stefanie A. Bragg, Lester L. Pesterfield, Rui Zhang
Reestablishing a SAACS chapter at Miami University
Kimberly Harris, Jerry Sarquis
Reaching out to the campus and beyond: SAACS events that spark interest
Jordan M. Fritz, Elizabeth Repasky, Christopher R. Bowman, Alison B. Moore
Saint Louis University Chemistry Club: Drop it like it's exothermic
Michelle Watt, Anne Blackwell
Saint Mary's affiliate of the American Chemical Society
Megan Boyle, Christine Herdman
A history of outstanding activities of the ACS-Student Affiliates Chapter at the University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus
Anabel Pizarro Rios, Sara M. Delgado, Juan Carlos Aponte Santini, Frances L. Rosario Quiñones, Richard Rivera Ocasio
ACS demons rock the bayeux
Gillian E. A. Rudd, Jordan Brown, Ifrah Jamil, Alanna Brauer
ACS Student Affiliates, Purdue chapter
Carol A. Johnson, Michael Trybula
American Chemical Society Student Affiliate chapter, University of Puerto Rico at Arecibo 2005-2006
Sergio J. Cardona-González
SMSU chemistry club activities
Kyle M. Henning, Jay H. Brown
Strategies for student recruitment and retention in the Student Affiliate Chapter (SAC) of the ACS at Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico (PUCPR)
Carmen Collazo, Christymarie Rivera, Jafet Pérez, Milena Colón, Freddy Rodríguez, Xiomara Santiago
Student affiliate chapter activities at Angelo State University
Caitlin A. Cozby, Leah Lawdermilk, Donna K. Howell, Nick E Flynn
Student affiliates activities at Eastern Illinois University
Meghan E. Breen, Kimberly S. Cagle, Michael F. Cuddy II, Rebecca C. Grove, Debra S. Schwenk, Matthew Unterfenger, Edward M. Treadwell, Scott M. Tremain
Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society at the University of St. Thomas, Houston, TX
Adeola Olowu, Giancarlo Toledanes, Liann P. Marruffo, Connor Kelley, Shahrazed Metouri, Thomas B. Malloy Jr.
Successful activities of SAACS at the University of Central Oklahoma
Dallas G. New, Christina M. Lindsey, John Michael Ferguson, Paul S. Jordan
Successfully reactivating a dormant student affiliates chapter
Leah Thompson, Akhil Mehta, Jake Smith, Emily K. Malcolm, Lindsay A. Read, Karen L. Steelman, Kyle W. Felling
Team Chemistry: A dynamic effort
Connie Levy, Felisha Santory, Tan Sirivanta, Pamela K. Kerrigan
The big bang theory: Public chemistry demonstrations for all ages
Bradley J. Stockel, Tiffany M Emmer, Michael D. Schuder
The catalyst of our community: W&J SAACS
Amber Bisch, Micker Samios, Francis Smith, Cody Hoop
The SAACS Community and the chemical interactions of undergraduate subjects at Cal Poly Pomona
Devita Y. Wooten
The Southern Chemical Society at Georgia Southern University
Trianna R. McCall, Margarita Viera, Phoebe C. Pletcher, Shae Vaughn, Kennon Deal, C. Michele Davis-McGibony
Truman SAACS: What next?
Danielle Stacy, Josh Himer, Melissa Thorstad, Barbara K Kramer
University of Michigan-Flint chemistry club: Coordination in chemistry
Jessica L. Tischler, Bridget Gorski, Brenden Yonke, Anna Stanczyk, Kristin Bezemek, Mariam Qureshi
Waynesburg outstanding chapter strives to promote chemistry education
Megan R Orndoff, Merissa L. Scozio, Apryle M. O'Farrell
We may not be part of the solution but we are definitely part of the precipitate
Cynthia L. May
Xavier University of Louisiana SAACS: A post-Katrina success story
Tony D. Davis, Jamie A. Ellis, Nichole Guillory, Therese Ndessoko, Peter Tran, Christopher Gillard
Chemistry at the borders: A student affiliates chapter at the University of Arizona
Nikolai T Dahl, Trahern W Jones, Danielle C Correia, Stephen D Gee, Lindsey Hall
A green chemistry poster session among Thanksgiving holiday festivities
Bryan P. Vos, Lindsey R. Cullen, Jessica A. Heidt, Katherine C. Lanigan, Mark A Benvenuto, Matthew J. Mio

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The 233rd ACS National Meeting, Chicago, IL, March 25-29, 2007