CHEDMonday, March 26, 2007

2:00 PM-4:00 PM Hyatt Regency Chicago -- Riverside Center, Poster
Undergraduate Research Poster Session: Physical Chemistry
Organizers:Andrea T Bennett
Nancy Bakowski
Absolute pKa values: An exercise in physical chemistry
David Götz, Brian C. Tlach, Predrag-Peter Ilich
13C solid state nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), a powerful analytical tool for photochemical reactions in zeolites
Tina T. Nguyen, Ammee M Amboya, Sheley Mae Baylon, Hien Huynh
A density functional theory study of the gas and condensed phase behavior of donor-acceptor complexes of sulfur dioxide
Piotr Gorczynski, Jean M. Standard
A stochastic approach to elucidating glioblastoma expansion
Brenda M. Rubenstein, Laura J. Kaufman
A systematic study of structure and physical properties of smectogenic 2,7-fluorenes
Aurora A. Pribram-Jones, Rachel N. Harris, Gerald R. Van Hecke
Ab initio investigation of the interaction of sulfur trioxide with hydrogen halides
Matthew C. Cafarelli, Jean M. Standard
Adsorption of sarin on α-alumina surfaces
Richard Terrio, Michael J. Dorko
Allegheny energy: Coal and oil in Greensburg
April M. Kiral
An inexpensive Raman modular spectrometer for solids
Peter N. Larsen, Debra Johnson, Stephanie Schaertel
Analysis of a Keggin polyoxometalate on various oxide surfaces
Jennifer Bean, Kristina Pontarelli, Craig M. Teague
Anthrax toxins: Modes of infection and release of the tripartite toxin into the body
Michael R Lacina, Anne Loccisano, Jeffrey D. Evanseck
Application of Pitzer formalism for thermodynamics of HBr + NdBr3 + H2O system from 5 to 55°C
Lakshmi N. Roy, Rabindra N. Roy, Shahaf Ashkenazi, Jesse A. Larbey
Attenuated total reflection infrared spectroscopy of ice films
Gustavo M. Riggio, Rebecca R. H. Michelsen
Bergman, Meyers-Saito and Schmittel cyclization of pyridinium skipped aza-enediyne analogs analyzed by DFT method
Marissa A. Brozier, Joseph F. Capitani
Calculation of excited vibrational states from quartic potential energy surfaces
John L. Davisson, Nicole R. Brinkmann, William F. Polik
Calculation of melting point of gold by free energy calculations
Sandra M. King, Vadim B. Warshavsky, Xueyu Song
Characterization of carbonate environments in carbonate apatite
Andrew Kozlowski, Harris Mason, Brian L. Phillips
Characterization of silica-based aerogels: Surface area, pore size distribution and infrared spectra
Adam E. Reeve, Mary K. Carroll, David C. Korim, Ann M. Anderson
Chemical-shift anisotropy measurements in organic solid-phase materials
Robbie J. Iuliucci, Cody L. Hoop, Caryn L. Becker
Computational studies of a series of 1-phenyl isatin thiosemicarbazone and semicarbazone compounds
Kyle B. Ford, Scott H. Northrup
Computational studies of the interaction between ethers and singlet carbenes in the gas phase and in solution
Ryan D. Quinn, Jean M. Standard
Computational study of methane to methanol conversion on metal oxide clusters
Stephanie M. Braun, Adam D. Arnold, Eric D. Glendening
Computational study of the keto/enol equilibrium and enol-a/enol-b equilibrium of trifluormethyl-beta-diketones( R1COCH2COR2) with R2 = -CF3 using semi-empirical method AM1
Magdalisse M. Coronado, Juan G Estevez, Tesha M Pacheco, Vanessa M Ramos, Sonia M Velez
Computational study of the keto/enol equilibrium in 2-fluoro-beta-diketones, (R1COCHFCOR2) with R= -CH3, using semi-empirical method AM1
Maryauri Perez, Sonia M Velez, Zuleyka Alvarado, Juan G Estevez
Computational study to construct mimics of helical domains in proteins
Megan E. Messick, Courtney K. Wilson, Elizabeth A. Woods, Eva Csuhai, Alan C. Goren
Computer simulations of the kinetics of autocatalytic aggregation of 1,1'-diethyl-3,3'bis(sylfopropyl)-5,5'6,6'-tetrachlorobenzimiadcarbocyanine in water
Ileana Pazos, Irina A. Struganova
Constructing a green alternative to a traditional physical chemistry experiment, the moderate-resolution infrared spectra of carbon dioxide: Analysis of weak absorption bands
Catherine Marie Clark, Christopher Robert Braden
Convection roll properties in 3-D vibrofluidized granular systems
Nicholas Petkovich, Julian Talbot
Coulombic model of the anomalous conformations of chlorinated acetates
Taylor Arnold Barnes, Preston J. MacDougall
Deactivation kinetics for the dehydrogenation of cyclohexane and the isomerization of n-octane
Alexander J. Zoelle, Michael J. Baird
Density functional calculations of low temperature CO oxidation on Au(111)
Nathan Froemming, Graeme Henkelman
Describing electronic states in UV-induced excitation of adenine
Christopher E. Schlosberg
Determination of biologically relevant binary lyotropic liquid crystalline phase diagrams formed by alkyl-glucosides in water
James R. McDonough, Whitney C. Duim, Kerry K. Karukstis, Gerald R. Van Hecke
Determination of rotational dynamics at the air/ D2O interface by time resolved second harmonic generation
Krystal Brown, Kenneth B. Eisenthal, Eric McArthur
Development and implementation of a frequency-domain fluorescence lifetime instrument using lasers and light-emitting diodes, suitable for an undergraduate institution
Adam J. Poncheri, Swarna Basu
DFT calculations on intramolecular hydrogen bond energies
K. Wade Elliott, Douglas W. Brown, Matthew Lewis, Ryan Hansen, Wesley Richards, Jeffrey N Woodford
Dispersed fluorescence spectroscopy of formaldehyde in a free-jet expansion
Kristin K. Ellsworth, Brian D. Lajiness, William F. Polik
Displacement of weakly coordinated solvent molecules from transition metal centers
Ashfaq A. Bengali, Laura Bahorich, Amy Grunbeck
Effect of co-solvents on the rate of nucleophilic displacement reaction in a tri-phase catalytic system using modified clay
Nahid Shabestary, Erica Beverlin
Effect of substituents on secondary deuterium isotope effects in the solvolysis of aryl diazonium salts
Ronald Benning Jr., Labe A. Black, Robin Lefkowitz, Grant McSurdy, John E. Sheats
Effect of temperature on photoinduced double proton transfer in the excited state of double hydrogen bonded dimmers of 7-azaindole
Nahid Shabestary, Amanda L. Hustedt, Danielle N. Reed
Electrochemical performance of cobalt and aluminum doped lithium manganese oxide spinel cathode materials
Nate Slade, Lennart Kullberg
Electrochemistry and ESR analysis of pristine Y3N@C80 and its [6,6] monoadduct derivatives
Leyda Z. Lugo-Morales, Claudia Cardona, Jose Rivera, Luis Echegoyen
Electron transfer in mixed-valence systems: Effects of strong vibronic coupling
Claire C Ralph, D. G. Evans
Electronic structure studies of a clock-reconstructed Al/Pd(100) surface alloy
Janet E. Kirsch, Craig J. Tainter
Emission spectroscopy of tetraacenaphthoporphyrins
Brian M. Bennett, David L. Cedeño
Encapsulation of fluorescent polymers by cowpea chlorotic mottle virus
Jason Lin, William Molenkamp, Benny Ng, Sarah Tolbert
Paper Withdrawn
Excess thermodynamic functions of alcohol + n-alkane mixtures using viscometry, dilatometry, refractometry, and laser light scattering
Minseok Jang, Christine L. Kalcic, Gerald R. Van Hecke
Foam stability under pressurized conditions
Christina R. Tryon, Ramadan Ahmed, Nicholas Takach
Formation of ion pairs in cubic arrays
Laura A. Schipper, Roger L. DeKock
Ground and excited state acidity constants of indole derivatives
Nahid Shabestary, Danielle N. Reed, Amanda L. Hustedt
Hydrogen bonding to Coumarin-102 in ground and electronically excited states
Kerri J. Grove, Rollin A. King
Hydrogen/deuterium exchange of small peptides containing aspartic acid
S. M. Knapp, Elaine M. Marzluff
Identification of diastereomeric interactions in zeolites by solid state Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
Hien T Huynh, Migi Park, Deniz Cizmeciyan
Improvements in a tunable diode laser spectrometer to measure 13 C/12C isotope ratios in carbon dioxide
Brian L Brethauer, George C McBane, Stephanie A. Schaertel
Increase of permeability in lipid vesicles caused by antimicrobial peptide Protegrin-1
Ting Ann Siaw, Kin Lok H. Lam, Yuji Ishitsuka, Alan J. Waring, Robert I. Lehrer, Ka Yee C. Lee
Infrared optical constants of crystalline and amorphous water ice
Matthew C. Hooper, James E. Boulter
Inquiry-based exercises in physical chemistry
Megan Boyle, Katie White, Toni Barstis
Insertion of merocyanine dyes into Silicalite-1 hosts
Casandra Sheldon, Jennifer S. Holt
Internship at OMNOVA Solutions Inc
Jessica L Keith
Investigation of reaction kinetics by 1H and 2H NMR Spectroscopy: The kinetics of decompoosition of 2,2'-azo-bis-isobutryonitrile and dimethyl-2-cyano-2-propylketenimine
Joseph Hilton, Thomas O'Connor, Derrick Agins, John E. Sheats, Alexander Grushow, Istvan Pelczer
Investigation of single molecule charge transfer
Jason M. Tyler, Michael L. Blumenfeld, Oliver L. A. Monti
Kinetics and mechanism of the reaction of glucose oxidase with a surface tethered N-hydroxysuccinimide ester using SPR
Amanda R. Bolger, Alice A. Deckert
Liquid junction potential and single ion activity coefficient for pH standard buffer TAPSO from 5 to 55°C using Pitzer model and Bates-Guggenheim convention
Sean R. LeNoue, Cole E. Denton, Daniel A. Kaufmann, Whitney D. Bair, Lakshmi N. Roy, Rabindra N. Roy
Low–energy electron–induced oligomerization of condensed carbon Tetrachloride
Lachelle D. Weeks, Lin Zhu, Marina Pellon, David R. Haines, Christopher R. Arumainayagam
Magnetic resonance study on C-N amide bond rotational barriers
Robin B. Lefkowitz, Eun Ji Choi, Alexander Grushow
Measurement of the protonation enthalpy of ethanol by variable temperature NMR spectroscopy
Kaitlyn M Vernier, Rebecca R. H. Michelsen
Metal complexation, adsorption onto titanium dioxide and irradiation studies of ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid
Christina A. Pitters, Emily D. Rames, Cleo B. Vidican, Jonathan M. Shafer, Hao-Yu Chen, Katherine C. Lanigan
Molecular dynamics vs. Monte Carlo: The effects of constant temperature or constant energy on computer simulations of liquid clusters
Jacquelyn P. Strey, Brian G. Moore
Molecular dynamics: A study of density, potential energy, and atom plucking
Joseph D. Coppock, Brian G. Moore
Molecular motions of acetophenone and cyclohexane co-adsorbed in zeolite NaY investigated by solid-state deuterium Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
Sheley Mae Baylon, Ammee M Amboya, Tina T. Nguyen, Hien Huyn
Particle size of beta amyloid peptide aggregates using dynamic light scattering
Katherine Centrella, Jennifer Roeklein-Canfield, D. Bruce Gray, Patrick Johnson
Photophysical behavior of sunscreen active ingredients: A combined computational and spectroscopic study
Brandi Michelle Baughman, Dr. Sarah Schmidtke
Photophysics of cinnamic acid derivatives
Andrew F. Fidler, Craig R. Bieler
Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon monolayers on gold: Preparation and molecular-scale characterization
Amy Becker, Patrick W. Young, S. Alex Kandel
Polyoxometalate based composite materials: Structure and interaction
Justin Valenstein, Marshall Tuetken, Amanda Hauser, Craig M. Teague
Praparation, functionalization, characterization of carbon nanoonions
Melany Rivera-De León, Frederic Melin, Amit Palkar, Luis Echegoyen
Proton-coupled electron transfer kinetics in tyrosine D of photosystem II
Amaris Y. Evans, David L. Jenson, Bridgette A. Barry
Quasiclassical trajectories and the H + CH4 reaction threshold
James C. Shearouse, Zhen Xie, Kurt M. Christoffel, Joel M. Bowman
Raman and surface enhanced raman spectra of flavone and several hydroxy derivatives
Charlie Corredor, Tatyana Teslova
Remediation of arsenic from drinking water
Laura Rose Condon, Jane M. Van Doren, James F. Hauri Jr.
Resonance Raman spectrum of thiirane
Krista A. Kane, Michael R. Wedlock
Search for organometallic complexes with bishomoaromatic ligands
Megan D. Kelly, Alan C. Goren
Seeking the most stable isomer of C18N12
Matthew J. Parker, Andrew Kus, George Schoendorff, M. Vaziri, Jie Song
Simple model for time-dependent vibrational relaxation using MathCad software
Kushal D. Shah, Rajat Nanda, Timothy W. Marin
Solid acid fuel cells
Krystle Deanna Eleamos, John C Kuruc
Solid state Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) as a molecular level probe for the photochemical reaction of cyclohexane and acetophenone in zeolite Y
Ammee M Amboya, Tina T. Nguyen, Hien Huyn, Deniz Cizmeciyan
Stability of trisilanolphenyl-POSS on pH buffered subphases
Sarah M. Huffer, Kevin J. Dawson, Jianjun Deng, Alan R. Esker
Storage and generation of H2 gas from hydrocarbons adsorbed on Pt/Mg alloy surfaces
Cody Sandquist, Michael J. Dorko
Storage of methane gas in propane hydrate
Yazmin L Cazares
Structure and organization of alcohol monolayers at the air-water interface
Deesha D. Mago, Suleyman Z. Can, Robert A. Walker
Substituent effects on O-H stretching bands in substituted phenols
Deepthi Chiluvuri, J. D. Lewis
Supported metal catalysts derived from RF non-thermal plasma for hydrogenation reaction
Darryl Mitsuo Encino, Elida Victoria Bonilla
Surface enhanced photochemistry of p-nitrobenzoic acid on mixed silver-gold nanoparticles
Fan Shi, Brian D. Gilbert, Rachel K. Kaneta
Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy using colloidal gold nanoparticle aggregates
Christopher Issac Bingham, Paul H. Davis
Paper Withdrawn
Surface-enhanced Raman scattering of p-nitrobenzoic acid on Ag-coated Au nanoparticle slides
Rachel K. Kaneta, Brian D. Gilbert, Fan Shi
Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy in relation to enzyme kinetics
Gerald E. Turner, Julie Marie Nichols
Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy of kojic acid on colloidal silver
Caitlin D. Deane, Brian D. Gilbert
Synthesis of gold nanoparticle aggregates for use as SERS microscopy substrates
Cody P. Morrisey, Paul H. Davis
Tetraalkylphosphonium ionic liquid dyes
Robert I. Garrett, Margaret Williams, John S. Wilkes
The characterization of asphaltenes derived from air blown asphalt using diffuse reflectance spectroscopy
Chad B. Seevers, John Hardee Jr.
Theoretical and spectroscopic studies of nitrogen containing bases
Edward G. Hohenstein, Jamie Johnson, James Locker
Theoretical investigations on two arginase inhibitors
C Burrell, Carol A. Deakyne, Jie Song
Theoretical modeling of biologically and environmentally relevant organic molecules for X-ray absorption studies
Anne-Kathrin Witt, David C. Edwards
Theoretical studies of the electronic coupling element for electron transfer in a variety of metalloporphyrin systems
J. Andrew Kouzelos, Hal Van Ryswyk
Thermodynamics of HBr + PrBr3 + H2O from 5 to 55°C
Chandra N. Roy, Shahaf Ashkenazi, Lakshmi N. Roy, Rabindra N. Roy
Thermodynamics of HCl + TbCl3 + H2O system from 5 to 55°C
Shahaf Ashkenazi, Adonis Bwashi, Lakshmi N. Roy, Rabindra N. Roy
Transient absorption spectroscopy for photoinduced electron transfer processes of pyrromethene 546
Nathaniel C. Brandt, Joseph M. Brom
Ultrasensitive chiral measurement of small molecules by second harmonic generation
David J. Kissick
Up-converted fluorescence kinetics from [Ru(dmb)3]2+/ 9,10-diphenylanthracene solutions
Molly A. Phimister, J. Charles Williamson
Using NMR spectroscopy to probe the motional dynamics of chiral molecules bound to molecular micelles
Keith D. Pedersen, Kevin F. Morris
Vector correlation in the photodissociation of o-nitrosotoluene
Caleb Andrew Kent
X-ray crystal structures of erbB2 Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors (TKIs)
Peter Tran, Naijue Zhu, Cheryl L. Klein Stevens
Infrared-ultraviolet photoionization and photoelectron spectroscopy of group 6 metal bis(benzene) sandwich complexes
Deanna Hensley, Yuxiu Lei, Dong-Sheng Yang
Kinetic measurements for the Diels-Alder trapping of bis(o-methylbenzophenones) with maleimides
Megan E. Warner
Matrix isolation study of the reaction of chromyl chloride with arsine
James Morris, Bruce S. Ault
Molecular dynamics studies of the unusual thresholds for the reaction of Al+ and isotopic H2
April D. Daigle, Michael R. Salazar
Scanning tunneling microscopy of titanium(IV) phthalocyanine catechol
Cathy M. L. Pham, Ursula Mazur
Study of the thermal properties of a binary/eutectic alloy of In-Sn using a differential scanning calorimeter
Daniel Clark, Ronald P. D'Amelia

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