CHEDMonday, March 26, 2007

11:00 AM-1:00 PM Hyatt Regency Chicago -- Riverside Center, Poster
Undergraduate Research Poster Session: Organic Chemistry
Organizers:Andrea T Bennett
Nancy Bakowski
Kinetic studies of the addition of thiolate ion nucleophiles to didemethoxycurcumin
Maria A. Gudiel, F. X. Flores
An anhydrous polymer supported fluoride source
Teresa M. Palmeri, Andrew Scott Koch, Stephen G. DiMagno
Performance analysis of gasoline from various local retailers
Peter Iles, Ron Valcarce, Luther Giddings, Jared Brewer, George Russell, Megan Ahrend, Alison Harvey, Paul Murphy
Synthesis of allyl vinyl ketone substrates for electrocyclization reactions
Daniel R. Jacobsen, Neal A. Yakelis
Using fluorocarbons to study carbanions
Pasquale Iacono, Heinz Koch
β-Linked dipyrroalkanes as potential precursors to conformationally restricted bipyrroles and tetrapyrrolic macrocycles
Margaret Collins, Amanda N. Samuels, G. Richard Geier III
3+2 Cycloadditions on azomethine ylides
Jeffrey P Backous, Craig P. Jasperse
In situ generation of borane for the reduction of nitriles to primary amines
Janet M. Brunton, Shaun E. Schmidt, Patrick R. Porubsky
A convenient synthesis of alpha-arylpropanoic acids: Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory agents
Andrew R. Cohen, M. Syarhabil Ahmad, Christie A. Rojahn, M. Mahmun Hossain
A model system to study face-to-face and edge-to-face interactions
Kristine Waggoner, Carrie Neill, Michael Lewis
A new synthesis for an isobenzofuran
Darci J. Trader, James R. McClure
A novel approach toward the construction of spirocyclic amines
Ruquia B. Ahmed-Schofield, Tony D. Davis
A one-pot condensation reaction between [8]annulyne and N-ethyl isocyanate
Steven J. Peters, Joseph Klen
A replication of Victor Meyer's synthesis of benzildioximes (1888-1889)
Nathaniel Webber, Peter J. Ramberg
A theoretical examination of the potential energy surface of α-peroxyacetaldehyde in the gas phase and in dichloromethane
Andrew W. L. Bayci, John Hofferberth, Kristin Hofferberth
Aerobic oxidation of α-methylpyrroles to α-formylpyrroles catalyzed by N-hydroxyphthalimide/CuCl
Ami A. Rughani, Sam H. Leung
Almond to mint in two easy steps
Caitlin Heuberger, Amanda Minnock, Arthur Sy, Jacqueline Bennett
Amination of cycloalkanes utilizing nitrogen trichloride
Bryce A. Cunningham, Kurt W. Field
Ammonia borane as a reducing agent for organic functional groups
Kirsten N. Jaegersen, Paul Louis Gaus
Amphiphilic [2]catenanes synthesis
Angela M. Middleton, Nicholas P. Henrich, Cobbina K. Benson-Adjei, David M. Crizer, Kevin L. Caran
An efficient synthesis of tertiary amines from nitriles
Jonathan Shares, Amanda Kowalsik, Phillip Byers, Michael Haaf
An exploration of novel methods for the synthesis of photochromic molecules
Marisa L Winkler, Christophe Coudret, Ambar Armas
Analysis of pyrrolizidine alkaloid in Cacaliopsis nardosmia
Danielle S. Kelley, Blake M. Acton, Samantha L. Savage, Dane W. Erickson, Ronald B. Kelley
Angelic acid esters in the Ireland-Claisen rearrangement
Sarah Frost, Martin J. Campbell
Application of Amberlyst® A-26 (OH) ion exchange resin to aqueous-phase, palladium-catalyzed Suzuki cross-coupling reactions
Amanda M. Isom, Rebecca DeVasher
Asphaltene aggregation behavior in ionic liquids
Lisa Brents, John R Hardee, Martin J. Campbell
Asymmetric derivatives of 1,10-phenanthroline
Timothy C. Berto, James R. Lindlof, Kurstan L. H. Cunningham
Attachment of tris(pyrazolyl)methane ligands to synthesis beads
W. Adam Phelan, Leah Thompson, Tiffany Linz, Richard Tarkka
Attempted aziridinations and sulfonilimations using simple iron catalysts and hypervalent iodine reagents
Sarah J Simmons, Andrew N. French, Robert D. Richardson, Thomas Wirth
Benzylidene cyclopropanes formed during cyclopropanation of allenes with rhodium carbenoids
Matthew J. Waitner, Adam P. Pendleton, Timothy M. Gregg
Beta-turn peptides as asymmetric catalysts
Michael H. Reutershan, Brian R. Linton
Biotransformation of selenium-containing substrates to produce unnatural selenium containing amino acids
Taylor King, Jeffery Thompson, Louis A. Silks III, Jeffrey O. Boles
Camphoric acid derived organocatalysts: Efforts toward the asymmetric synthesis of the unnatural enantiomer of the taxol C-13 side-chain and the calcium antagonist diltiazem
Kelly A. Mesch, Shawn R. Hitchcock
Carbocation reactions with tertiary amines
Chelsie Smith, Daniel P. Predecki
Catalytic enantioselective alpha-oxytosylation of propiophenone using chiral hypervalent iodine reagents
Shauna M. Paradine, Andrew N. French, T. Keri Page, Robert D. Richardson, Thomas Wirth
Catalytic ephedra ligands for asymmetric 1,2-additions and conjugate additions: Efforts toward the asymmetric synthesis of tolterodine
Melissa A. Dean, Shawn R. Hitchcock
Catalytic synthesis of 5-membered carbocycles via the rearrangement of B-alkoxy dienes
Bradley A. McKeown, Kyle S. Knight
Cation binding of positive quadrupole moment aromatics
Patrick Disbennett, Michael Lewis
Characterization of 1-azidoadamantane and related 1,2,3-triazoles by 1- and 2-D NMR
John T. Yeoman, T. Andrew Mobley, James G. Lindberg
Paper Withdrawn
Comparative structural analysis of halomethyltrimethylammonium salts
Roosevelt J. Payne III, Frank Fronczek, Michelle O. Fletcher Claville
Comparison of a series of 1,2-naphthoquinone thiosemicarbazide and semicarbazide compounds
Brandi Robinson, Rachel C. Huxford, E. C. Lisic
Computational and synthetic investigation of stabilized and nonstabilized azomethine ylides for the generation of azacycles
Alina M. Schimpf, Amber M. Hibberd, Don L. Warner
Concise syntheses of iridodial and actinidine
Joel S. Beckett, John Hofferberth
Conformational control for heterotropic cooperativity and fluorescence chemosensing
Yana Hristova, Scott A. Van Arman
Continued investigative methods of preparing N-arylenamino ketones and N-arylenamino esters
Brenton T McKinney, Darrell G Watson
Conversion of free base octaethylporphyrins to oxypyriporphyrins
Nicole Morozowich, Claudia Ryppa, Christian Brückner
Copper (I)-catalyzed synthesis of 1,2,3-triazoles by cycloaddition
Desiree E. Anciaux, Allen M. Schoffstall
Coupling surface groups to dendrimers to enable passage through the blood brain barrier
Matthew Lauer, Areej Saqr, Donald Tomalia, Kristi L. Haik, KC. Russell
Cyclization of alkoxy-substituted 1,7 dienes using zirconium catalysts
C. Nigel Welch, Kyle S. Knight
Cyclotriveratrylene oxime and derivatives: Synthesis and conformation
Lindsey Hydo, David French, Peter Rehage, Daniel P. Becker
Degradation of RDX by potassium permanganate: Synthesis and identification of 4-NDAB
Melissa S. Love, Chanat Chokejaroenrat, Clifford E. Harris, Steve D. Comfort
Dehydration of 5-hydroalkyl-2H-tetrazoles as a route to alkylidenecarbenes
John P. Komenda, Duncan J. Wardrop
Dendritic Diels-Alder reactions of orange
Nora Ellen Hunter, William A. Feld
Deprotection of aryl mesylates: A new method
Daniel L. Silverio, D. F. Taber
Design and synthesis of oxadiazines based on L-valine: Potential tools for asymmetric catalysis
Jacob D. Sadik, Shawn R. Hitchcock
Determination of the pKa of alpha-hydrogens in cyclohexanone by deuterium incorporation studies
Brian Blank, Richard W. Nagorski
Development of a novel method for acyloxazolidinone synthesis using mukaiyama's reagent and dimethylaminopyridine
Kristoffer Brandvold, Craig P. Jasperse
Development of novel multicationic triarylmethane chromophores
Desmond H. Murray, Ruth Ramlalsingh
Development of peptidomimics as sensors for opiates
Tamara Binyon, Nick Gleason, Ashley Evans, Rebekah Castleberry, Richard Tarkka
Development of water soluble reagents for the Mitsunobu reaction
Blake Cansler, Mack Clements, Michael Haltom, Hope Rice, Jay P Deville
Diels-Alder reactions of styrene derivatives in high temperature water
Caitlin E. Bagby, Liz U. Gron
Disulfide-based beta-sheet peptidomimetics
Timothy J. Cashman, Brian R. Linton
DNA adduct formation from interaction with pesticides in plants
Todd C. Andrade, Donald W. Boerth, Erwin Eder
Domino Diels-Alder reactions: The one-pot preparation of polycyclic compounds
Christine Renson, Maurine Davis, H. Neil Gray
Effect of porphyrin structure on binding to HSA (human serum albumin)
Amanda Hannemann, Michelle Henderson, Joan Widin, Jay Dicke, Olga Rinco
Efficient synthesis of a photocleavable amino acid: o-Nitrophenylglycine
Maureen E O'Connor, J. Thomas Ippoliti
Efforts toward the synthesis of (+)-kalkitoxin
Michael T. Corbett, Adeleke A. Oni, Richard J. Mullins
Efforts toward the synthesis of bis(butyrolactone) natural products
Kevin J. Quinn, John B. Ortolani
Paper Withdrawn
Encounter complex and transition state searches for the halogen dance reaction
Bryce A. Suchy, Jeffrey E. Elbert
Evaluating synthetic fragments of α-synuclein for influence on α-synuclein aggregation behavior
Margaret Blattner, Cynthia Crosswhite, Katharine Walsham, Julia H Miwa
Evaluation of the mechanism of reaction of isopropenyl chloroformate, a former war gas
Malcolm J. D'Souza, Arnold Omondi, Kevin E. Shuman, Dennis N. Kevill
Evidence of hydrogen bonding in 1,2,4-triazolium salts
Claire B. Reddy, Amanda C. Doran, Christine I. Worrall, Nalyn Siripong, Lisa M. Wittenhagen, Megan Chen, David R. Haines
Experimental and computational investigations into an electrophilic aromatic addition reaction
Michael R Huehn
Exploring GLP-1R activation using a metal chelated nitrilotriacetic acid derivative
Elizabeth H Kelley, Margaret W. Thompson, David R. Haines, Martin Beinborn
Factorial design and linear regression used to determine the importance of various factors to the yield of 7,7-dichlorobicyclo[4.1.0]heptane
Kimberly A Shupe, Katrina M. Czenkusch, Jonathan A. Bohmann
Fluorescent properties of substituted 1,4-dimethylbenzenes
Lauren Cartmill, Grigoriy Sereda
Fluorogenic 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reaction between 9-azidomethylanthracenes and acetylenes and fluorescent properties study
Blake M. Hodges, Fang Xie, Qian Wang
Formation of byproducts in the synthesis of (2,6-dimethylphenyl)-triphenylmethane
Kimberly Carrie Strohl, Dale Robert Powers
Formation of electron deficient α,β oxygenated alkenes
Michael J. Caspers, Craig P. Jasperse
GC/Mass spectral analysis of substituted chalcones
Milad Mohammadi, Louis Gillette, Tommie Simon, Wheeler Crawford, Thomas B. Malloy Jr.
High-yield one-step synthesis of donor acceptor cyanostilbenes
Desmond H. Murray, Kenneth B. Fletcher, Ruth Walker Jiyani
Hydrogen bond studies in chemically tuned pyrroles
Charles M. Baldwin, Reilly M. Eason
Hydrogen-mediated C-C coupling of enones and imines: The reductive Mannich reaction
Jaclyn Renee Brown, Susan A Garner, Michael J Krische
Identification and structural determination of cancer chemoprevention agents from a marine streptomyces sp
Michelle D. Leibrand, John B. MacMillan, William Fenical
Improved synthesis of meso-tetrarylbenziporphyrins
Valerie R. Yant, Timothy D. Lash
Inhibition of ABTS radical cation and soybean lipoxygenase: In vitro biological activities of selected plant extracts
Jannette Gavillán-Suárez, Lisandra Santiago-Capeles, Yeseida Garay-Cotto, Yisel Rivera
Intermolecular interactions in benzylideneaniline crystals: Comparison of a fluorobenzylidene-cyanoaniline to a cyanobenzylidene-fluoroaniline
Barjeta Balidemaj, William H. Ojala
Investigating the hydrogenation of unsaturated aldehydes and related compounds
Kayla J. Temple, Mary Railing
Investigation into a one-pot synthesis of phenanthrene
Samantha C Chesak, Scott T Handy
Investigation into the mechanism of the formation of (2S,6R/2R,6S)-1,1,3-triethoxycarbonyl-2,6,-di-(4-methoxyphenyl)cyclohex-3-en-4-ol
Kadye Ann Hill, Bianca Baeza, Janet L. Maxwell
Investigation of a novel phthaldialdehyde reaction
Kara M George, Richard R. Hark
Investigation of cycloaddition reactions of sulfone ketenes
Chrisgen Furr, Jordan Hill, Aileen T. Beard
Investigation of DNA damage induced by the chemotherapeutic drug cyclophosphamide
Akhil Mehta, Jacob Smith
Investigation of peptide interactions using a synthetic fluorescent amino acid
Allison Perez, Leslie G. Oesterich, David R. Haines
Paper Withdrawn
Investigation of the Horner-Wadsworth-Emmons reaction for the preparation of a conjugated polymer
Benjamin A. Franks, Paul A. Bonvallet
Ionic liquid monomers for low-emission polymers
Braden D. Echols, Martin J. Campbell
Ionic reactions of halogens with 4-halo-1,1,2-trifluorobut-1-enes
Matthew P. Herrick, Rachel N. Jones, Ryan J. Weiss, Dale F. Shellhamer
Ireland-Claisen rearrangements on chiral acids
Amanda Doty, Martin J. Campbell
Paper Withdrawn
Isolation of specific proteins via copper(I)-catalyzed alkyne-azide “click” cycloaddition
Benjamin C. Buer, Roman V. Rozhkov, Giselle M. Knudsen, V. Jo Davisson
Lewis acid impact upon stepwise and concerted Diels-Alder reaction mechanisms
Anthony J. Ross, Joshua A Plumley, Jeffrey D. Evanseck
Magnetic materials based on indole-substituted quinones
Kristyn M. Darmafall, Vanessa P. McCaffrey
Maleimide based tethering of a potential tripeptide agonist to GLP-1R
Rachel Buglione-Corbett, Meghan B. Scobee, David R. Haines
Mechanism of carbamoyl formation, pyrimidine synthesis and role of methabolic pathways controling nucleotide synthesis
Radoslav S Bozov
Mechanistic study of PP-1, a catalytically promiscuous enzyme
Elizabeth A. Lund, Alvan C. Hengge, Nicholas H. Williams, Claire McWhirter, Guoqiang Feng
Mechanochemistry and the Baylis-Hillman reaction
Andrew J Hesse, James Mack, Maxwell Shumba
Medicinal chemistry of (+)-kalkitoxin: Derivatives of the aliphatic core
Dawn M. Makley, Michael T. Corbett, Richard J. Mullins
Medicinal chemistry of (+)-kalkitoxin: Derivatives of the aliphatic core
Michael J. Hellmann, Nickerson W. Cammett, Ashley A. Valdiserri, Richard J. Mullins
Michael reactions catalyzed by tetrabutylammonium prolinate
Alex M. Nolan, Timothy W. Surber, Paul R. LePlae
Paper Withdrawn
Microwave-accelerated Suzuki–Miyaura coupling reactions using potassium aryltrifluoroborates
Rebecca L. Harker, R. David Crouch
Microwave-assisted substitution reactions in ionic liquids
Marcus W. Thomsen, Celina C. Lasota, Kady-Ann Steen
Microwave-promoted esterification reactions: Optimization and scale-up
Kristen M. Amore, Nicholas E. Leadbeater
Moebius bond shifting in [14]annulene
Joseph Moll, Ryan P. Pemberton, Mary Gertrude Gutierrez, Claire Castro, William L. Karney
Molecular recognition of Troger's base analogs
Mateusz F. Serafin, Kraig A. Wheeler
Multivalent peptide recognition by a synthetic host in aqueous solution
Aimee A. Kennedy, Brian T. Halbert, Adam R. Urbach
N-oxidation of 2, 4-bipyridine and 4, 4-bipyridine via dimethyl dioxirane
Lincoln W Maina Sr., Scott McKay
Naturally derived flavonols as topical antioxidants
Micki Miskiv, Graham Jones
New directions in the synthesis of a vancomycin derivative incorporating an unnatural carbohydrate residue at the vancosamine position
Nicole L. Snyder, Adelaide M. de Guillebon, Amanda E. Hewitt, Ka Yi Ngai
New polyesters from ionic liquids
Rebecca Jackson, Martin J. Campbell
New porphyrin chromophores with fused heterocyclic rings
Mark A. Geiger, Catherine M. Cillo, Timothy D. Lash
New synthetic route to 4-hydroxyisoquinolines
Nicholas A. Hastings, David Huang, John C. DiCesare
NMR kinetics of carbocation mediated iminium ion formation
Joseph DePasquale, Daniel P. Predecki
NMR method to distinguish long range structural effects via a common Diels-Alder reaction
Daniel J. McLoughlin, Elizabeth Portmann
Novel approach to guanacastepene A
George E. Arab, Timo V. Ovaska
Novel method for the tritiation of photoactivatable ligands
Andrew E Starosta, Helen M Boylan
Novel substitution reactions involving meso-tetrakis(2,3,4,5,6-pentafluorophenyl)porphyrin
Adegboye O Adeyemo, Tolulope A Adeyemo, Olarongbe Olubajo
Nucleophilic addition to pyridine derivatives: Synthesis of azospyrocyclic compounds
Garrett S. Gibbons, Shiyue Fang
Olefin cross metathesis of enones catalyzed by ruthenium complexes
Laura J. Allen, Ravinder Raju, Meena Thakur, Amy R Howell
Overview of copper(I) catalysis in cyclopropanation reactions
Lauren M. Matosziuk, Jeffrey D. Evanseck
Oxacycle synthesis by tandem olefin metathesis
Kevin J. Quinn, Carolyn M. Cammarano
Oxadiazinanones as chiral auxiliaries: Addressing the structural and electronic limitations of N4-substituted oxadiazinanones
Nathan T. Stewart, Shawn R. Hitchcock
Oxadiazines as chiral auxiliaries: Preparation of ephedra based oxadiazines derived from α-amino acids
Christopher J. Kelley, Shawn R. Hitchcock
Oxidative cross-linking between poly(dG-dC) and polylysine: A model system for DNA-protein cross-linking
Kathryn Schaefer, Marita Harris, Hana Abuershaid, Christina Evangelista
Palladium π-allyl route to the endiandric acid cascade
Samuel J. Sobelman, Kaitlyn C. Gray, Frances M. Hocutt, David A. Vosburg
Phosphine catalyzed Henry reactions
Jason A. Weeden, John D. Chisholm, Richard R. Hark
Planar bond shifting in [4n]annulene species
Mary Gertrude Gutierrez, Miles Braten, Claire Castro, William L. Karney
Polymethylhydrosiloxane (PMHS) in Pd catalyzed reactions with acid chlorides
Wenzheng Chong, Kyoungsoo Lee, Robert E. Maleczka Jr.
Polyphenolic compounds from Hypericum punctatum
Heather Matta, Megan Janssen, Jacinth A. M. McKenzie, Geneive E. Henry
Preparation of 5-aryl-3-oxo-δ-lactones by potassium carbonate promoted addition of β-keto esters to substituted benzaldehydes
Jessica Gereg, Dave Baudo, Brad Andersh
Preparation of a tryptophan hydroxylase activated gadolinium based NMR contrast agent
Susan M. Smith, Lauren Cadish, Jane You, Naomi Shin, Nancy H. Kolodny, David R. Haines
Preparation of polyether substituted poly(phenylenevinylenes) for use in light emitting devices
Matthew Kryger, Jonathan D. Barrus, Elizabeth M. Sanford
Preparation of tetradentate "click" chelators and their ruthenium complexes
James T. Fletcher, Benjamin J. Bumgarner
Progress toward the total synthesis of nootkastatin 2
Justin D. Carlson, Neal A. Yakelis
Progress toward the total synthesis of the penarolide sulfate A1
Christine Toh, Duncan J. Wardrop
Progress toward the production of a carbohydrate-based vaccine targeted at galectin-1
Nicole L. Snyder, Heather M. Haines, Amanda E. Hewitt
Purification of chaulmoogric acid featuring urea complexation
Gregory D. Stewart, Bruce W. Baldwin
Pursuing 3,3-diphenyl-1,2-bis(diphenylphosphino)propane and 3,3-diphenyl-1,2-bis(diphenylphosphino)butane
George A. Hudson, Bret R. Van Ausdall, Richard L. Keiter, Edward M. Treadwell
Quantifying the effects of substituent position on color of mono- and di-methyl substituted indene anions
Lindsey E. Romick, Donald W. Carpenetti II
Quasiracemate studies of (S)-3-bromophenoxypropionic acid and (R)-3-methoxyphenoxypropionic acid
Meghan E. Breen, Kraig A. Wheeler
Quenching mechanism of lucigenin fluorescence: Theory and experiment
Nick Cristea, Miranda Chavez, Eamonn F. Healy
Quinoline analogs of perimidinespirohexadienone photochromes
Ross W. Knoll, Jason G. Gillmore
Rapid and convenient preparation of MEM ethers from alcohols using reagents of low toxicity
Catherine M. Maurseth, Jay T. Thomas, Gregory L. Milligan
RCM/CM approach to the synthesis of pyranone natural products
Kevin J. Quinn, Neal A. Biddick
Reaction of alpha-haloacylals with metal thiocyanates
Desmond H. Murray, Carrie A. Roosenberg
Reactions of 1,4-dicyclopropyl-1,3-butadienes with singlet oxygen and 4-methyl-1,2,4-triazoline-3,5-dione (MTAD)
Kevin O'Shea, Christopher Gomez
Reactions of singlet oxygen and the singlet oxygen mimic, 4-Methyl-1,2,4-triazoline-3,5-dione with (E,E), (E,Z) and (Z,Z)-1,4-diphenyl-1,3-butadiene
Sandra Rodriguez, Baishakhi Das, Kevin O'Shea, Christopher Gomez
Reactivity and enantioselectivity of chiral imidazolidinone organocatalysts in asymmetric Robinson annulations
Cheryl M. Mascarenhas, Kiel E. Lazarski, Alan A. Rich
Recent progress on the synthesis of a symmetrical dihydroxydibenzo-26-crown-8
Kyle R. Gilbert, Jason S. Howard, Zohreh Amoozgar, Lynn R. Sousa
Reversible homotrimeric and heterotrimeric cucurbit[8]uril-peptide complexes
Lisa M. Heitmann, Adam R. Urbach
Rh-Catalyzed transannulation approach toward N-fused imidazoles
Frank Hwang, Stepan N Chuprakov, Vladimir Gevorgyan
Ruthenium complexes of alkyne-functionalized "click" bidentate chelators
James T. Fletcher, Nicole D. Engels
Selective oxidation of silo-enol ethers
JT. Merrill, Lesli Bordas
Solid-phase synthesis of a fluorescent analog of callipeltin A
Apryle M. O'Farrell, David C Cranfill, Mark A. Lipton
Solid-state comparison of two bridge-flipped benzylideneanilines
Marika K. Kuspa, William H. Ojala
Paper Withdrawn
Solid-supported [2+2+2] cyclotrimerizations in the synthesis of biologically relevant molecules
Alejandra Cruz-Montañez, Douglas D. Young, Alexander Deiters
Solvent-free synthesis of monoacylaminals and hydrolysis to form carbinolamides
Takaoki Koyanagi, Richard W. Nagorski
Stability of 3-O-arenediazoascorbic acids: Cyclic voltammetry and EPR studies
Anthony Giordano, Surendra Mahapatro
Strategies toward the synthesis of the frondosins
Robert E. Kyne, Timo V. Ovaska
Structural determination and chemotaxonomic analysis of pyrrolizidine alkaloids of cynoglossum occidentale
Matthew J. Bechaver, Ramsey G. Edwards, Ronald B. Kelley
Structural preferences of malic acid and tartaric acid cocrystals
Rebecca C. Grove, Kraig A. Wheeler
Structure activity relationship study of the N-terminal histidine of GLP-1
Kathryn A. Lipford, Laura W. Marinelli, Cristina Luiggi, Rebecca Roush, David R. Haines
Studies in preparation of alpha and beta phytanyl mannoside
Richard A. Kjonaas, Ryan C. Galloway, Michael L. Schulte, Swapan K. Ghosh
Paper Withdrawn
Studies toward enantioselective sulfur-mediated oxidation of alcohols
Brandon D. White, Richard W. Fitch
Studies toward rearrangement of aziridines to allylic amines
Garry Brown Jr., Kathleen M. Morgan
Study of ortho-quinone cycloaddition reactions: Applications to the synthesis of neolignans
Chris Taylor, Minh Uyen T. Huynh, Jinsong Zhang
Substitution studies on a tetrathiophene-based ligand system
Jared S. Kinyon, Christopher E. Hobbs, Donna K. Howell
Synthesis and activity of inhibitors of trypanothione reductase
Michael H. Duyzend, Wade B. Johnson, Shayna L. Simmons, David G. Alberg
Synthesis and characterization of a dimethyl dibenzo-30-crown-10 ether
Erin E Fortin, Paul A. Bonvallet
Synthesis and characterization of a mixed-valence system composed of a binuclear ruthenium complex with bipyridine and heptadione-type ligands
Pedro M. Valencia, Jacques Bonvoisin
Synthesis and characterization of a modular multivalent peptide receptor
Brian T. Halbert, Aimee A. Kennedy, Adam R. Urbach
Synthesis and characterization of a new series of isatin thiosemicarbazone and semicarbazone compounds
Kelly Monteen, E. C. Lisic
Synthesis and characterization of iron(II) and iron(III) porphyrin complexes
Adegboye O Adeyemo, Dannyelle Butts, Jannie Baker, Olarongbe Olubajo
Synthesis and characterization of two new luminescent iridium and platinum complexes containing the 1,3-(di-N-pyrazolyl)benzene tridentate ligand
Andrew J. Bach
Synthesis and evaluation of nitroxyl releasing compounds
Jennifer L. Lubbeck, S. Bruce King
Synthesis and investigation of the biological roles of 1,4-disubstituted and 1,2,4-trisubstituted cyclohexadienes
Jenna M. Benson, Bennie J. Bench, Coran M. H. Watanabe
Synthesis and polymerization of a polydiacetylene leukocyte esterase enzyme sensor
Melissa A. Altermatt, J. Thomas Ippoliti
Synthesis and properties of soluble flavobenzocyclynes
Mark Seger, K. C. Russell
Synthesis and reactions of 4-iodopentacyclo[,4.03,8.05,7]nonane
Mark A Forman, Anthony Pozzessere, Lisa Lowchyj, Carisa Kelly
Synthesis and reactions of isomeric diones prepared from dibenzothiophene
Brandon Bogusz, Richard R. Hark
Synthesis of 1,1,1-trifluoro-4-trimethylsilyl-2-butanone-3,3-d2
Christopher C. Rich, Leon J. Tilley
Synthesis of cyclopropyl and tetrazole peptidomimetics of D-ala-D-ala
Norma K. Dunlap, T. Amerson Pegram, Jeffrey Lamb, Larry Waldrop
Synthesis of 1-amino-2,3,4-butanetriol
Norma K. Dunlap, John Drake, Andrea Martin
Synthesis of 2,6,9-trisubstituted purines for the eventual use as ligands in coordination complexes
Christopher J. Rosenker, Peter Baran, Zdenek Trávnícek
Synthesis of 2-nitro-benzylidenes
Bianca Edwards, James Gyimi Edusei, Paul Louis Gaus
Synthesis of 3-substituted bisindenylideneindenes: Positional selectivity during synthesis
Matthew H. Hogue, Derek J. Swingle, Nancy S. Mills
Synthesis of a chemiluminescent polymerizable compound
Joshua C. Speros, J. Thomas Ippoliti
Synthesis of a new class of solid organic acids and the ability to tune acidity
Andrea Gorden, Mariappan Kadarkaraisamy, Andrew G. Sykes
Synthesis of a new series of coumarin derivatives as potential cytochrome P450 inhibitors
Maryam Foroozesh, Alecia McCall, Arielle Norris
Synthesis of a nitro-substituted crown ether for incorporation into a light-emitting polymer
Valerie M. Andrus, David H. Thomas, Paul A. Bonvallet
Synthesis of a novel oxazolidinone containing a thiadiazole
Alexander J. Micek, J. Thomas Ippoliti
Synthesis of a perhydroazulene system through a decalin rearrangement
Michael A. Drahl, Charles E. Schiaffo, Eric Z. Tucker, Lawrence J. Stephens
Synthesis of a spontaneous nitrite donor
Ashley Feneran, S. Bruce King
Synthesis of a thiadiazole functionalized oxazolidinone antimicrobrial agent
Kathryn A. McGarry, J. Thomas Ippoliti
Synthesis of alkenyl bromides and alkyl dibromides
Brenton Drake, Sarah Ramezan, Kevin L Evans
Synthesis of allyl vinyl ketone substrates for electrocyclization
Neal A. Yakelis, Daniel R. Jacobsen
Synthesis of asymmetric hydroxamates
Tiffany E. Thomas, Debra D. Dolliver
Synthesis of biodiesel from coconut meat
David L. Sellers, Bruce W. Baldwin
Synthesis of bulky phenoxide and tripodal amine compounds
Jared E Pearl, Stephen A. Waratuke
Synthesis of chalcones containing pyridine rings and polyquaternary compounds therefrom
Wheeler Crawford, Louis Gillette, Tommie Simon
Synthesis of cyclohexyl carbobenzyloxy-L-serine benzyl ester phosphodiester: A precursor to the phospholipid analog cyclohexyl phosphoserine
Allyson M. Buytendyk, Judith C. Amburgey-Peters
Synthesis of diacetyl ferrocene chalcone using green chemistry
Lindsay J. O'Dell, Bruce W. Baldwin
Synthesis of diazo dyes
Mallory J. Harlow, Jessica L. Ketron, Martha Baskett, Gerald L. Seebach
Synthesis of diimino and tetraimino ligands for use in magnetic materials
Andrew T. Brusoe, Vanessa P. McCaffrey
Synthesis of five novel antimicrobial oxazolidinones via click chemistry
Tyler N Winkelman, J. Thomas Ippoliti
Synthesis of fluorescent-labeled phytosiderophore analogs
Mark G. Stocksdale, Matthew S. Peoples, Alan C. O'Conner, Robert J. Kinne, Doug A. Hardesty
Synthesis of four-membered ring heterocycles by the reaction of 1,3-dipoles with electrophilic carbenes
Joshua Kahl, Allison H. Predecki
Synthesis of lasiol via stereoselective 1,4-conjugate addition
John J. Gregg, Richard J. Mullins
Synthesis of N-(2-hydroxyphenyl)-N',N'-bis-(2-(2-hydroxyphenyl)amino-ethyl)-ethane-1,2-diamine for bonding to lanthanide ions
Kyle G. Schuyler, Peter M Smith
Synthesis of N-fused heteroaromatic compounds via transition metal catalalyzed cycloisomerization of propargyl-containing heterocycles
Alex W Schammel, Ilya V Seregin, Vladimir Gevorgyan
Synthesis of N-pyridyl-alkylamine by a reductive rearrangement of O-silylated oximes using borane/boron trifluoride system
Sheila E. Rodriguez, Carilyn Torruellas, Margarita Ortiz, Sandraliz Espinosa, Melvin De Jesus
Synthesis of new carbaporphyrin ketals
Alexandra M. Young, Timothy D. Lash
Synthesis of novel porphyrin ethers
Breland E Smith, Timothy D. Lash
Synthesis of novel PPVs via application of “click” chemistry
Travis B. Clark, William H. Wyatt, Nisha Panday, William A. Feld
Synthesis of silane diol histone deacetylase inhibitors
Michael Salvaggio, Scott M. Ulrich, Michael Haaf
Synthesis of specifically substituted 3-phenylisoxazoles with structural similarities to Fipronil
Amanda E. Ponsot, Lindsey Huber, Robert E. Sammelson
Synthesis of substituted 1-benzoxepin derivatives from 3-carboxyisoxazoles
Matthew D Jackel, Martin G. Kociolek
Synthesis of substituted ortho-phthalaldehydes for the derivatization of amino acids
David C. Hawkinson, Erin Meier
Synthesis of T-06, a reverse agonist of GLP-1R
Leslie Kim, Julia Y. Lin, David R. Haines
Synthesis of tetrahedrane
Katherine Whitaker, Julie Radziewicz
Synthesis of thienyl-containing asymmetric aryldiketones using the Sonogashira reaction
Jorge F. de Freitas
Synthesizing trapped photochromes for the detection of leukocyte esterase
Katherine J. Robertson, J. Thomas Ippoliti
Synthetic efforts toward isoaltholactone
Kevin J. Quinn, Erin E. Faherty
Tetraphenyldideazaporphyrin, a novel hybrid of the porphyrins and [18]annulene
Sarah Andrea Jones, Timothy D. Lash
The preparation of N4-(2-hydroxyethyl) and N4-(2-hydroxy-2-phenylethyl)oxadiazines as tools for the enantioselective addition of diethylzinc to aldehydes and (diphenylphosphinoyl)imines
Geoffrey L. Pasciak, Shawn R. Hitchcock
The synthesis of 1-hexylcyclobutene for synthetic studies with difluorocarbene
Scott B. Lewis, Chris Kane
The use of hydrogen bonds to control peptide structure
Lauren R. Steffel, Brian R. Linton
Thermochromic polymers: The effect of structure on transition temperature
Kyle D Marchuk, J. Thomas Ippoliti
Titanium promoted conversion of aziridines to beta-lactams
Floyd Bates II, Herman L. Holt Jr.
Titanium(IV) trisphenolate characterization
William S. Mitchell III, Ellen M Valkevich, Gretchen E. Hofmeister
Titanium(IV) trisphenolate kinetics
Ellen M Valkevich, William S. Mitchell III, Caroline M. M. Hurd, Gretchen E. Hofmeister
Toward the chemical synthesis of an armchair carbon nanotube
Richard K. Hughes Jr., Thomas J. Hill, Lawrence T. Scott
Trends in the chemical shifts of 9-hydroxyphenalenone derivatives
Dell Jensen Jr., Benjamin Caes, Daniel Cast, Ross Jensen
Triterpenes and other constituents of Hypericum prolificum
Ritchie S. Saing, Smita Raithore, Geneive E. Henry
Understanding the mechanisms of reaction of arenesulfonyl chlorides
Malcolm J. D'Souza, Stacey Mlynarski, Lamia Yaakoubd, Dennis N. Kevill
Using a photolabile precursor to study radical-mediated protein damage
Tori Michelle Green, K. Nolan Carter
Virus detection using a chemiluminescent polymer
Emily M Korman, J. Thomas Ippoliti
When will symmetric Diels-Alder adducts follow an asymmetric reaction path?
Paul B. White, Steven M. Bachrach
X-ray crystallography identification of bis-aminoacid oligomers
Christopher Preece, Christian E. Schafmeister, Zachary Brown
Development of a branched chiral selector adsorbent with (S)-naproxen termini
Sally A. Henrie, Sarah A. Conway
Development of highly regioselective bromination of substituted aromatic derivatives
Felix N Ngassa, Katie E Hamilton
Does ionic liquid technology address pollution prevention in the Knoevenagel reaction?
David C. Forbes, Samit A. Patrawala, Amanda M. Law
Generation and reactions of pentacyclo[,4.03,8.05,7]non-4(5)-ene
Mark A Forman, Caitlin Moran, Jason Stairs, Joseph Herres
Hydrogen-bonding in ortho-substituted benzenes
Charles M. Baldwin, Michelle Ann Thornhill
Hydrogen-bonding in highly substituted pyrroles
Charles M. Baldwin, Allorie T. Smith
Improving aminoglycoside antibiotics: Design, synthesis, and evaluation of a library of neomycin B-amino acid conjugates
Sarah McGuffin
Improving the efficiency and selectivity of host-[2]rotaxanes as cellular transport agents
David B. Smithrud, Cherif Diallo, Adrian Juarez-Garcia
Influence of positive charges on the affinity and stoichiometry of viologen•cucurbit[n]uril complexes
Gretchen Vincil, Adam R. Urbach
Investigation of cyclopropyl carbene formation from bromo-silyl cyclopropane
Jamika Danielle Brown
Lews acid catalyzed electrophilic carbonyl addition: Synthesis of alpha-haloacylals
Desmond H. Murray, Allison Agnetta
Modified selecitivity of linear α-olefin dimerization to linear α-olefin products by cobalt catalysis
Ethan B Van Arnam, Richard. D. Broene
Organolithium chemistry: Transmetallation, electrophilic substitution, and cross-coupling reactions of organolithium with boron trifluoride
Carol J. Trana, Robert E. Gawley
Overloading of the Ce(IV)/SiO2 solid-supported reagent
Martin V. Stewart, Kristy J. Stanislav
Palladium-catalyzed coupling of amines and aryl halides using functionalized neopentylphosphines
Joanna M. Smith, Kevin H. Shaughnessy
Pd-catalyzed arylation of Sp3 C-H bonds
Olafs Daugulis, Rana Kashif M. Khan
Photoinduced C-N bond cleavage in 1-azido-1,3-diphenyl-propan-1-one derivatives
Christine M Vanos, Rodney F Klima, Abhijit V. Jadhav, Pradeep ND. Singh, Mingxin Chang, Mai Vu, Nazarin Ibrahim, Jeanette A. Krause, Bruce A. Ault, Anna D. Gudmundsdottir
Photophysical properties of diarylacetylenes
Amy E. Brown, Barrett E. Eichler
Sulfur and selenium ylide bond strengths: A computational study
Ryan D. McCulla, Stacey A. Stoffregen, Robert Wilson, Sam Cercone, Jenn Miller, William S. Jenks
Synthesis and characterization of 2,6-dimethyl-4-phenyl-3-cyclohexenecarboxylic acid and its derivatives, unusual enantiomeric pairs that differ only in the position of the double bond
Colin M. Kenny, Songwen Xie
Synthesis and computer analysis of two related chalcones
Josh Kenney, Ho Dong Kwon, Bruce W. Baldwin, Thomas Kuntzleman
Synthesis of 5-[5-(5-formyl-2-thienyl)-2-furyl]-2-thiophenecarbaldehyde
Joseph P. Bequette, Brian L. Groh, Danae R. Quirk Dorr
Synthesis of benzoate esters with potential biological activities
Maryam Foroozesh, Quochuy Nhan, Randy Colvin, Terri McGee
Synthesis of novel resorcinol derivatives via fragmentation of Meldrum's acid adducts
Laura L. Tomasevich, Michael S. Leonard
Paper Withdrawn
Synthesis of yohimbanones and beta-carbolines through heterocyclic rearrangement chemistry
Nicole M. Kennedy, Stephen M. Zitelli, Michael S. Leonard
Synthetic approaches to 4-(hydroxymethyl)benzoates and cyclophanes
Ashley D. Carbaugh, Michael S. Leonard
Synthetic studies for the synthesis of cassine via Pd-catalyzed carboamination
Rosaura Padilla, Josephine S. Nakhla, John P. Wolfe
The application of vinylogous iminium salts to the synthesis of Lamellarin G trimethyl ether and Ningalin A
John T. Gupton, Jonathan E. Hempel
Toward a biomimetic synthesis of davanone
Kathryn L. Poindexter, Paul D. Dossa, Karen C. Brown, David A. Vosburg
Toward the synthesis of enantioenriched and highly substituted δ-lactones
James D. Blakemore, Fenghai Guo, Yaxin Huang, R. Karl Dieter

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The 233rd ACS National Meeting, Chicago, IL, March 25-29, 2007