CHEDMonday, March 26, 2007

2:00 PM-4:00 PM Hyatt Regency Chicago -- Riverside Center, Poster
Undergraduate Research Poster Session: Inorganic Chemistry
Organizers:Andrea T Bennett
Nancy Bakowski
Paper Withdrawn
Energy transfer within a ruthenium doped trisbipyridine zinc crystal
Kieran M. Gallagher-Gonzales, James N. Demas, Wenying Xu
Group 13 complexes of highly fluorinated enaminoketones: Synthesis, structure and reactivity
Timothy E. McCord, John D. Gordon
Investigation of nickel-bromide complexes with Sivvu
Michael J. DeVries, Douglas A. Vander Griend
Paper Withdrawn
Synthesis and characterization of a copper(II) oxime tetranuclear ladder
Laura M. Grande
Synthesis and characterization of low-melting salts: O-carborane anions with N-alkyl pyridinium and N,N-dialkyl imidazolium
Ryan Emerson Wibby, Anna S. Larsen, Jesse Heingardner, Katrina Brown
Synthesis and spectrophotometric analysis of nanoscale structural motifs
Daniel Kwabena Bediako, Douglas A. Vander Griend
Synthesis of cis-[h5-(C5H3)C(CH3)2Ir(CO)2]2: A dinuclear iridium complex containing a doubly linked cyclopentadienyl ligand
Beverlee A. Brown, Robert Martin Chin
Synthesis of a novel fullerene-bipyridine ligand for photoelectric applications
Joel R. Deye
Synthesis, characterization, and photochemically-directed self-assembly of gold nanoparticles
Lauren E. Goodrich, Rachel S. Dibbell, Jeremy Nevins, Anthony Smith
A comparative study of lanthanide oxythiophosphates to the corresponding orthophosphates
Lauren Slomka, Nathan J. Takas, Jennifer A. Aitken
A series of ruthenium complexes as fluorescent probes of DNA
Christopher Gagliardi, Cliff J. Timpson
Amino acid and fatty acid complexes of Re(CO)3+
Anne de Greve, Anil Cetin, Richard S. Herrick, Christopher J. Ziegler
Ammonia controls facile solid-phase halide exchange at nickel(II)
Christopher A. Sutton, Patrick J. Desrochers, Micah L. Abrams
Antibiotic functionalized calcium aluminate ceramics as biomaterials
Brian F. DiSalle, Shelby Hott, Ellen S. Gawalt, Kenneth A. McGowan
Attempted attenuation of mediator leakage in biofuel cell polymer modified electrodes: Synthesis and characterization of a perfluoroalkyl-modified 2,2′-bipyridyl ruthenium complex
Paul A. Jelliss, Mitesh Patel, Shelley D. Minteer, Michelle Watt
Attempted synthesis of 1,2-diamino-4,5-bis(dodecoxy)benzene as a precursor to new metallomesogens
Amber Bisch, Brenda A. Frazier, Steven M. Malinak
Paper Withdrawn
Cadmium (II) and mercury (II) complexes with mixed oxathiacrown ligands
Jared Hassler, Gregory J. Grant, Daron E. Janzen
Catalytic oxidation of alkenes by (nitro)cobalt porphyrins on Nafion films
Donald Kavanagh, John A. Goodwin, Tigran S. Kurtikyan
Chemical combinations for curing of marine mussel adhesives
Lauren M. Hight, Alison B. Moore, Jonathan J. Wilker
Chemical vapor deposited and template synthesized carbon nanotubes for polymer solar cells
Jennifer L. Young, Jerry D. Harris, Ryne P. Raffaelle
Chemistry in ceramic glazes
Alli L. Keskey, Dan Selter, Gerald L. Seebach
Chemistry of chromium(V): Biological significance-structure and reactivity of chromium (V)-glutathione complex
Sheila M. Bernard, Surendra N. Mahapatro
Chemistry of oxovanadyl(IV) and peroxo-vanadium(V) complexes
Michelle Sanchez, S. N. Mahapatro
Comparison of a series of Ni(L)2 compounds using new alloxan thiosemicarbazone and semicarbazone ligands
Eric C. Lisic, Rachel C. Huxford, E. C. Lisic
Competitive binding of albumin and fibrinogen on functionalized amorphous carbon surfaces
Syud M. Ahmed, Paula Colavita, Robert J. Hamers
Continued synthesis of symmetric and asymmetric ligation points for organometallic supramolecular systems
Sean M. Goins, James Kareth, Keith A. Walters
Continuous process for the microwave synthesis of manganese oxides
Robert R. Mitchell III, Steven L. Suib, Guy Crundwell
Controlling the metal to olefin bond symmetry by ligand substitution at the metal center
Stephen A. Matchett, Alice Putti
Coordination and extraction of Pb(II) and Cd(II) by disulfonamide chelates derived from 3,4-dimethoxyphenylsulfonylchloride and o-phenylenediamine
Patricia Núñez, Nicole Salazar, Robert J. Alvarado, Konstantinos Kavallieratos
Copper(I)-arene interactions in the solid state and in solution using an NS2-cyclodecane ligand with different pendant aryl groups
Cedric Owens, Rebecca R. Conry, Michelle Kim
Detection of anionic arsenic species by surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Mary C. Lower, Dean H. Johnston
Determination of the catalytic activity of a rhenium bisdithiolene complex as a homogeneous and heterogeneous catalyst for oxygen atom transfer
Timothy H. Zauche, Rebecca L. Johnson, Miranda R. Meyer, Timothy P. Schuldes
Developments in fullerene-transition metal supramolecular systems and molecular wire precursors
Celeste A. Morris, Keith A. Walters
Electronic coupling of metalloporphyrin oligomers
Amanda Hickman, Hal Van Ryswyk, Robert J. Cave
Electrospray mass spectroscopy of transition metal chloride clusters in methanol
Joseph Raymond Sutton, Gerald L. Seebach, Kelsey D. Cook
Evidence for DNA modification by a novel water-soluble porphyrin derivative
A. M. Berry, J. E. Bradshaw
Ferrocene based molecular wire candidates: Synthesis and characterization
Christine R. de Denus, Deirdra Evers, Stephanie Czajkowski
First tetradentate asymmetrical pyridine N-oxide ligand
Audrey D. Fry
Further 31-P NMR investigation of heteropolytungstate chemistry in nonpolar solvents
Jane Arcadi, Mark Makar, Mariusz Kozik
Hydroaminations with alkynes, enynes, and dienes using titanium catalysts
Taryn D. Palluccio, Stephen A. Waratuke
In situ spectroscopic studies of a heterogeneous system: Palladium-catalyzed hydrodehalogenation of organohalides
Tim J. Dunn, Jon Marhenke
Interactions between guanine and metal ions: Infrared and Raman spectra
Hadijatu Mumini, Nsoki Phambu, Baibai Kamara
Interactions of Rh(I) and Rh(III) cationic complexes with simple monosaccharides
Sarah M. Lane, Steven C. Haefner
Intercalations of organic molecules into clay mimics
Alicia M. Beatty, Austin N. Pickett
Investigation of water soluble copper alkoxides
Leigh Anna M. Ottley, Timothy J. Boyle, Robin M. Sewell, Rebecca Raymond, Louis J. Tribby, David Ingersol
Luminescent lanthanide reporters: Characterization of polymetallic dendrimer complexes
Savannah J. Johnson, Grzegorz Filipcyzk, Stéphane Petoud
Mechanistic studies of reductive dehalogenation catalyzed by cobalamin and related cobalt compounds
Marley Z. Corliss, Jon Marhenke
Metal boron synthesis and coating of metal substrates
Laurie Elizabeth Wager
Metal ligand stretching frequencies in quinoline complexes
Katharin L. Shaw, Gerald L. Seebach
Methylation of (2-(dimethylamino)ethyl)cyclopentadienyl group VI metal carbonyl anions
Zoey R. Herm, Paul J. Fischer, Benjamin E. Kucera
Mimicking metallo-proteins and enzymes: New aminoalcohol ligands prepared by Mannich condensations
Jonathan A. Niconchuk, Christine S. Higham, Mark V. Andrews Jr., Anil Cetin, Christopher J. Ziegler, Joshua R. Farrell
Modeling C-H activation in pincer-ligated iridium complexes
John Bush, Jesse Wardrip, Amanda Ford, Josh Robinson, Jeff Seyler
Modeling enantioselectivity in the chelate-controlled synthesis of ansa-zirconocenes: How accurate are UFF and DFT methods?
Rachel C. Alter, Dawn C. Wiser
Modeling the active site of protocatechuate dioxygenase using aminoalcohol ligands prepared from Mannich condensations
Mark V. Andrews Jr., Christine S. Higham, Anil Cetin, Christopher J. Ziegler, Joshua R. Farrell
New copper(II) oxidation catalysts: Toward catalytic metal-organic frameworks
Kevin P. Schultze, Jeffrey J. Bodwin
Nitrosyl bipyridyl rhenacarborane complexes: Synthesis, characterization, and prospective uses
Paul A. Jelliss, Xiaoming Shi, Justin H Orlando, Nigam P. Rath, Michael J. Shaw
Novel bis(pyrazolyl)propionate ligands as models for histidine and carboxylate residues in metalloenzymes
Bryan D. Klebon, Brian P. Smith, Elizabeth T. Papish
Optimization of electroyte-MgO powder composite properties
Scarlett J. Widgeon, Erica L. Corral, Ronald E. Loehman, Karen E. Waldrip, Marlene E. Chavez
Oxidation and complexation of benzamide with transition metal ions
John D. Kromer, Gerald L. Seebach
Perfluoroalkylation of arenes using iron reagents
Amanda Hammad, Jennifer A. Jurewicz, Matthew P. Clark, Georgette M. Lang, Joshua D. Lawrence
Peroxynitrite quenching in the biocompatibility of Nafion
Matthieu Sabbagh, John A. Goodwin, Lindsay P. Smith
Photophysical properties of a family of molybdenum halide clusters
Nadine M. Stephens, Kellie M. Chenault, Michelle L. Mohler, Dean H. Johnston
Platinum(II) thiacrown complexes with chiral and achiral diphosphine ligands
Emily R. Hassler, Gregory J. Grant, Daron E. Janzen
Polyoxometalates as nanoscale building blocks for the design and preparation of new materials
Owen M. Boldt, Wade A. Neiwert
Preparation of polyelectrolytes via the copolymerization of ionically-functionalized cyclooctene monomers
Jessica M. Honnold, Dean H. Johnston
Progress toward the synthesis of tugsten, rhenium, and molybedenum bisamido complexes using 1,4-di-tert-butyl-1,4-diazabuta-1,3-diene (DAD)
Lori A. Watson, Gaya Hettiarachchi, Janny Concha Urday Zaa
Progress toward self-assembled platinum(II) and rhodium(III) molecular squares
Rishi D. Naik, Gregory J. Grant, Daron E. Janzen
Reactions of the cyanoborane-semicarbazide adduct with protic solvents
Benjamin K. Johnson, Gary M. Edvenson
Recovery of gold from scrap
Daniélle E. Berry, Gregory L. Milligan
Relative basicity of porpholactones
Michelle King, Guy Crundwell, Christian Brückner
Reoxidation of transition metal substituted heteropoly blues in nonpolar solvents
Arlie Rinaldi, Mariusz Kozik
Reversible proton transfer across a metal-oxide interface: Protonation and proton transfer dynamics of the polyoxotungstate proton cryptate, α-[(Hx)W12O40](8-x)- (x=2,3)
Calvin R. Sprangers, Dean C. Duncan
Rhenium and tungsten oxo and imido complexes with N-heterocyclic carbenes
Lori A. Watson, Felicia Gray, Elizabeth Yoder
Rhenium carbonyl compounds with polypyridyl ligands
Christopher Aquina, Christopher J. Ziegler, Richard S. Herrick, Anil Cetin, Donald L. Jameson
Selective ligand design and coordination for uranium extraction
Jonah Z. Vilseck, Travis Henry Bray, Anne E. V. Gorden
Shape changing polymers
Lisa A. Fredin
Solid-state and polyol microwave synthesis of bulk and nanocrystalline group 15 chalcogenides
Christine Mastrovito, Jennifer A. Aitken
Spectral and crystallographic studies of seven-coordinated complexes
Jimmy H. Davis, Andrew Eugene McBride, Marcus Bond
Structural and spectroscopic studies on copper(II) complexes containing sterically demanding carboxylate and aromatic imine ligands
Thomas J. Smith, Kari L. Brodsky, Jacqueline C. McClellan, Katherine M. Schultz, Phillip E. Fanwick
Surface plasmon resonance studies: A step toward understanding protein-solid interactions
Hasiba Pehratovic, Akhilesh Bhambhani, Challa. V. Kumar
Syntheses of unprecedented low-valent titanium species
Eric D. Smolensky, John E. Ellis, Robert Jilek
Synthesis and characterization of {[Co2(1,3-ADC) 2(4,4`-bipy) 4(NO3)2]•MeOH}n
Courtney Baker, Michael Midence, C. V. Gauthier
Synthesis and characterization of a highly fluxional cyano molybdenum dioxolene complex
Brad W. Zeiger, Mark Wicholas, Morgan Gleaves
Synthesis and characterization of a mixed valence dinuclear nickel (II/III) complex with bis-μ2-sulfido bridges
Brian F. Moore, Michael J. Prushan, Matthias Zeller, Allen D. Hunter, Samuel Lofland
Synthesis and characterization of a novel water-soluble gallium(III) porphyrin
R. J. Hickerson, J. E. Bradshaw
Synthesis and characterization of a series of new phenanthrenequinone thiosemicarbazone palladium complexes
Rachel C. Huxford, E. C. Lisic
Synthesis and characterization of aluminum phosphate nanobuilding-block clusters
Michelle C. Silva
Synthesis and characterization of chemical analogs of nitrile hydratase: Initial steps in design of a functionalized metal-organic framework
Jennifer J. Smith, Jeffrey J. Bodwin
Synthesis and characterization of luminescent orthometallated iridium(III) polypyridine complexes
Lindsay M. Hinkle, Kari A. McGee, Kent R. Mann
Synthesis and characterization of new chemical precursors for p-type metal oxide semiconductors
Jesse S. Hyslop, Jennifer L. Young, Jerry D. Harris, Brian J. Frost
Synthesis and characterization of potential carbon dioxide reducing catalysts
Lindsay Drennan, Dane Avondoglio, E. W. Goldman
Synthesis and characterization, with X-ray crystal structure, of Co(acac)2(HMTA)2
Natalie A. LaFranzo, Paul J. Morrison, Edward B. Flint, Gregory M. Ferrence, Matthias Zeller
Synthesis and conductivity of organosilicon-based electrolytes for energy storage applications
Rachel R Butorac, Lingzhi Zhang, Robert West
Synthesis and electrochemical studies of homo- and hetero-leptic terpyridine complexes
Christine R. de Denus, Deirdra Evers, Stephanie Czajkowski
Synthesis and reactivity of C2-symmetric ansa-ytterbocene(II) complexes derived from the reductive coupling of 1,3,6-trisubstituted fulvenes
Andrew J. Peloquin, Rebecca L. Stone, Sarah E. Stampher, Jane E. B. Johnson, Gary J. Balaich
Synthesis and structural characterization of uranyl complexes containing ferrocene-1,1'-dicarboxylate
Paul M. Vogel, Richard E. Sykora
Synthesis and study of a mixed-metal cluster complex
Lisa F. Szczepura, Jeffrey R. Long, Heather R. Bowen
Synthesis and study of pyrrole-metallocene as anion receptors and sensors
Ly Ly Pham, Andreas Gebauer
Synthesis of a new isocyanide ligand for efficient photo-induced charge transfer processes within an octahedral W(0) compound
Rebecca A. Seger, Keith A. Walters
Synthesis of a novel uranyl peroxide material using organic templating agents
J. Gregory McAlpin, Tori Z. Forbes, Peter C. Burns
Synthesis of a novel zinc compound for use in molecularly imprinted polymer based catalysis
Craig T. Gutman, Joel W. Gohdes
Synthesis of a ruthenium polypyridyl complex for kinetics studies
Jennifer L. Achtyl, Samantha Glazier
Synthesis of an isolable and monomeric phosphorus radical that is resonance-stabilized by the vanadium(IV/V) redox couple
Paresh Agarwal, Nicholas A. Piro, Karsten Meyer, Peter Mueller, Christopher C. Cummins
Synthesis of bi-azulenic pi-bridges for applications in novel charge transport materials
Mikhail V. Barybin, Tiffany R. Maher, Cindy L. Berrie, Andrew D. Spaeth
Synthesis of bis(pentachlorocyclopentadienyl)zirconium dichloride
Danny G. McGuire, Clinton Bryan, Karisa Beacham, Jesse Wilson, Michael Landoll
Synthesis of C2-symmetric chiral tetradentate ligands and complexation reactions with group 6 carbonyls
Joseph M. Keane, Peter K. B. Palomaki, Jacob A. Rubin, Janet E. Saunders, Samantha A. Burgess, Daniel B. Perlow, Bradley W. Nash, Sarah V. Scarselletta, Robert D. Pike
Synthesis of electro-active PNA oligomers for electron transfer studies
Paul Lund, Silvia Bezer, Catalina Achim, Amit Paul, David H. Waldeck
Synthesis of inorganic materials using pyridine/thiophene hybrid ligands
Ryan T. Pennell, David P. Lavoie, Janet L. Shaw, Christopher J. Ziegler, Joshua R. Farrell
Synthesis of new bridging phenanthroline ligands
Dara Omer, David K. Geiger
Synthesis of polyurethane matrices for polydiacetylene strain sensors
Christopher Pollock, Jennifer Kauffman, William Pennington, Timothy Hanks
Synthesis of ruthenium complex with bipyridine ligands featuring aromatic side chains for use in DNA binding
Stephanie R. Walter, Samantha Glazier
Synthesis of solvated cationic osmium complexes using halide abstraction
Ian T. Sines, Steven C. Haefner
Synthesis of the methylcyanoborohydride anion
Amber L. Goraczkowski, Gary M. Edvenson
Synthesis of [16-(2-Hydroxy-benzoyl)-2,3,11,12-tetramethyl-5,14-dihydro-5,9,14,18-tetraaza-dibenzo[a,h]cyclotetradecene-7-yl]-(2-hydroxy-phenyl)-methanone and its metal complexes
Paul Goodman, John O'Brien, Robert Miller
Synthesis, characterization, and photochemically-directed self-assembly of Au nanoparticles
Lauren E. Goodrich, Anthony Smith, Jeremy Nevins, Rachel S. Dibbell, David F. Watson
Synthetic investigation into a doubly-linked permethylated cyclopentadienyl ligand
Neysa D. Allworth, Robbie Schwenker, Mitchell Joseph Parr
The study of hypercoordination using Ge-73 NMR
Claude H. Yoder, Tamara M. Agee
Thermal decomposition of In(III) dithiocarbamates: A combined GC/MS and TGA study
Melanie I. Perera, Aloysius F. Hepp, Michael J. Baird, Scott M. Brothers, Emilie M. Schierloh, Norman V. Duffy
Thermogravimetric analysis studies of iron(III) dithiocarbamates
Melanie J. Jose, Michael J. Baird, Aloysius F. Hepp, Norman V. Duffy
Toward coordination of various transition metals to [18] annulene trisulfide
Colleen C. Kimme, Megan E. Long, Donna K. Howell
Toward the synthesis of rhenium imido complexes using 1, 3-diaminobenzene
Lori A. Watson, Paul D. Durand, Logan J. Giles
Transition metal catalysts for environmentally benign oxidation of organic substrates by N2O
Johnathan Erler, David E. Foster, Megumi Fujita
Transition metal complexes of bis (2-ethylpyridyl)hydroxylamine
Christopher W. Belock, Anil Cetin, Christopher J. Ziegler
Transition metal directed supramolecular assemblies: Double helicates
Dhia A. Habboush, Linda Farber, Christopher M. Aiuto, Jessica R. Boy, Tariq O. Lescouflair
Paper Withdrawn
X-ray absorption and density functional study of the anticancer drug NAMI-A and related compounds
Travis V. Harris, Karen L. McFarlane Holman, Robert K. Szilagyi
Zinc(II) complexes of pyridyl-substituted mono- and bis(guanidine) ligands
Laura R. Whiteaker, Urmila Pal Chaudhuri, Robert P. Houser
Aerobic oxidation of benzylamine with poly(oximate)amine Ni(II) catalysts
Stefanie A. Bragg, Elizabeth A. Deters, Heidi S. Hehemann, Jeanette A. Krause, Michael J Baldwin
Aerobic oxidation of tetrahydrofuran assisted by varied iron (III) chloro-POSS compounds
Derek Pettner, Michael T Hay
Oxidative coupling and cluster growth and fragmentation in the highly fluxional platinum derivatives of Sn94-: Synthesis, characterization and solution dynamics of Pt2@Sn174- and Pt@Sn9H3-
Banu Kesanli, Jordan E Halsig, Peter Y. Zavalij, James Fettinger, Yiu-Fai Lam, Bryan W. Eichhorn
Oxidative damage associated with the treatment for iron overload
B. W. Alderman, J. I. Wirgau
Synthesis of cyclic metal bonded olefin to be used in ring opening metathesis polymerization
Amanda E. Mack, David R. Tyler, Ginger Shultz
X-Ray crystallographic structure determination of [Ta{H2Al(OC2H4OMe)2} (dmpe)2]2
Maria E Carroll, Bruce M. Foxman

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