CHEDMonday, March 26, 2007

2:00 PM-4:00 PM Hyatt Regency Chicago -- Riverside Center, Poster
Undergraduate Research Poster Session: Environmental Chemistry
Organizers:Andrea T Bennett
Nancy Bakowski
A kinetic study of hydrolysis of micromolar aqueous FeCl3 using a redox analysis
Stephanie L. Holbrook, Hong Zhang
Activity analyses of extracellular laccase enzymes induced by 2,5-xylidine and Kraft lignin
Ryan C. McDonald, Leah R. Eller
Adsorption of molybdate and tetrathiomolybdate onto solid surfaces in the presence of organic molecules
Jennifer L. Morford, Caitlin M. Carney, Daniel S. Kritzer, Peter H. Helman
Analysis of ambient air for Chicago by solid-phase microextraction and gas chromatography/mass spectrometry
Frank A. Pierri
Analysis of gasolines with low and high octane ratings by gas chromatography/mass spectroscopy
Danijela Smiljanic, James E. Coffield, Michael J. Baird
Analysis of river and wastewater effluent for the presence of estrogenic compounds
Ashley Lauren Black, Lisa M. Ponton
Analysis of two fluoroquinolone antibiotics and their environmental photochemical degradation
Andrew R. Korte, Kristine H. Wammer
Assessing the phosphorus sorption capacity of Mollisol soils using the Langmuir isotherm and single-point sorption index techniques
Aleela Baune, Frank V. Schindler
Assessment of arsenic contamination in soil from pressure-treated wooden decks
Fred Walker, Michael J. Baird
Automating a kinetic study of the degradation of biodegradable and compostable plastics
Joel Klabo, Joseph Greene, Randy M. Miller
Carotenoid extraction of Grateloupia doryphora from Mount Hope Bay, Rhode Island
Justin Cherny, Stephen K. O'Shea
Characterization of monorhamnolipid biosurfactants in aqueous solution and at the air-water interface
Julia N. Gremaud, Ariel Lebrón-Paler, Jeanne A. Pemberton, Raina M. Maier
Characterization of soil-contaminant interaction measuring retention of contaminants by soil column chromatography
Ardis M. Copenhaver, Christopher J. Dunlap
Chemical and biological impacts of migratory birds on small pond ecosystems
Jamie Johnson, Anne E. Marteel-Parrish, Kathleen Verville
Comparing the thermal and microwave assisted syntheses of DABCO ionic liquids
Kijana Kerr, Marie Thomas, James F. Wishart, Sharon I. Lall-Ramnarine
Competition between dechlorination and hydrogenation reactions in aquatic chemistry: Effects of pH changes and palladium catalyst sources
Carol A. Johnson
Copper(I) complexations and their reaction with nitrite ion
Sarah Meade, Stephen K. O'Shea
Cu (II) uptake by engineered poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)-based hydrogels
Katherine E. Wagner, Nolan T. Flynn
Deciphering the geochemical history of Lake Waban, Wellesley, Massachusetts
Rachel M. Erdil, Nolan T. Flynn, Daniel J. Brabander
Degradation of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) by laccases isolated from Ganoderma tsugae
Jason D. Matakas, Leah R. Eller
Degreaser reduction and the creation of an instrumental procedure to test for hydraulic oil on parts
Sally A. Henrie, Nathan L. Eckley
Determination of cadmium complexation in zebrafish (Danio rerio) embryos by NMR
Christopher D. Ridel, Stephen K. O'Shea, Kerri S. Warren
Determining the effects of annual burning in a grassland restoration on extractable cations and organic matter
Chelsea A. Prior, Leslie A. Sherman
Developing new heterogeneous catalysts for the transesterification of biodiesel
Travis K. Morita, Joel W. Gohdes
Distribution of copper on model soil constituents
Magaly Resto-Roldán, Nadia Martínez-Villegas Jr., Carmen Enid Martínez
Effect of molecular size on the sorption of hydrophobic compounds with dissolved organic matter
John William Freiderich, John D. Thoemke
Enhancement of zinc-mediated dechlorination by cobalt porphyrin complexes
Sarah E. Page, Angela D. Follett, Kristopher McNeill
Establishing a link between the viscosity and 1H-NMR spectra of weathered ATF
Kathryn Sims, Nigel Lloyd, Shawn M. Abernathy
Paper Withdrawn
Evaluating properties of composts containing biodegradable and compostable materials
Deepika Nayyar, Joseph Greene, Randy M. Miller
Examining the relationship between the 1H-NMR and viscosity of used engine oil
Joy R. Speaks, Kathryn Sims, Nigel Lloyd, Shawn M. Abernathy
Formic and acetic acids in Antarctica snow
Nathan A. Morris, Jihong Cole-Dai
H2Oconee and beyond: Canoeing for middle Georgia's water quality
Ben Barfield, Daniel C. Brooks, Katherine Harper, Lindsey Peaden, Steven Rowland, David Wilson, Catrena H. Lisse
Influence of compound structure on the sorption of cationic amines to mineral surfaces
Anthony Carrasquillo, Dharni Vasudevan
Investigating the occurrence of pharmaceutical and personal care products in wastewater
Kaprice J. Knaup, Joseph J. Piatt
Investigating the physical properties of 4-dimethylaminopyridine containing ionic liquids
Jasmine Hatcher, Marie Thomas, Robert Engel, Sharon I. Lall-Ramnarine, James F. Wishart
Investigation of the synthesis of 2,4,6,6-tetrachloro-2-methylcyclohex-4-ene-1,3-dione and its reaction with chloramine
Lisa Sator, Victor L. Heasley, Audra M. Fisher
Isolation and photophysical characterization of pyoverdine compounds from Pseudomonas spp
Hyunwoo Rim, Marc M. Baum, John A. Moss
Mercury analysis of water and fish in northeast Kansas
Chris G'Sell, Natalie Russo, Troy Ruskamp, Paul Steinbach
Method development for non-invasive analysis of exogenous substances, such as pesticides using sweat as biological matrix
Anabel Pizarro Ríos
Photocatalytic chemical fixation of CO2 using the semiconductor cadmium sulfide
Pao Wen Wang, Marc M. Baum, John A. Moss, Michael R. Hoffmann
Photochemical behavior of enrofloxacin, a fluoroquinolone, in the aqueous environment
Rachel A. Lundeen, Kristine H. Wammer
Physical and radiolytic properties of boron-containing ionic liquids
Alejandra Castano, Sharon I. Lall-Ramnarine, James F. Wishart
Plant uptake of triclosan
Sarah E. Schostarez, Melissa M. Schultz
Predicting competitive adsorption on activated carbon using Mathcad with Ideal Absorption Solution Theory
Eid Alkhatib, Penny Snetsinger, Amanda Gauthier, Joseph DePalma
Preparation and properties of phosphate containing ionic liquids
Katherine Urena, James F. Wishart, Sharon I. Lall-Ramnarine, Sofiya Penkhasova, Hughton R. Walker, Robert Engel
Quantification of photochemically produced hydroxyl radical from chlorinated quinone pesticides
Pamela P. Vaughan, Katherine Davis, Dayoung An
Reactions of pentachlororesorcinol with chlorinating agents: Identification of the products
Ashley Marie Ramirez, Matthew D. Alexander, Peter E Baker, Ryan H. DeBoard, Dennis C. Madrid, Victor Heasley, Jeffrey L. Boerneke, Torie L. Hartge
Reducing disinfection byproducts using cyanuric acid: Relative reactivity of hypochlorite ion, hypochlorous acid, monochlorocyanuric acid, and dichlorocyanuric acid with dichlorohydroxybenzoic acid
David M. Robinson, Gordon H. Purser
Remediation of As ions using zerovalent Fe nanoparticles
William Davidson, John C. Schaumloffel
Remediation potential of a reusable solid-phase adsorbant/absorbant
Joseph Fiori, John C. Schaumloffel
Removal of heavy metal ions using cassava skin
Lolade Akinola, Nsoki Phambu
Removal of trichloroethylene from contaminated water using Ambersorb and Dowex polymeric adsorbents
Courtney A. Bowers, Jasmine M. Olander, Alfred C. Nichols, David A. Steffy
Removal of uranyl ions from aqueous solutions using different adsorbents
Angela K. Stone, Nsoki Phambu
Removing arsenic from water using a natural, inexpensive filter
Tina M. Nagel, J. Thomas Ippoliti
Search for medicinal or potentially medicinal alkaloids in the plant family Apocynaceae
Jeni M. Silverman, Kady Marino, Stephen K. O'Shea
Paper Withdrawn
Sequestration and remediation of uranium by electrospun silica-based material
Alexandra J. Salter
Significance of highly toxic secondary emissions from on-road vehicles
Jerome Stihle, Marnie Burgoyne, Robyn Latimer, Darcy Wanger, Alexandre Webster, John A. Moss, Gregory A. Poskrebyshev, Marc M. Baum
Silica gel pellet development for water purification by use of titania photocatalyst
Phillip R. Burkholder, Varsha Mathew, John C. DiCesare
Source and extent of sediment contamination in Lake Macatawa
Daniel G. Tobert, Julissa Pabon, Graham F. Peaslee
Stability study of biodiesel using fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
Palmer Wetzel, David Groscost, Sam Johnson, Brandon Humberger, Autumn Aul, Alicia Stallard, Andrew Och, Thiezue James, Amber Miller, Phuc Tran, Brian Williams, Jess Wedin, Ashley Clement, Katie Schreffler, Ping Y. Furlan
Synthesis of redox-labeled atrazine conjugates for an electrochemical immunoassay
Ashley N. Fields, Amy E. Beilstein
The cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) activity of anthropogenic aerosol particles
Erica F. Gagne, Eben S. Cross, Billy Wrobel, Paul Davidovits, David K. Lewis
Total phosphorus determination of select Mollisol soils for use in agricultural non-point source (AGNPS) modeling
Jesse Voelker, Frank V. Schindler
Tracing the bioaccumulation pattern of the heavy metals mercury, cadmium, and arsenic in Narragansett Bay, Rhode Island
Stacey A. Helming, David L. Taylor, Stephen K. O'Shea
Understanding the sources of lead in drinking water
Meredith L. Praamsma, Graham F. Peaslee
Use of soybeans in the phytoremediation of lead-contaminated soil
Joshua J. Hirner, Sabrina M. Wells, Sarah E. Bloch, Laura A. Kopff, Barbara K. Kramer
Utilizing soybean and rice hulls as activated carbons to remove heavy metals from contaminated water
Anthony M. Rizzuti, Dzung D. Nguyen
Variations in transition metal ion speciation due to differences in dissolved organic matter
Richard James Wienhold, John D. Thoemke
Vitellogenesis in male fish induced by estrogens in wastewater effluent
Leigh A. Gibbons, Erin E. Singer, Carol M. Babyak, Shea R. Tuberty
Voltammetry of atrazine
Paul DeVos, Jay H. Brown
Voltammetry of propazine
Matthew J. Bruzek, Jay H. Brown
Voltammetry of simazine
Kyle M. Henning, Jay H. Brown
Water quality monitoring of local watersheds in rural northeast Texas
Elida Victoria Bonilla, Darryl Mitsuo Encino

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