CHEDMonday, March 26, 2007

11:00 AM-1:00 PM Hyatt Regency Chicago -- Riverside Center, Poster
Undergraduate Research Poster Session: Chemical Education
Organizers:Andrea T Bennett
Nancy Bakowski
A website to complement the laboratory component of the chemistry for health sciences course at Ball State University
Melissa G. Olds, Stephanie Prescia, Tracy Bramel, Jason W. Ribblett
ACS examination studies: Investigation of the conceptual retention of general chemistry topics at Lee University
Matthew K. Krepps, Brent Ferrell
Analysis of cucumber plants for use as phytoremediators: An instrumental analysis project
Lynsey D. Riddle, Russell E. Farmer, Christopher M. Shuford, J. Michael Joyce, Sherri L. Hensler, Michael R. Edwards, Boone M. Prentice, Jason A. Mann, Mary E. Lehman, Melissa C. Rhoten
Analysis of multivitamin tablets for their mineral content by flame atomic absorption spectrophotometry: A quality control experiment
Robert E. Deimler, Ronald Fietkau
Casting away the cookbook: Bringing independent experimental design into an organic chemistry laboratory experiment
Paul A. Bonvallet, Judith C. Amburgey-Peters
Computer controlled data collection in the first year general chemistry laboratory
Frances M. Hocutt, G. William Daub, Hal Van Ryswyk
Dehydration of alcohols using acidic resin catalysis
Kurt W. Field, John R. Ludeman
Determination of sulfate in pond water
Raphny Alexandre, Konstantinos Sebekos, Mayra Exposito
Determination of sulfide in seawater
Nicole Salazar, Mariano Amicarelli, Mily Galvez, Mayra Exposito
Development of a powder X-ray diffraction laboratory module for the use in honors General Chemistry: Identification of unknown household solids using powder X-ray diffraction
Molly L. Gahan, Jasmine Blair, Peter Wildfong, Jennifer A. Aitken
Development of an interactive spectral problem set for increased understanding of various spectroscopic techniques
Dallas G. New, Adam Ryan Stephens
Development of diffusion NMR physical chemistry experiment
Jonilyn G. Longenecker, Paul D. Schettler Jr., Tom L. Fisher
Inquiry-based biochemistry labs in protein structure-function of cytochrome b5 at Eastern Michigan University
Mary M McPhail, Carrie A Oswald, Steven J Pernecky, Lucy Waskell, Sang Choul Im, Daniel Mansuy, Didier Mathieu, C Capeillere-Blandin
Investigating color: A guided inquiry experiment for the sophomore organic chemistry laboratory
Kevin L Pate, Miranda B Carper
Invisible ink revealed: Chemistry and secret writing
Elizabeth K. Bell, Ryan D Sweeder
Microwave-assisted reaction series for use in organic teaching laboratories: Application to the formation and Diels-Alder cycloaddition of tetraphenylcyclopentadienone
Steven G. Ballmer, Daniel M. Ketcha
Modeling solid structures with 2-D paper cutouts
KaReisha F. Robinson, Phuong N. Nguyen, Nathan D. Applegren, Dean J. Campbell
Nucleophilic substitution reactions: A guided inquiry experiment
Kevin L Pate, Kyle E Ryder, Kyndra B Kephart
On-line interactive problems to enhance the domain of General Chemistry concepts of stoichiometry and molecular geometry
Carlos M. Torres, Katiuska M. Matos, Maria A. Fuentes, Katherine Banhard
PocketPC molecular modeling for organic chemistry laboratories
Britney Graham, Brad Hobbs, Michael B McGinnis
Putting it all together: Applying advanced chemical concepts to the culinary world
Lancey Arwen Fraser, Keith Symcox
Rapid chemometric method for analyzing simulated street drug samples
Kathryn Young Noonan, Kimberley Frederick
Surface-enhanced fluorescence
Arika Pravitasari, Tanya Shtoyko, Evgenia G. Matveeva, Ignacy Gryczynski, Zygmunt Gryczynski
Synthesis of a bromoether from trans-cinnanmic acid as a sophomore laboratory procedure
Laura J. Allen, Brian J. Myers
Time-resolved fluorescence immunoassay: An experiment for instrumental analysis
Nicole L. Ritzert, Donald C. Zapien
Undergraduate laboratory in heterogeneous catalysis with a computational component
Robert A. Grimminger, Paul D. Schettler Jr.
Understanding keto/enol and enol-a/enol-b equilibrium: A computational laboratory
Juan G. Estevez, Maria E Maldonado, Claudia Ospina, Zuleyka Alvarado, Lizbeth J Cotto, Zolimarie Cortes, Magdalisse M Coronado, Teisha M Pacheco, Maryauri Perez, Vanessa Ramos, Sonia M Velez
A greener approach for esterification reactions
Ingrid Montes, Javier Escudero
An innovative way to introduce students to discuss ethical misconduct
Ingrid Montes, Adriana Padilla, Atenaida Maldonado, Solymar Negretti
An inquiry-based lecture approach to SN1, SN2, E1, and E2 chemistry
Jennifer M. Teixeira, R. W. Holman
An integrated inquiry-guided approach laboratory experience to teach: Extraction, recrystallization and melting point determination
Ingrid Montes, Johanna Fajardo, Linette M. Pruna
Applying basic thermodynamics: An analytical approach to understanding Greek fire
Luke D. Dye, Jason D. Powell
Assessing the impact of an integrated physics and chemistry professional development program in improving teacher performances and changing classroom practices in Texas public schools in San Antonio area
Gretchen M. Yale, Edward E. Gonzalez, Alakananda R. Chaudhuri
Authentic research in general chemistry lab
Kimberly A. Trick, Howard Knachel Jr., Shawn M. Swavey, David W. Johnson
Connecting science and literacy: Hands-on inquiry in the elementary classroom
Kathryn Nafziger, Beth Marie Motter, Nazan U. Bautista, Jeff Winslow, Stacey Lowery Bretz
Development and application of a stovetop essential oil apparatus
Matthew R. Miner, Sandra A. Martin, Jacqueline Bennett
Development of green chemistry classroom and laboratory activities for high school students
Amy E. Bentz, Caryl Fish
Development of spatial ability and attitudes in chemistry courses
Kimberly J Linenberger, Renee S. Cole
Development of the lab component for a web-based non-major college chemistry course
Sally A. Henrie, Alydia G. Murray
Do student and faculty learning styles differ in the chemistry classroom?
Hanna L. Kolzow, Ashley B. Mahoney
Does yeast matter? A beer chemistry laboratory for liberal arts students
Patricia A. Brletic, Crystal L. Young, Francis P. Smith, Jeff J. Farrell
Fading phenolphthalien kinetics experiment employing a diode array based spectrometer
Nwamaka I. Ifionu, Whitney L. Sheppard, Ronald Fietkau
Improving experiments through trial and error
Mayra Exposito, Barbara Sewerin, Lincing J. Hernandez
Inquiry-based approach to solubility equilibria
Kristen L. Cacciatore, Jose Amado, Jason Evans, Hannah Sevian
Integrating lab techniques and Odyssey software using essential oils
Dionne Dickson, Jessica Murillo, Nicole Salazar, Mayra Exposito
Laboratory exercises involving photonic crystal films
Kylee E. Korte, Dean J. Campbell
Laboratory simulation of an acid mine drainage system
Matthew R. Purcell, Stephen F. Wolf
Minority representation in chemical education: Comprehensive comparison to other scientific disciplines
Alana Donaldson, Christopher N. Brammer, Donna J. Nelson
NMR determination of the kinetics of deuterium exchange in 3-methyl-2-butanone
Amy Knutson, Giancarlo Toledanes, Thomas B. Malloy Jr.
NMR determination of the kinetics of deuterium exchange in 3-pentanone
Giancarlo Toledanes, Thomas B. Malloy Jr.
On-line data collection and database development for survey research in chemistry education
Jacob Mathew, Nathaniel P. Grove, Stacey Lowery Bretz
Peer led team learning in organic chemistry: A workshop leader perspective
Andrew Johnson
Ring-opening polymerization of lactide to form polylactide: A laboratory for organic chemistry
Jennifer Robert, Katherine B. Aubrecht
Separation of ethanol from fermentation broth during the production of fuel ethanol
Rebecca Ann Hill, Clifford E. George
Spectroscopic investigation of an octabrominated porphyrin for application in PDT
Jack H. Owens Jr., Rosalie A. Richards
Synthesis of 1,3-bis-(3,5-dimethyl-pyrazol-1-yl)-propane-2-thiol
Folami T. Ladipo, Nathaniel L. Webb, Alexey Zazybin
Synthesis of ionic liquids in the undergrad organic chemistry laboratory
Michael A. Brooks Jr., Nathan D. Burrows, Dr. David W. Blackburn
Target inquiry: How does a chemistry research experience impact teachers' perceptions of science inquiry
Cynthia Luxford, Deborah G. Herrington, Ellen J. Yezierski
Thermodynamic exploration of eosin-lysozyme binding: A physical chemistry and biochemistry laboratory experiment
Andrew J. Huisman, Lydia R. Hartsell, Brent P. Krueger, Michael J. Pikaart
Using on-line questions database through WebCT to enhance General Chemistry student's learning process of the kinetics and equilibrium concepts
Carlos M. Torres, Solymar Negretti, Arnaldo L. Freire, Katherine Barnhard
Using the effects of antibiotics on bacterial growth to demonstrate pharmaceutical concepts
Kirsten M. Kahler, Aimee L. Miller

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The 233rd ACS National Meeting, Chicago, IL, March 25-29, 2007