CHEDMonday, March 26, 2007

2:00 PM-4:00 PM Hyatt Regency Chicago -- Riverside Center, Poster
Undergraduate Research Poster Session: Biochemistry
Organizers:Andrea T Bennett
Nancy Bakowski
(Oligo)ethylene oxide SAMs on Au: A system to understand protein adsorption on surfaces
Ryan J. Vierling, John C. DiCesare, David J. Vanderah
Ability of guanidine and guanidine-containing species to neutralize the reactive chlorine species, hypochlorous acid
Justin S. Morgan, Karin J. Brumback, Gordon H. Purser
An investigation into the biology and management of a monogenean trematode parasite (Acolpenteron ureterocetes) infecting the largemouth bass (Micropterus salmoides)
Jennifer A Dill, Dale F. Leavitt, Stephen O'Shea
Characterization of microsomal metabolism of BML-190, a CB2 selective agonist by HPLC-MS/MS
Nyote Oliver, Qiang Zhang, Peng Ma, Guangdi Wang
Effect of 1-propyl-3-imidazolium chloride on spermine binding to duplex RNA
Shameka D. Berry, Lameka L. Berry, Naomi F. Campbell
Effect of bay laurel on Cytochrome P450 isoenzymes present in CHO cells
Nidza Torres, Mariam B. González-Hernández, Lizette Santos
Effects of osmolytes on protein and nucleic acid processes
Sara E. Heitkamp, Jonathan G. Cannon, MW. Capp, M. Thomas Record Jr.
Expression of mRNA export protein rae1 from S. pombe in E. coli BL21 cells
Erin E. Stoss
Isolation and characterization of chromodulin from octopus liver
Margarita Viera, C. Michele Davis-McGibony
Synthesis and evalution of new histone deacetylase inhibitors
Keris KrennHrubec, Scott Ulrich
Synthesis of electrophilic inhibitors of LuxS, a quorum sensing enzyme
Colleen O'Loughlin, Scott Ulrich
Ultrastructural effects of RNAi-mediated nopp140 knockdown
Alrica L. Joe, Patrick J. DiMario
What role does dad's basic region play in mdia's auto-inhibition mechanism? A computational study
Susan K. Munster, Mary E. Karpen
Metalloproteases involved with teleost hatching
Jessica L Holloman, Gerald L. Seebach, Belinda Sly
Quantitative PCR methods for assessing epichlorohydrin damage within chicken erythroid cells
Megan L. Watts, Julie T. Millard
Study of inositol phosphate using changes in fluorescence
Jarred Corwin, Scott E. Pattison
Rhodoccocus rhodochrous B-276 grown on propane expresses a unique acetone-degrading enzyme
Christian A. Plewik, Chris Broberg, Daniel D. Clark
Characterization of West Nile virus RNA dependent RNA polymerase
Alexandra Mattheus, Jeffrey S. Temple, Michael B. Doughty
Comparison of allergen profiles in Alternaria
Nikolai T Dahl
Copper complexes of alpha and beta amino acids
Shelby Lawrence, Eva Csuhai, Gerald L. Seebach
Dependence of DNA-protein cross-linking on DNA sequence
Julianna Scala, Graciela Gonzalez, Sherry Burton, Christine Norashkharyan, Jessica Palma, Amanda Madison, Eric D. A. Stemp
Dependence of oxidative DNA protein-cross-linking on GC content
Carmen E. Ochoa, Tiffany Maisonet, Jessica Zelaya, Maricela Alvarez-Montez, Eric D. A. Stemp
Design and characterization of leucine zipper coiled-coils for use in ordered nanostructures
James W. Nelson, Kristi L. Kiick
Expression of lipid droplet proteins in macrophages
Michelle L. Hobbs, Tracy M. Ander, John T. Tansey
Implications of RNA tertiary structure on double stranded RNA binding proteins
Tara D. Wabbersen, Darren G. Stoub
Induction/activation of phosphotidyl inositol 3-kinase by vanadium-flavonoid complexes
Graig A Legatt, Koshali G Fernando, Mohammad Mahroof-Tahir, Lakshmaiah Sreerama
Kidney tissue damage during the progression of diabetes: Time course study
Kimberly A. Negrin, Candice B. Vincent, Paul J. Birckbichler
Kinetic analysis of nucleosomal DNA repair
Matthew T. Hoss, Karl A. Haushalter
Lateral diffusion of the Torpedo and muscle type acetylcholine receptors on oocytes membranes of the Xenopus laevis
Ileana Rodriguez Nazario, Alejandro Ortiz Acevedo, Jose A. Lasalde Dominicci
Local sequence effects on the pks of ionizable groups in a small monomeric protein
M. Eric Hobbs, Richard L. Thurlkill
Modulation of estrogen receptor ligand-binding domain dimer exchange by small mono-functional alcohols
Rebecca J. Waltz, Mark E. Brandt, David M. Knapp
Novel method for analyzing spectroscopic ligand binding data
Adam G. Georgas, Mark E. Brandt
Oxidation of GMP in the presence of lysine: A simple model system for DNA-protein cross-linking
Justine Danielle Ott, Kimberly Rebello, Christina B. Evangelista, Eunice Lee, Eric D. A. Stemp
PAT-1/MLDP increases triacylglycerol stores and changes lipid droplet morphology
Sadie R. Bartholomew, Erica M. Hlavin, Taryn L. Summerfield, William E. Ackerman, John T. Tansey
Polypeptide cobalt complexes of beta-amino acids
Seth D. Westerman, Eva Csuhai, Gerald L. Seebach
Qualitative proteomic determination of proteins differentially expressed by Xanthobacter autotrophicus Py2 during growth on propylene or glucose
Chris Broberg, Daniel D Clark
Reconstitution of cytochrome P450 3A4 activity in a lipid free system
Christina Lindsey, Harshica Fernando, Dmitri Davydov, James Halpert
Role of Glu68 of the Fe protein of nitrogenase from Azotobacter vinelandii in component protein interactions
Jessica L. Prince, Jeannine M. Chan
Site-directed mutagenesis of the yeast V-ATPase subunit d
Craig Damin, Donald L. Pappas Jr., Karlett J. Parra
Structual analysis of Piscidin 1 via high resolution solid-state NMR techniques
Randall J. Saager, Myriam Cotten, Riqiang Fu
Structure and dynamics of the antimicrobial peptide piscidin
Breanna S Vollmar, Myriam Cotten, Riqiang Fu
Study of freeze-avoidance in the ooplasm of an Antarctic fish, Gymnodraco acuticeps, using NMR spectroscopy
Troy Link, Marina Marjanovic, Barbara A Lawrence
Sub-cellular localization of two P-type ATPases, Atp13a1 and Atp13a2
Ryan Baldridge, Adam C. Ketron, Jennifer Walter, John Ledford, Diana L. McGill, Patrick Schultheis, Kristi L. Haik
Synthesis and analysis of RNA containing 2-trifluoromethyl inosine
Lindsay A. Taylor, Darren G. Stoub
Synthesis and characterization of peptide nucleic acid for experimental use of directing anthrapyrazole intercalation
James M. Bradley, Kerry A. Bruns
Synthesis of farnesyl pyrophosphate analogs for affinity chromatography and photo labeling
Jordan J. Stracke, Mark D. Distefano, Juhua Xu
The effect of divalent cations (Mg2+, Zn2+, Mn2+, and Ca2+) on the hybridization efficiency of DNA
Joseph Buthker, Jennifer Nichols, Kumar Sinniah
The use of microfluidic devices for comprehensive multidimensional electrophoresis of fetal calf serum
Brandy C. Snowden, Hamed Shadpour, Malgorzata A. Witek, Steven A. Soper
Trapping of a nucleosomal DNA repair intermediate
Ken Loh, Karl A. Haushalter
tRNA identity elements for GatDE
Brett Martin, Kelly Sheppard, Lynn Sherrer, Dieter Soll
Using capillary electrophoresis to study the RNA-acting adenosine deaminase reaction
Juan E. Kusnir, Darren G. Stoub
Analysis of growth and activity of transformed Escherichia coli cells containing the Entamoeba histolytica enzyme EhADH2 by using metal ions and chelators to confirm the presence of an iron active center within the ADH domain
Melissa J. Roberto, Dr. Avelina Espinosa
Analysis of oxidized fatty acids by HPLC and GC
Amanda B. Ashton, Scott E. Pattison
Does gp96 form homooligomers in vivo?
Marcel Bartik, Kristi L. McQuade
Paper Withdrawn
Effect of trifluoroethanol on the structure and activity of calf intestinal alkaline phosphatase
Joshua L. Schwartz, Eva Csuhai
Evaluation of peroxidase activity in natural antioxidants
Merissa L. Scozio, Marietta F. Wright, Robert B. LaCount
Fate of creatine in the reaction with hypochlorous acid
Karin J. Brumback, Matthew R. Thomas, John C. DiCesare, Gordon H. Purser
Ion beam analysis of metalloprotein stoichiometry
Lindsay Ann Ellsworth, Joshua D. Warner, Matthew J. Rycenga, Lee M. Kiessel, Graham F. Peaslee, Paul A. DeYoung
Quantitative mass spectrometry of honey bee venom proteins
Jeffrey W. Kleinberger, Christina R. Ross, Lorraine M. Mulfinger
The purification of the ligand binding domain of the human Androgen Receptor and the analysis of binding of testosterone and mibolerone
Melissa N Wells
In vitro and in vivo interface studies with genetically incorporated p-benzoyl-L-phenylalanine
Ryan A. Mehl, Duy P. Nguyen
Attempted solid phase synthesis of truncated HIV-1 Nucleocapsid protein
Megan M Kelly
Covalent trapping of the hOGG1:nucleosomal DNA complex
Fang-Yuan Chang, Karl A. Haushalter
Effect of sucralose on invertase-catalyzed sucrose hydrolysis
Henry H. Tran, Paul W. Baures
Effects of Valeriana officinalis extracts on [3H]glutamate binding
Bianca A. Torres Hernánadez, Giselle González-Medina, Nairimer Berríos-Cartagena, José M. Cordero-Hernández, José G. Ortiz
Thermal stability of like RNA inter- and intramolecular triple helices
Eric Cantú, Jackie Miriti, Dr. Jason Holland
Biochemical analysis of microbial communitites from forest canopy soils of Gifford Pinchot National Forest
Elizabeth J Sloan
Cigarette smoke effects on the AKT pathway in normal human lung fibroblasts
Amanda E. Conway, Christine A. Martey-Ochola
Citric acid anhydrous disrupts corticosterone levels in Sprague-Dawley rats
Jamie L. Lasecki, Monika G. Baldridge
Determination of the postmortem interval by analysis of adipocere using gas chromatography
Olivia C. Langguth, Corey E. Stilts
Determining the organization and function of the serine chemoreceptor in Escherichia coli by incorporation of photocrosslinking amino acids site specifically
Ryan A. Mehl, John Weinstein
Development of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay incorporating the enzyme alcohol oxidase and the reporter peroxyfluor-1
Katherine A Leehy, Laura J Baumgartner, Katherine Olson
Experiment vs. computation: What does nature think of human designed proteins?
Elizabeth Repasky, Carie Fortenberry, Laura Mizoue, Brent Dorr, Jens Meiler
Site specific fluorinated unnatural amino acids in proteins probed by 19F NMR as a tool for probing protein conformational changes
Ryan A. Mehl, Jared T. Hammill
Structural and mechanistic characterization of a bacterial catalytic riboswitch
Juliane Soukup, Kevin Klawuhn
Structural and thermodynamic effects of halogen bonds in proteins
Ryan A. Mehl, Shigeki Miyake-Stoner
Studies of the mechanism of microwave-assisted fixation of tissues by formaldehyde
Maddy L. McCrea-Hendrick, Richard T. Giberson, Randy M. Miller, Chris Gaffney
Treating crown gall disease in miniature roses by photodynamic therapy
Virginia M. Paul, Corey E. Stilts
Comparison of pH values of two zwitterionic buffers, (DIPSO) and (MES), from 5 to 55°C
Jared L. Durden, Cole E. Denton, Sean R. LeNoue, Toshi Ghosh, Chandra N. Roy, Lakshmi N. Roy, Rabindra N. Roy
Cytotoxicity of functionalized hexagonal mesoporous silicates in IEC-18 and MDCK cells for their use as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug carriers
Daniel J Mayo, Melissa Zastrow, Isabelle L. Lagadic, Robin L. McCann
Directed evolution of bacteriorhodopsin for use in optical devices
Kristina N McCleary
Effect of organic solvents on alkaline phosphatase enzyme activity
Esti Dorfling, Gerald L. Seebach, Eva Csuhai
Effects of the genetic background of (Na+, K+)-ATPase, α-2 knockout mice on the distribution of α-2 and α-3 isoforms of this enzyme in the brain
Adrienne M. Baran, Natalie R. Meyer, Theresa M. Spranger, Jerry B. Lingrel, Amy E. Moseley, Mary Lou Caspers
Expression and purification of a yeast glutaminyl cyclase
Adriana Dantin, Jeffrey S. Temple
Importance of loop-loop contacts to guanine riboswitch genetic control
Juliane Soukup, Amy Werth
p107 Protein complexes in 3T3L1 preadipocyte differentiation
Grant Jackson, Sarah Hart, Remy Ngwanyam, Timothy E. Hayes
Role of an alternative processivity Clamp in DNA damage tolerance in E. coli
Michael J. Ordazzo, Penny J. Beuning
Structural characterization of the S-adenosylmethionine riboswitch
Juliane Soukup, Victoria Ward
Analysis of total protein in wild type and α2 (Na+ + K+)-ATPase heterozygous FVBN mouse brain sections
Ryan H Stevens
Characteristics of surface adsorption of leucine enkephalin on fused silica
Nicole M. Litzie, Meng-Chih Su, Jennifer Whiles Lillig
Paper Withdrawn
Increased S6K1 protein expression confers proliferative advantage and Rapamycin sensitivity to human mammary cancer cells
Nilly Brodt, Rachel L. Yamnik, John Blenis, Marina K. Holz
Stabilty of inter- and intramolecular RNA triple helices and loop size
Jackie K Miriti, Eric Cantu', Dr. Jason Holland
Characterization of chromatin remodeling proteins in Arabidopsis thaliana
Rebecca J. Burgess, Xiaohui Yang, Christopher A. Makaroff
Characterization of fathead minnow and frog aldehyde dehydrogenases (ALDHs) with regard to their role in metabolism of ethylene glycol ethers
Tsering Yanjon, Ian Penniston, Aaron Piotrowski, David Petersen, Timothy Schuh, Heiko Schoenfuss, Lakshmaiah Sreerama
Dermal accumulation of astaxanthin in the false percula anemonefish, Amphiprion ocellaris, under a diet of varying astaxanthin concentrations
Kevin G. Jackson, Loong Fat Ho, Harold F. Pomeroy, Stephen K. O'Shea
Developing a functional assay to study transport dysfunction across membranes
Christopher Shacklady
DNA's stability: Composition vs. sequence
Sarah A. Guigui, Donald Estes, Lea Blau
How many ways can you leave your DNA behind, and TWINS: Identical or fraternal?
Jessica M. Ludovici, Barbara E. Flowers
Hybridization of calf thymus DNA in 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride
Lameka L. Berry, Shameka D. Berry, Naomi F. Campbell
Novel tubulin interacting agents
Kyle Chastain, Maralea Gourley
Overexpression of serine carboxypeptidase II in a pET 32c vector
Lica Abu-Esba, Mary A. Kopecki-Fjetland
Quantifying RNA and DNA content in Gammarus minus
Stephanie M. Guida, Ruth Reed, Douglas Glazier
Paper Withdrawn
Synthesis and characterization of pyridine, pyrrole and anisole containing calixarenes
Monika Tincher, Andreas Gebauer
Analysis of tissue transglutaminase and apoptosis in human fibroblasts
Rebecca L. Wagner, Amanda J. Henry, Paul J. Birckbichler
Anaredoxin as a potential rubredoxin
Margarete Borck, Mary A. Kopecki-Fjetland
Capturing AlkA in action: X-ray crystallography of a glycosylase with unusually broad substrate specificity
Brian R. Bowman, Seongmin Lee, Shuyu Wang
Characterization of membrane lipid modification as a result of hyperglycemic induced oxidative stress in PC-12 cells
Kimberly Andrews, Matthew A. Fisher
Cloning and expression of a truncated metacaspase from Schizophyllum commune
Brian CH Gulack, Kristin M Fox
Enzymatic synthesis of dipeptides
Anne R. Szklarski, Dr. Palangpon Kongsaeree
Expression of adiponectin membrane receptor 1 in Sf9 cells
Shannon Kissinger, Lavonda Walker, Chasta L. Parker
Expression, purification, and characterization of two human aldehyde dehydrogenases (ALDH3A1 and ALDH9A1)
Rainer A Grant, Mohommad A Salad, Lakshmaiah Sreerama
Influence of pH and food matrix on protein adsorption by activated charcoal
Abigail Olena, Randall Kopper
Native polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis assessment of DNA bending upon diepoxybutane and epihalohydrin cross-linking
Erin E. McGowan, Julie T. Millard
Protease inhibition of oral bacteria S. mutans and A. actinomycetemcomitans by oil-soluble garlic compounds
Jennifer M. Uhrin, Matthew A. Fisher
Quantitative PCR suggests preferential nuclear DNA alkylation by epichlorohydrin in the chicken genome
Adam G. Newman, Frederick J. LaRiviere, Julie T. Millard
Quantity of sugars produced from switchgrass hydrolysis by variation of Thermobifida fusca enzyme mixture
Christopher J. Gillard, Joseph DeSantis, David E. Wolfgang
Regulation of cell cycle inhibitors by the SCFSkp2 E3 ubiquitin ligase
Tad D. Schoedel, Robert J. Sheaff
Segmental labeling of proteins via sortase enzyme: Human lysyl aminoacyl tRNA synthetase
Suchi Dave, Preeti Kaur, Jennifer M. Sapitro, Michael Howell, Pearl Tsang
Structural and mutation studies on the Rieske protein from Thermus thermophilus
Cara Froyd, Sarah Muellner, Ravi Pokhrel, Laura M. Hunsicker-Wang
Structure-function relationship of Glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase
Ashton Easterday, Natalie Keil, Ram Subramaniam
Copper chaperones from Thermus thermophilus: Toward a purification protocol for Sco1
Jennifer Robicheaux, Melanie Goebel, Laura M. Hunsicker-Wang
Determination of OMP expression in ciprofloxacin-resistant Salmonella enterica in varied ionic conditions
William T. Rundle, Matthew A. Fisher
Development of affinity chromatography reagents for purification of the class D β-lactamase OXA-1
Sarah Toman, David A. Leonard
Investigation of branch points of the biosynthetic pathway of rhodoquinone in Rhodospirillum rubrum via HPLC analysis
Lindsey A. Johnstone, Rory K. Morgan, Beth N. Marbois, Catherine F. Clarke, Jennifer N. Shepherd
Synthesis and comparison of a series of N-substituted isatin thiosemicarbazone and semicarbazone compounds
Becca Newhouse, Kyle Ford, Kelly Monteen, E. C. Lisic
A single molecule study of enzyme-inhibitor interactions
Sarah G. Kamper, Laura Porter-Peden, Kumar Sinniah
Paper Withdrawn
Applications of stable photoactivatable analogs for the study of farnesyl diphosphate utilizing enzymes
Marisa L. Hovlid, Olivier Henry, Juhua Xu, Mark D. Distefano
Biophysical study of RNA dimerization in hepatitis C virus
Patrick E. Lackey, Kailey A. Ruszkowksi, Mihaela Rita Mihailescu
Cellular localization of guanidinium peptide nucleic acid
Elizabeth A. Wiltrout, Danith H. Ly
Chemical interactions between peanut proteins and activated charcoal
Anna Anthony, Randall Kopper
Cloning, expression, and initial characterization of a K. pneumoniae enzyme involved in virulence
Christine Hall, Lauren Beuke, Amy E. Zercher, Jennifer L. DuBois
Cloning, purification and characterization of human aldehyde dehydrogenases ALDH5A1 and ALDH7A1 and their ability to catalyze detoxification of certain chemotherapeutics and environmental contaminants
Austin Arlo Pitcher, Todd J Hoffman, Lakshmaiah Sreerama
Conformational dynamics during termination of protein synthesis
Samuel H. Sternberg, Ruben L. Gonzalez Jr.
Detection and characterization of DNA distortion induced by cation-pi interactions
Mikaela Stewart
Differential regulation of Myosin II during cell spreading
Anna V. Shneidman, Ingrid Spielman, Benjamin J. Dubin-Thaler, Virginia Cornish, Michael P. Sheetz
Downregulation of cohesin protein SYN3 by RNAi in Arabidopsis thaliana
Kimberly Harris, Ling Jiang, Ming Xia, Christopher A. Makaroff
Effect of a C-terminal tail truncation in GroEL on protein folding
Matt R. Kastner, Scott Falke
Effect of the histone deacetylase (HDAC) inhibitor PXD101 on the human colon carcinoma cell line FET
Jessica K McArdle, Michael Brattain, Dr. Gillian Howell
Effects of 3-methyleneoxindole (MOI) on procyclic forms of Trypanosoma brucei: Possible mechanisms of drug toxicity
Brett R. Zografos, Patricia E. Mancini, Edward J. Brush
Effects of phosphorylation via cGMP dependent protein kinase on the MaxiK channel in wild type and beta-1 knockout arterial smooth muscle
Jonathan D. Bates, Guillermo J. Peréz, Ronald Bucciero
Elicitation of oxidative stress in vitro on the cytochrome bc1 complex of Rhodospirillum rubrum using rhodoquinone and other synthetic quinone species
Rory K. Morgan, Jonathan L. Cape, David M. Kramer, Jennifer N. Shepherd
Elucidation of the regulation of DNA damage response in Escherichia coli using two-hybrid analysis
Chaoyuan Kuang, Penny Beuning, Graham Walker
Epitope mapping anti-ADAMTS13 antibodies
Jennifer A. Thomson
Exploration of a GDP-specific aminotransferase
Ubisha Joshi, Noelle Beyer
Expression and purification of human arylamine N-acetyltransferase 2
Inesha Baker, Jason Hurlbert, Chasta L. Parker
Expression of a glycosyltransferase from Streptomyces nodosus
Amy Schoofs, Noelle Beyer
Fatty acid ethyl esters as biological markers for the diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Pei-Hsun Wei, Natalie McCormick, Victoria A. Hornik-Rosinski, Hyesook Kim, Elizabeth S. Roberts-Kirchhoff
Fluorescence quenching of Green Fluorescent Protein by various metal complexes and flavonoids: Calculation of quenching constants, excited lifetimes and intermolecular distances
Brandi L. Swartz, Deanna Snyder, Swarna Basu
Impact of cysteine carboxymethylation on n-propanol unfolding of yeast cytochrome c
Ken D. Clevenger, Sheetal A. Mistry, Geoffrey C. Hoops, Todd A. Hopkins
Interactions of p107 in 3T3-L1 preadipocyte differentiation
Sarah Hart, Grant Jackson, Remy Ngwanyam, Timothy E. Hayes
Investigating odorant signal attenuation in the cockroach Lucophae maderae
Amy E. Thurber, John Hofferberth
Investigation of abnormal cell cycle progression and cyclin expression in U138MG glioma cells
Ashley Baker-Ihde Popejoy, Lori A. Wetmore
Investigation of hydroxyethyl acrylate and hydroxyethyl methacrylate effects on membrane permeability in L929 mouse fibroblast cells
Leah Wahl, Lori A. Wetmore
Investigation of N-methyl-5H-benzocycloheptanaphthalene-5,12-imine induced cell toxicity
Andre Joseph Boustani, Robert J. Sheaff, John C. DiCesare
Investigation of the cholesterol content distribution within phospholipid bilayer vesicles using fluorescent analysis
Katherine E. Perko, Christopher P. Pennell, J. Coby Utter, Kiran Dharmala, Lori A. Wetmore, James E. Code, David M. Yourtee
Investigation of the effect of cholesterol content on phospholipid bilayer vesicle disruption by common amphipathic solvents
Christopher P. Pennell, Katherine E. Perko, J. Coby Utter, Kiran Dharmala, Lori A. Wetmore, James E. Code, David M. Yourtee
Investigation of the mechanism of inhibition of the dopamine transporter by modafinil
Amber L. Schuh, Jamie C. Wieting, Cynthia E. Ochsner, Jonathon S. Russel
Isolation and characterization of novel(bis)indole alkaloids from local marine sponges
Trianna R. McCall, Phoebe C. Pletcher, C. Michele Davis-McGibony
Isolation and characterization of proteins involved with biomineralization in silkworms (Bombyx mori)
Shane G. Dixon, Lon A. Porter Jr., Aaron J. Wyman
Kinetic characterization of Arylamine N-Acetyltransferase 2 using the substrates sulfamethazine and 5-aminosalicylic acid
Rachel Glazener, Inesha Baker, Jason Hurlbert, Chasta L. Parker
Mapping the interaction of the HIV-1 capsid protein and lysyl-tRNA synthetase using covalent cross-linking studies
Jeffrey A. Hubers, Brandie Kovaleski, Karin Musier-Forsyth
Mechanistic study of inosine monophosphate dehydrogenase
Sonja Braun-Sand, Desiree Anciaux, Angela Cook
Oxidative degradation of anilinic azo dyes by horseradish peroxidase
James Lokken, Heather Patnode, Marcia A. Miller-Rodeberg
Polypeptide collapse initiates the change in redox potential of Phe-82 iso-1-cytochrome c mutants
Benjamin A. Feinberg, Sean M. Seefeld, Dexuan Xie
Possible O-linked glycosylation of enamelin 23 kDa cleavage product
Matthew J. Love
Proteomic analysis of the mid/hindbrain of Pet-1 knockout mice
Joseph Daniel Schonhoft, Paul Der, Erin V. Gilbert, Michael Giammo, Eric M. Mintz, Soumitra Basu
Purification of cyclohexyl (CBZ-L-Ser-Bzl) phosphodiester: Precursor to a proposed phospholipid analog (PLA) of phosphatidylserine
Nicholas J. Amato, Judith C. Amburgey-Peters
Role of histidine-98 in the enzyme mechanism of methylglyoxal synthase in Escherichia coli
Tiffany M Emmer, Gregory Marks
Sensitivity of human breast adenocarcinoma cells to Ottelione A and its structural analogs and possible molecular basis for resistance to Ottelione A
Shanna L Scully, Shourjo Ghose, Sasha Marine, Kabirul Islam, Thomas R. Hoye, Goverdhan Mehta, Lakshmaiah Sreerama
Separation and isolation of metabolites of N-(4-hydroxyphenyl) retinamide (4-HPR) after incubation with Sprague-Dawley rat liver microsomes
Emily K. Malcolm, Melissa D. Kelley
Synthesis and purification of brominated ubiqinone pseudosubtrates for fluorescence studies of electron-transfer flavoprotein: Ubiquinone oxidoreductase (Etf:Qo)
Andrea K Furdek, Weston W Radford
Synthesis of ethylene glycol ether aldehydes and their enzymatic oxidation by human aldehyde dehydrogenases
Aaron D. Gross, Daniel D. Gregory, Lakshmaiah Sreerama
Synthesizing juglone with green chemistry
Hoan Vo, Noelle Beyer, Robert Eliason
Toward expanding the pool of GDP-activated sugars
Daren Scheppmann, Noelle Beyer
Understanding how the E3 ubiquitin ligase SCFSkp2 targets proteins for degradation
Ryan C. Hughes, Robert J. Sheaff
Water molecules interact site specifically with the conjugated pi systems of DNA bases
Tori O'Bannon, Garen Holman
Why not silicon? A comparative molecular mechanics and molecular modeling study of three important biological molecules
Jason C. Cooper, Maureen Kendrick Murphy
195Pt NMR analysis of non-DNA substrate binding sites to platinum complexes
Chad T. Roberge, Stephen K. O'Shea
Aggregation prevention of amyloid peptide using sugars
Jessica Gagnon, Matthew Preimesberger, Jeffery Schwehm
Comparative modeling of plasma membrane permease Git1p from Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Sophie Okolo, Jeffry D. Madura, Jana L. Patton-Vogt
Deacetylation levels on histones H3 and H4 by Sir2 and Hos1 in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Sarah E. McQuate, Christine M. Smith
Molecular interactions in binary phospholipid monolayers
Chia-Fang Chang
A mutation in vesicle-associated membrane protein 1 causes prewean lethality in the mouse lethal wasting mutant
J. K. Schwendinger, A. J. Sachs, N. B. Haider, A. M. Nystuen
Accurate potentiometric titrations of citric acid and molybdenum in aqueous solutions
Troy Greer, Yahia Z. Hamada
Amino acid and carbohydrate content of wine cup nectar and pollen
Leah Lawdermilk, Bonnie Amos, Nick Flynn
Analyzing post-transcriptional modifications in the t-RNA like structure (TLS) of the Brome mosaic virus (BMV)
Desmond Y. Adamu, C. Cheng Kao, K. Gopinath
Aqueous solution chemistry of Zn(II) and Cd(II) with L-DOPA
Cassietta Rogers, Yahia Z. Hamada
Binding of NCp7 protein with varied stem loops of the HIV-1 genome
Natalya Atlasevich, Michelle Ferguson, Dr. Bruce Hudson
Cloning and expression of a putative metacaspase from Schizophyllum commune
Melissa M. Fox, Kristin M Fox
Cloning, expression and purification of human adiponectin receptor AdipoR2
Zainab Ghadiyali, Chasta L. Parker
Dependence of DNA-protein cross-linking on guanine radical protonation state
Alina J. Estonactoc, Jonah-Lynne Padigus, Julianna Scala, Justine Danielle Ott, Amanda Madison, Eric D. A. Stemp
Derivatives of azure B and toluidine blue as potential photodynamic therapy agents
Boonhuat Chee, Jeffrey A. Kohlmeier, Michael V. Keck
Determination of critical micelle concentration for the fluorescent phospholipid 2-(6-(7-nitrobenz-2-oxa-1, 3-diazol-4-yl)amino)hexanoyl- 1-hexadecanoyl-sn-glycero-3-phosphocholine [NBD-C6-HPC] and its aggregation behavior with bile salts
Rebekah L. Baskin, Laura D. Frost
Determining binding of 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid to the fibroblast growth factor receptor 2b using computer modeling
Donald J Anton, Akash Khandelwal, Hilde E van Gijssel
Effect of cooking on the antioxidant level of cabbage
Whitney M. Vann, Janet R. Broughton, Gabriela C. Weaver
Functional reconstitution and 1H NMR study of recombinant peripheral cannabinoid receptor CB2
Steven D. Rhodes, Tomohiro Kimura, Alexei Yeliseev, Klaus Gawrisch
Gene expression studies of TRP ion channels implicated in cancer
Mimi Davis, Jennifer Frederick
Human lysyl aminoacyl tRNA synthetase and tRNA binding
Maura K Bates, R. Kennedy, K. Musier-Forsyth, M. Howell, P. Tsang, M. Marei
Multifaceted study of Glutamic acid with Cu(II) and Cr(III) metal ions in aqueous solutions
Herman Holeyfield, Yahia Z. Hamada
Regulation of the anthocyanin pathway in arabidopsis by MYB transcription factor PAP1
John M. Leavitt, Antonio Gonzalez, Alan M. Lloyd
RT-PCR experiments to explore TRP-like genes in non-mammals
Michelle McCabe, Jennifer Frederick
Solid state 31P and 2H NMR of membrane active peptides in bicelles
Nicholas Gleason, Denise Greathouse, Chris Mazzanti
Study of endocytosis between DNA and a cancer cell using laser tweezers
Joanna Askwith, Hanbin Mao
Thermosensitivity of liposomes of varying DPPC and DSPC lipid compositions
Kelly C. Peng, Lin Ai Tai
Utilizing photodynamic therapy to generate oxidative stress in C6 astrocytomas
Tan Sirivanta, Pamela Kerrigan, James Haley, Sarah Young, Joseph E. Bradshaw, Maria F. Roberto

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The 233rd ACS National Meeting, Chicago, IL, March 25-29, 2007