CHEDMonday, March 26, 2007

11:00 AM-1:00 PM Hyatt Regency Chicago -- Riverside Center, Poster
Undergraduate Research Poster Session: Polymer Chemistry
Organizers:Andrea T Bennett
Nancy Bakowski
Alkoxygermanes as possible calcareous stone consolidants and biocides
Gillian E. A. Rudd, Stace Miller, T. Ryan Metzger
An efficient method for the synthesis of nanoparticles with controlled morphology and functionality
Brittany E. Wertzberger, Mark A Latta, Stephen M Gross
Anionic synthesis and functionalization of poly(styryl)lithium with chlorodimethylsilane followed by hydrosilation with vinyltrimethoxysilane
Rebecca L. King, Roderic P. Quirk, Manuela Ocampo
Antimicrobial activity of cationic poly(ethylenimine)
Stephen A. Koplin, Shirley Lin, Tammy Domanski
Chitosan for application as an organic light-emitting diode
Aaron Adams, Rosalie A. Richards
Comparing absorption of superabsorbent polymers: Laboratory synthesized vs. industrially synthesized
Matthew K. Krepps, J. Charles A. Cope III
Diversion of brewery waste to polylactic acid
Maisha Kamunde, Joel B. Klabo, Joseph Greene, Randy M. Miller
Effect of copolyether-urethane-urea domain-matrix morphology on protein adsorption
Jessica Moseley, Bronwyn Bacon, Ryan D. Bonifield, Marianne Moore, Jade Rivera, Donald J. Lyman, Paula Schofield
Electrochemical synthesis and spectroscopic investigation of a polyaniline film for an undergraduate laboratory
Megan L Mekoli, Ted M. Pappenfus, David L Hermanson
Hydroxypropyltrimethylammonium-xylan adsorption studies onto model surfaces via surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy
Daniel A. Drazenovich, Abdulaziz Kaya, Wolfgang G. Glasser, Katrin Schwikal, Thomas Heinze, Alan R. Esker
Incorporation of alkynes into block copolymers for "click" cross-linking and BODIPY dye attachment
Justin A. Caramiciu, Katherine B. Aubrecht, Jennifer Robert
Investigation of poly(3-hexylthiophene) as an undergraduate lab experiment
David L Hermanson, Megan L Mekoli, Jacob H. Melby, Ted M. Pappenfus
Investigations of polymer coatings for armor protection
Craig A. Tieman, Maria J. Schroeder
Laser line deflection to determine the diffusive behavior of methyl methacrylate and poly(methyl methacrylate) for use in isothermal frontal polymerization models
John R. McPherson, Joshua S. Hanna, Lydia L. Lewis
Macromolecular release from thermoresponsive cationic hydrogels
Linda M. Guiney, Nolan T. Flynn
Macromolecular release using thermoresponsive anionic hydrogels
Koko Takatori, Nolan T. Flynn
Marine anti-fouling: N-Isopropylacrylamide-based polymers on metal surfaces
Mimosa S. Burr, Nolan T. Flynn
Modification of montmorillonite clays using quaternary ammonium salts
Sarah A. Sullivan, Larry A. Scheich
Novel ionic liquid electrolyte materials for dye-sensitized solar cells
Elizabeth S Sterner, Stephen M Gross
Photocurable polymers through the Diels-Alder trapping of photochemically generated enols
Rudy James Wojtecki, Daniel S. Tyson, Faysal Ilhan, Daniel A. Scheiman, Michael A. Meador
Plasma surface modification of POSS-MA films on Ta-coated Si wafers
Ashley J. Figueiredo, Brian H. Augustine, Wm. Christopher Hughes, Katherine A. Zimmerman, Charles C. Chusuei
Polymerization reactions from emulsions
Bunkosal Chhun, Daniel Franke
Preparation of new materials through the inclusion of polyoxometalate anions within a copolymer matrix
Marcus A Kramer, Megan L Nagel, Wade A. Neiwert
Rain repellant interferance with automotive glass filler adhesion
Joelle M. Wells, Dr. Martha Joseph
Sensor-coatings for the detection and removal of surface-borne lead and americium contaminants
H. Neil Gray, LaTerrica Williams
Surface modification of gold with linear N-isoproplyacrylamide-based polymers
Danielle D. Draper, Nolan T. Flynn
Synthesis and characterization of a new class of glycopolymer MRI contrast agents
Michael W. Robinson, Theresa M. Reineke, Christopher G. Gulgas, Robie L. Lucas
Synthesis and characterization of copolymers consisting of poly(l-lactide) and poly(propylene glycol)
Aron Yelensky Goodner, Mikako Lin Gillespie, Amber Jones, Paula Schofield
Synthesis and characterization of resorcinarene-core polylactide star polymers with cleavable arms
Beverly A. Goudy, Ray D. Dria, Perry S. Corbin
Synthesis and copolymerization of 2-cyano-1-oxo-3-halophenyl–2-propenyl ethyl urethanes with styrene
S. Behbahani, A. Lorenz, N. Fliman, A. Reznick, V. Salcedo, B. Shepherd, S. Skucha, T. Taylor, N. Du, C. Dittmann, S. Morris, J. Drandakis, GB. Kharas
Synthesis and copolymerization of di- and trialkoxyphenyl-substituted 2-cyano-1-oxo-3-phenyl–2-propenyl ethyl urethanes and styrene
S. Russell, T. Couty, V. V. Horin, S. Begani, B. A. Jerke, C. May, K. Takao, M. Dimarco, F. Villasenor, A. Walton, M. Huang, O. Husseini, C. Montemagni, G. B. Kharas
Synthesis and copolymerization of dialkyl and dialkoxyphenyl-substituted 2-cyano-1-oxo-3-phenyl–2-propenyl ethyl urethanes with styrene
T. Rose, S. Behbahani, N. Bertrand, S. Blank, T. Beckwith, M. L. Boor, M. Davis, A. Stitch, D. Hans, K. Marhaver, N. Martinez, G. B. Kharas
Synthesis and copolymerization of dihalogen phenyl-substituted 2-cyano-1-oxo-3-phenyl–2-propenyl ethyl urethanes
J. Crespo, J. A. Hsieh, J. Ippolito, J. Juares, S. Kennedy, E. Lesser, R. Tungekar, G. B. Kharas
Synthesis and copolymerization of some phenyl-substituted 2-cyano-1-oxo-3-phenyl–2-propenyl ethyl urethanes and styrene
M. Damiano, K. Davis, E. Gibbons, K. Debaene, M. Zuniga, K. Monroe, A. Opalka, T. Rose, G. B. Kharas
Synthesis and direct fluorination of dendritic monomers
Lindsay A. Read, Kyle W. Felling
Synthesis and properties of metallated porphyrins immobilized in a sol-gel matrix
Daniel E McCall, David Nguyen, Patrick Simon, Richard Warren, Catrena H. Lisse, Rosalie A. Richards
Synthesis and study of calixarene-core polylactide star polymers and related amphiphilic block copolymers
Ray D. Dria, Beverly A. Goudy, Perry S. Corbin
Synthesis of "ideal" bipyridyl cross-linked poly(dimethylsiloxane) elastomeric networks
Matthew Ryan Kincer, Alexander D. Schwab
Synthesis of a partially fluorinated aromatic polymer by Suzuki polycondensation
Robert W. Kopitzke, Eric R. Anderson
Synthesis of a phosphine oxide terminated dendrimer
Sunzida Ferdous, Robert W. Kopitzke
Synthesis of a sulfonated monomer to be polymerized into PEM electrolytes for use in fuel cells
Grace K. Mbogo, Robert W. Kopitzke
Synthesis of monomers for radical ring opening polymerization
Truong Vo, Katherine B. Aubrecht
Synthesis of polyarylethers using CF2 as an activating group
Ross S. Haroldson, Robert W. Kopitzke
Synthesis of polybenzoxazole foam
Robert P. Smart, Kevin D. Conkel, Brandi Murrell, Lauren Sanford, Anthony F. Schultz
The effects of annealing on the morphology and color tunability of the luminescent polymer layer of polymer light-emitting diodes
Alison L. Crotti, John C Kuruc
The solubility and conductivity of lithium salts in ionic liquid mixtures
John L Hamilton, Stephen M Gross
Toward soy-based dental composite materials
Valerie E. Kokai, Helen M Boylan
Tri-block biodegradable polymers for drug delivery applications
Beth A Muszynski, Somnath Singh, Stephen M Gross
Urea and guanidinium-containing supramolecular polymers
Hamza H. Musa, Alshakim Nelson, Nsoki Phambu
Jordan C. Holloway, Cheryl D. Stevenson

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The 233rd ACS National Meeting, Chicago, IL, March 25-29, 2007