CHEDSunday, March 25, 2007

8:30 AM-11:35 AM McCormick Place North -- Room N231, Level 2, Oral
Process-Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning (POGIL)
Organizer:Richard S. Moog
Organizer, Presiding:Alexsa Silva
8:30 AMIntroductory Remarks
8:35 AMPOGIL and the POGIL Project
Richard S. Moog
8:55 AMWhat does a typical implementation of POGIL look like?
James N. Spencer, Richard S. Moog
9:15 AMPOGIL in the laboratory
Frank J. Creegan
9:35 AMIntermission
9:45 AMPOGIL and the large class: Strategies and results
Suzanne M. Ruder
10:05 AMPOGIL activities in an organic and biochemistry course
Colleen Conway
10:25 AMGuided inquiry: Intermolecular forces using manipulatives and molecular modeling
Elizabeth M. Howson, Diane Krone
10:45 AMIntermission
10:55 AMLessons learned from 10 years of POGILing
Martin D. Perry Jr.
11:15 AMPanel Discussion

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The 233rd ACS National Meeting, Chicago, IL, March 25-29, 2007