PHYSWednesday, March 28, 2007

7:30 PM-10:00 PM Hyatt Regency Chicago -- Riverside Center, Poster
General Posters
Experiment: Spectroscopy and Imaging, Interfaces, Condensed Matter, Kinetics
Organizer:Gregory A. Voth
Adsorption behavior of HtBDC on Cu(100)
Catherine Skibo, Reto Schlittler, James K. Gimzewski
Amine ligand exchange kinetics of cadmium selenide semiconductor nanocrystals
Christina G Handford, Jason Thessing, Xiaogang Peng
ANNs optimization of preparation condition of LB high temperature shift catalyst under lower steam to gas ratio
Wei Lingchao, Wang Fuan
Application of microsphere templating to create porous optical fiber claddings for crossed-fiber sensor arrays
Paul E Henning, M. Veronica Rigo, Peter Geissinger
Paper Withdrawn
Circular dichroism laser mass spectrometry of 3-methylcyclopentanone
Alexander Bornschlegl, Ulrich Boesl
CO2 primary gas mixtures: gravimetric preparation and verification by internal consistency
Jee-Yon Lee, Jin Bok Lee, Dong Min Moon, Hee-Soo Yoo, Jin Seog Kim
Comparative study of the photochemical reaction of cyclohexane and cyclohexene with chromyl chloride and ozone
Michael D. Hoops, Bruce S. Ault
Comprehensive study of the kinetics and mechanisms of the oxidation of thiourea and its metabolites by oxychlorine species
Reuben H Simoyi, Edward Chikwana, Moshood K Morakinyo, Adenike Otoikhian, Bice S Martincigh
Computational and spectroscopic investigation of 7-azaindole: Solvation and intermolecular interactions
Michael Z Kamrath, Krista M Cruse, Nathan R Erickson, Jonathan M. Smith
Continuous wave cavity ringdown spectroscopy (CW-CRDS) of C60 in the mid-IR at 8.5μm using a quantum cascade laser and a slit-jet expansion source
Brian E. Brumfield, Susanna L. Widicus Weaver, Scott S. Howard, Claire F. Gmachl, Benjamin J. McCall
Continuous-wave cavity ringdown spectroscopy of molecular ions in a fast ion beam
Susanna L. Widicus Weaver, Andrew A. Mills, Benjamin J. McCall
Cyclophanes as a means for removal of PAHs from solution
Thandi Buthelezi
Design and characterization of cyanoaza heterocycles for use as n-type organic semiconductors materials
Joseph Gallegos, Paul G. Rasmussen, Anthony H. Francis
Detection of hydroperoxy and compound I species in the oxidative reactions of myoglobin
Hector D. Arbelo, Juan Lopez-Garriga
Determination of 222 cryptand-ion binding selectivities with DFT Methods, NMR spectroscopy, and X-ray crystallography
Joe W. Su, Ronald R. Burnette
Development of 3,5-dimethyljulolidine as a conformationally-restricted donor in electron donor-acceptor systems
Sarah M. Mickley, Boiko Cohen, Amy M. Vega, Michael R. Wasielewski
Effect of the Gouy phase on the coherent control of the ionization and dissociation of molecules
Vishal J. Barge, Zhan Hu, Robert J. Gordon
Electron hopping in multi-chromophore systems studied by ENDOR spectroscopy
Thea M. Wilson, Michael J. Tauber, Jovan M. Giaimo, Michael R. Wasielewski
Electronic spectrum of tantalum hydride
Thomas D. Varberg, Tyson Vervoort, Kara J. Manke
Energy and electron transfer from an organic free radical
Emilie M. Schierloh, Boiko Cohen, Michael R. Wasielewski
Energy levels of oligothiophenes in the higher excited triplet states
Yosuke Oseki, Mamoru Fujitsuka, Masanori Sakamoto, Xichen Cai, Tetsuro Majima
Excited-state double proton transfer for 11-propyl- 6H- indolo [2, 3-b] quinoline in dimer, hetero-dimmer with 7-azaindole and in protic solvents
Pi Tai Chou, Mei-Lin Ho
Excited-state triple proton relay in the cyclic complexes of 7-hydroxyquinoline-(alcohol)2
Oh-Hoon Kwon, Young-Shin Lee, Sun Young Park, Du-Jeon Jang
Exploring nucleotide-cation interactions at various conditions
Zhiyan Song, Jemeral Eady, Rashanna Sutton, Artez Sims
Femtosecond laser photodisruption of the trabecular meshwork as a possible treatment for glaucoma
Tana Elizabeth Witt, Yaoming Liu, Robert J Gordon, Hiroshi Nakamura, Deepak Edward
Fluorine NMR investigation of the aminofluorene-induced conformational heterogeneity in translesion synthesis
Fengting Liang, Bongsup Cho
Hydrophobic size effects measured by single molecule force spectroscopy
Chad Ray, Jason R. Brown, Boris B. Akhremitchev
Imaging of surface-enhanced raman scattering "hotspots" by the photochemical reduction of a self-assembled monolayer
Matthew A. Young, Richard P. Van Duyne
Indirect anodic oxidation of 2-methylnaphthalene to 2-methylnaphthoquinone-1,4
Song Chengying, Liu Zhisheng, Wang Liucheng, Zhao Jianhong, Zhao Mingxing
Infrared absorption spectroscopy of the 14N2+ Meinel system 2-1 band
Bogdan Negru, Michael Wiczer, Susanna L. Widicus Weaver, Joshua P. DiGangi, Brian A. Tom, Benjamin J. McCall
Infrared scattering and absorption characteristics of multi-component aerosols
Shannon M. McGinty, Geralyn Dickey, Richard F. Niedziela
Inter- and intramolecular forces in deuterofluorocarbons
Daniel L. M. Suess, Geoff P. O'Donoghue, David P. Richardson, John W. Thoman Jr.
Intercalations of organic molecules into organic solids
Rachel A. Hickerson, Alicia Beatty
Interfacial structure and dynamics in organic photovoltaics: From solar cells to single molecules
Michael L. Blumenfeld, Jason M. Tyler, Oliver L. A. Monti
Investigating the effect of zwitterions on the cybotactic region of polar cosolvent molecules in scCO2
Steven G. Mayer, Justin D. Heser, Scott F. Knackstedt, Gina M. Portillo, Jacqueline M. Siegel
Investigation of the interaction between polyoxometalates and oxide surfaces
Jennifer Bean, Justin Valenstein, Kristina Pontarelli, Craig M. Teague
Investigation of the intermolecular interactions of HCFC-21 and HCFC-22 with OCS and CO2 by microwave spectroscopy and ab initio calculations
Rebecca A. Peebles, Amanda L. Steber
Investigation of the silk of the common Chilean tarantula, Grammostola rosea, using solid state NMR spectroscopy
Michael F. Cuddy II, Troy Link, Barbara A Lawrence
Paper Withdrawn
Investigations of non-polar interactions in the antifreeze activity of random alanine/lysine polypeptides
A. Wierzbicki, Charles A. Knight, Paul A. Cziko
Ion calorimetry: Using mass spectrometry to measure melting points
Colleen M. Neal, Baopeng Cao, Martin F. Jarrold
Ions at the air/water interface: Inhibition or enhancement of neutral solute adsorption?
Kelly A. Lawrence, Carmen L. Huffman
Kinetic law in direct electrosynthesis process of chromium trioxide from sodium chromate
Chengwei Li, Tao Qi, Fu'an Wang, Yi Zhang, Gensheng Chen, Peng Zhang
Laser amplification materials by developing hybrid glasses doped with (Erbium-ions/CdSe) nanoparticles
Kyung M. Choi
Laser-induced phosphorescence and cavity Ringdown spectroscopy for real time in situ detection of glyoxal at atmospherically relevant concentrations
Andrew J. Huisman, John R. Hottle, Melissa M Galloway, Frank N Keutsch
Leucyl-tRNA synthetase protein domain tethers differentially impact chemical activities
Anjali P. Mascarenhas, Susan A Martinis
Localized surface plasmon resonance modifications by dipole coupling in 2-D silver nanoparticle arrays
Jiha Sung, Erin C. McLellan, Richard P. Van Duyne, Kenneth G. Spears
Localized surface plasmon resonance study of Rhodamine 6G on noble metal surface
Jing Zhao, Lasse Jensen, George C. Schatz, Richard P. Van Duyne
Maxwell-Boltzman statistics applied to the temperature dependent ro-vibrational spectra of HCl/DCl
Jacqueline M. Siegel, Gina M. Portillo, Steven G. Mayer
Measurement and correlation of solubilities for six sulfonamides in water from (298.15 to 333.15) K
Zhang Congliang, Wang Yan, Wang Fuan
Mechanism for the ablation of Si<111> with pairs of ultrashort laser pulses
Sima Singha, Zhan Hu, Yaoming Liu, Robert J. Gordon
Molecular dynamics of bridge molecules in covalently bound donor-bridge-acceptor (D-B-A) systems
Annie Butler, Zachary E. X. Dance, Jenny V. Lockard, Amy M. Vega, Michael R. Wasielewski
Multi cyclic electrochemical alloying/dealloying approach to uniform nanoporous gold film
FaLong Jia, LiZhi Zhang
Multilayer assemblies for light energy conversion
Mohamad Hojeij, Nicolas Eugster, Bin Su, Hubert H Girault
Non-exponential relaxations of poly(cyclohexyl acrylate): Comparison of single-molecule and ensemble fluorescence studies
Chia-Yin Joyce Wei, David A. Vanden Bout
Nonphotochemical laser induced nucleation from a supercooled thermotropic liquid crystal
Xiaoying Sun, Bruce A. Garetz, Michele Moreira, Peter Palffy-Muhoray
Oriented growth of pentacene films on self-assembled monolayer-modified silicon oxide surfaces
Wei-Shan Hu, Yu-Tai Tao, Hsien-Hau Wang
Oxidation of a dimethylthiourea metabolite by iodine and acidified iodate: N, N'-dimethylaminoiminomethanesulfinic acid
Reuben H. Simoyi, Adenike Otoikhian, Jeffrey L. Petersen
Oxyhalogen-sulfur chemistry: Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of n-acetylthiourea by chlorine and chlorine dioxide
Reuben H. Simoyi, Olufunke Olagunju, Rotimi O. Olojo, Paul D. Siegel
Perylene diimide cyclophanes as models for charge transfer through π stacks
Josh Vura-Weis, Mark A. Ratner, Michael R. Wasielewski
Phase transition of adsorbed film of 1-tetradecanol at perfluorohexane/water interface
Kaoru Kashimoto, Hiroki Matsubara, Makoto Aratono, Takanori Takiue
Photochemical inhibition of the enzyme histidase by PUVA therapy
John T Reilly, Kyle Troester
Photodissociation dynamics of 1,2-dibromoethane at 234nm and 267nm by means of ion velocity imaging
Jamila R. Greene, Xueliang Yang, Jianhua Huang, William M. Jackson, Joseph S. Francisco
Photodissociation dynamics of hydrated adenine cluster cations
Hye Sun Park, Sang Hwan Nam, Jae Kyu Song, Seol Ryu, Seung Min Park
Photophysical properties of novel carbaporphyrins
Jakoah Brgoch, David L. Cedeņo
Pi-stacked nanostructures bearing charge-separating triads with long-lived radical pair states
Joseph Bullock, Richard F. Kelley, Bioko Cohen, Michael R. Wasielewski
Piping hot research: Construction of an acoustic array
Odinaka M. Ezeokoli, Amy Turns, Dr. KC. McGill
Plasmonic properties of copper nanoparticles fabricated by nanosphere lithography
George H. Chan, Jing Zhao, George C. Schatz, Richard P. Van Duyne
Protein-mediated DNA charge transport in a nucleosome core particle
William B Davis, Chad C Bjorklund
Quantum dot-based energy transfer to photodynamic therapy agents
Smita Dayal, Nancy L Oleinick, Malcolm E. Kenney, Clemens Burda
Raft domain coupling in planar model membranes
Sumit Garg, Juergen Ruehe, Karin Luetke, Rainer Jordan, Christoph A Naumann
Reactions of [VOX(CH3CN)n]+ with H2O and O2
Carol A. Deakyne, Haunani M. Thomas, Christopher M. Leavitt, Michael J. Van Stipdonk
Single molecule fluorescence activation, enhancement and decay in CdSe quantum dots: A warning from the nanoworld to the life sciences
Steve F. Lee, Mark A. Osborne
Single-molecule fluorescence imaging of the remote TiO2 photocatalytic reaction
Takashi Tachikawa, Kazuya Naito, Mamoru Fujitsuka, Tetsuro Majima
Solvation dynamics of chiral and achiral anthracene derivatives
Nicole M. Dickson, Terry L. Gustafson
Solvation of carboxylic acids at the organic-water interface studied by vibrational sum frequency spectroscopy
Daniel K. Beaman, Geraldine L. Richmond
Solvent dependence of tris(2,2'-bipyridyl) dichloro-ruthenium(II) hexahydrate luminescence
R. Aaron Vogt
Solvent effects on dye structure and electron transport properties in semiconducting nanocrystalline TiO2
Jonathan A. Downing, Dongshe Zhang, Jeanne L. McHale
Spectroscopic investigation of ternary CTAB reverse micelles in cyclohexane: Initial insights into the dynamics of water in these confined environments
Kelly A Fransted, Caragh T Cooper, Bryce S. Lynn, Bridget L. Gourley
Spectroscopy and femtosecond dynamics of excited-state proton coupled charge transfer reaction
Yi-Ming Cheng
Structural changes of alkanethiol self-assembled monolayers from gas-phase collisions
Natalie A. Kautz, Daniel P. Fogarty, S. Alex Kandel
Structure of a 1,2-dichloroethane(BTPPATPFB)/water(NaCl) interface
Jaesung Yoon, Binyang Hou, Guangming Luo, Chiu-Hao Chen, Nouamane Laanait, Binhua Lin, Petr Vanysek, Mark L. Schlossman
Study of changes in the green band of polyfluorene emission spectrum using single molecule technique
Yeon Ho Kim, David A. Vanden Bout
Study on green electrosynthesis of chromium trioxide from potassium dichromate and removal of contaminants in membrane
Chengwei Li, Tao Qi, Fu'an Wang, Yi Zhang, Gensheng Chen
Synthesis and crystal structure of dehydrated sodium zeolite Y (FAU), |Na71|[Si121Al71O384]-FAU
Sung Man Seo, Ghyung Hwa Kim, Young Hun Kim, Jeong Jin Kim, Seong Oon Ko, Oh Seuk Lee, Woo Taik Lim
Synthesis and crystal structure of PbI2 in the sodalite cavities of zeolite A (LTA)
Ghyung Hwa Kim, Heung Soo Lee, Sung Man Seo, Yun Jung Choi, Sik Young Choi, Woo Taik Lim
Synthesis and crystal structure of ZnI2 in the sodalite cavities of zeolite A (LTA)
Sung Man Seo, Ghyung Hwa Kim, Heung Soo Lee, Jong Ha Choi, Woo Taik Lim
Synthesis of solid super acid catalyst TiO2/SO42- using to ploydimethylsiloxane
Jianhong Zhao, Zhao Mingxing, Liucheng Wang, Chengying Song, Liu Zhisheng
Temperature and pressure dependence of the light and heavy water ultraviolet absorption band edge
Timothy W. Marin
Temperature dependent magnetic field effects on charge recombination of a new p-oligophenyl-linked donor-bridge-acceptor system
Amy M. Vega, Michael J. Ahrens, Michael R. Wasielewski
Templated vesicles as optical nanosensors
Ipsita A Banerjee, Marsiyana Henricus
The mechanism of radiationless deactivation in unsymmetric rhodamine dyes: Influence of two different electron donating groups
Xiangzhi Song, James W Foley
Thermodynamic properties of cyclophane-anthracene systems
Thandi Buthelezi, Kayla Milner, Christopher Davies
Thermodynamic studies of Congo red and thioflavin T dye binding to insulin amyloid fibrils using isothermal titration calorimetry
Catherine C. Kitts, David A. Vanden Bout
Toward understanding Hofmeister effects: Partitioning of ions between bulk aqueous solution and biopolymer surface
Laurel M. Pegram, M. Thomas Record Jr.
Triplet excited states of cyclic enones characterized by vibronically resolved laser spectroscopy
Laura M. Hoffelt, Mitchell G. Springer, Stephen Drucker
Unimolecular dissociation and photodissociation dynamics of aniline+-(water)n (n=1-16) cluster cations
Sang Hwan Nam, Hye Sun Park, Jae Kyu Song, Seung Min Park
X-ray reflectivity study of lipid monolayers at the electrified 1,2-dichloroethane/water interface
Binyang Hou, Jaesung Yoon, Chiu-Hao Chen, Nouamane Laanait, Binhua Lin, Petr Vanysek, Mark L. Schlossman

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