COLLMonday, March 26, 2007

6:00 PM-8:00 PM Sheraton Chicago -- River Exhibit Hall, Poster
Fundamental Research in Colloid and Surface Chemistry
Organizer:Ramanathan Nagarajan
Polymer-micelle complex as an aid to electrospinning nanofibers from aqueous solutions
Ramanathan Nagarajan, Christopher Drew, Charlene M. Mello
Cell-penetrating quantum dots based on multivalent and endosomolytic surface coatings
Hongwei Duan, Shuming Nie
Highly selective anthrax sniffer for homeland security and public safety
Yanxiu Zhou, Kalle M. Levon
Paper Withdrawn
Microfluidic platforms for membrane protein crystallization
Sarah L. Perry, Griffin Roberts, Joshua Tice, Paul J. A. Kenis
Real time qualitative and quantitative evaluations of the adsorbed Concanavalin A layer on polymeric and functionalized surfaces
J. Dong, Ela Mielczarski, J. Rybka, Jerzy A. Mielczarski
2-D Molecular imprinting of proteins via polymer brush approach
Olha Hoy, Bogdan Zdyrko, Igor Luzinov
3-Dim. growth of well-ordered cubic (RSiO1.5)8 silsesquioxane powders from 0-dim. nanosized spherical particles
Chan Yoon Jung, Chang Gyoun Kim, Sang Man Koo
A branched hybrid: Inducing fatty acid nanorods from nanoparticles
Ruomiao Wang, Indika U. Arachchige, Stephanie L. Brock
A comparison of cholesterol and 7-ketocholesterol's packing behavior in phospholipid monolayers at the air-water interface
Laura Burkemper, Alexa B. Serfis
A novel method in the investigation of the interaction of Glutathione and Glutathione-S-transferase with surface plasmon resonance
Lihua Chen
A study of interactions between blood composition and heparinized polyethersulfone biomembrane surfaces: Characteristics of protein adsorption and platelet adhesion
Limin Yang, Changjun Hou, Dongni Zhan, Quan Yuan
Adlayer structure and copper deposition of a Au(111) electrode modified by bis(3-sulfopropyl) disfulride and mercaptopropylsulfonic acid
Teng-Yuan Cheng, Yaw-Chia Yang, Wei-Ping Dow, Yuh-Lang Lee
Adsorption of nitrogen oxide on immersion modified activated carbon fiber felt
Xiaofeng Song Sr., Ce Wang
Adsorption of polyelectrolyte single molecules vs. surface charge: Intact AFM study under liquid
Yuri Roiter, Sergiy Minko
Adsorption studies of cytochrome c to a silica nanoparticle surface
Carrie Ann Hedge, Todd A Hopkins, Geoffrey C. Hoops, Meng-Chih Su
An oil in surfactant emulsion and waterless emulsions
Abeer Al Bawab
Analysis of colloid nanoparticle suspensions via acoustic method
Bair B. Damdinov, Tuyana S. Dembelova, Badma B. Badmaev
Analysis of the effect of nonpolar lipids on the milk fat globule membrane
Charles R. Cabral, Peter J. Krommenhoek, Derek E. Gragson, John P. Hagen III, Rafael Jimenez-Flores
Barcoded nanowires: Surface chemistry for pathogen detection
Sarah E. Brunker, Christine D. Keating
Cellular uptake of neutral, anionic, cationic, and targeted PRINT hydrogel nanoparticles
Patrick D. Pohlhaus, Stephanie E. A. Gratton, Joseph M. DeSimone
Characterization of alkyne-functionalized silicon surfaces
Katherine E. Plass, Patrick T. Hurley, E. Joseph Nemanick, Bruce B. Brunschwig, Nathan S. Lewis
Characterization of Langmuir monolayers of phospolipids and oxysterol
Jennifer Fraser, Alexa Serfis
Charge effects on gold nanoparticle-based drug delivery
Gang Han, Byoung-jin Kim, Apiwat Chompoosor, Neil S. Forbes, Vincent Rotello
Chemically modified AFM tips for distinguishing nanoscale drug and block copolymer domains in biomedical coatings
Jinping Dong, Greg D. Haugstad
Click chemistry as an efficient method for chemoselective modification of tobacco mosaic virus
Michael A. Bruckman, Gagandeep Kaur, Maisie Joralemon, Todd Emrick, Qian Wang
Clouding feature for water + betaine + poly(ethylene glycol) + Salt) quaternary mixtures
Xiaoyan You, Wei Qin, Yuwen Ding, Youyuan Dai
CO adsorption on hydrated Ru catalysts
Kathryn A. Layman, Diana Gottschalk, Erin A. Hinson, Neil Wood
Complexation of fullerenes on a pentacene-modified Au(111) surface
Yaw-Chia Yang, Yuh-Lang Lee
Conducting probe atomic force microscopy measurements of 1, 4 phenyldiisocyanide based molecular wires
Zeeshan Habeeb, Jorge A Boscoboinik, Tasneem A Siddiquee, Dennis W. Bennett, Wilfred T. Tysoe
Controlled nanoparticle assemblies for modulating optical and magnetic properties
Sudhanshu Srivastava, Ayush Verma, Benjamin L. Frankamp, Vincent M. Rotello
Critical brush density and critical salt concentration for polyelectrolyte brush at the air/water interface
Hideki Matsuoka, Ploysai Kaewsaiha, Yoshiko Suetomi, Tasuku Yamada
Crown-ether films as sensors for ions in solution
Lesley E. Russell, Anne A. Galyean, Michael C Leopold
Delivery of proteins to a protein-patterned surface
Dengli Qiu, Rong Wang
Density functional theory calculations for the hydrogen evolution reaction in an electrochemical double layer on the Pt(111) electrode
Egill Skúlason, Gustav Karlberg, Jan Rossmeisl, Thomas Bligaard, Jeffrey P. Greeley, Hannes Jónsson, Jens K. Nørskov
Deposition and aggregation of aspirin on lipid bilayer
Hitesh Handa, Guangzhao Mao, Helmuth Möhwald
Design and fabrication of size-tunable porous electrode nanoarchitectures for energy storage
Amanda J. Barrow, Justin C. Lytle, Alex N. Capecelatro, Anne E. Fischer, Jeffrey W. Long, Debra R. Rolison
Determination of the structures and protonation states of surface phosphate complexes formed on aluminum oxides from their characteristic adsorption behaviors
Xiao Huang, Gregory D. Foster, Robert V. Honeychuck, John A. Schriefels
Developing chemically modified electrodes for bioelectrocatalysis
Michelle Watt, Shelley D. Minteer
Development of microemulsion templates for formation of metal microstructures
Renee L. Woo, Jason Manning, Brenda O'Neal, Leigh MacKenzie, Roger Campbell, Martin G. Bakker
Effect of drug solubilized in a novel cubic nanostructure
Rivka Efrat, Abraham Aserin, Deborah E. Shalev, Roy E. Hoffman, Nissim Garti
Effect of potassium perfluorooctanesulfonate, perfluorooctanoate and octanesulfonate on the phase transition of dipalmitoylphosphatidylcholine (DPPC) bilayers
Wei Xie, Hans-Joachim Lehmler
Effects of additives on the behaviors of viscoelastic surfactant systems
Shaohua Lu, Zhenqiang Wei, P. Somasundaran
Electrochemical and optical spectroscopic characterization of two-component self-assembled monolayers on gold surfaces
Huiqing Liu, Tamer Ugur, Curtis Shannon
Electrochemical DNA biosensor arrays using functionalized polystyrene films
Madeline Díaz-Serrano, Kennett Rivero-Rodríguez, Arelys Rosado-Gómez, Esther Vega-Bermúdez, Ana R. Guadalupe
Electron transport in gold nanoparticle films investigated by scanning electrochemical microscopy
Violeta Stoycheva, Dongil Lee
Encapsulation using hybrid nanoparticle-bionanoparticle assemblies
Ravisubhash Tangirala, Yunxia Hu, Maisie Joralemon, Thomas P. Russell, Todd Emrick
Engineering structure and function of polymeric nanocomposites
Hao Xu, Yuval Ofir, Tongxiang Lu, Vincent M Rotello
Enzymatically synthesized polyaniline and polypyrrole colloids: An XPS, FTIR, and TEM study
Rodolfo Cruz-Silva, M. E. Nicho, Jorge Romero-Garcia, Selene Sepulveda-Guzman, F. F. Castillon, M. H. Farias
Fabrication and design of multifunctional nanoparticles
Warefta Hasan, Jeunghoon Lee, Teri W. Odom
Facile fabrication of polymeric nanohair structures with high aspect ratio
Dong Yun Lee, Dong Jin Ok, Dae Ho Lee, Kilwon Cho
Formation and decomposition of C-3 metallacycles from ethylene and methylene on MoAl alloy thin films
Feng Gao, Yilin Wang, W. T. Tysoe
Formation of gradient morphology in emulsifier-free latex blend films of fluorinated ant fluorine-free acrylate
Yanjun Chen, Chaocan Zhang
Functionalization of calcium aluminate ceramic surface with biologically active molecules
Brian F. DiSalle, Shelby Hott, Ellen S. Gawalt, Kenneth A. McGowan
Gemini surfactant capped CdSe/ZnS quantum dots as a bioprobe for cell imaging
Haibing Li
Generation and characterization of multi-component protein patterns
Taeyoung Kim, Rong Wang
Growth and surface modification of silicon-filled nanopits on highly oriented pyrolytic graphite (HOPG): Parallels with surface chemistry of single crystalline silicon
T. R. Leftwich, S. P. Sullivan, X. C. Zhang, T. P. Beebe Jr., A. V. Teplyakov
High-throughput synthesis of colloidal particles with anisotropic properties and their DNA directed assembly
Jun Hyuk Moon, Anthony J. Kim, John C. Crocker, Shu Yang
Horizontal opals and vertical substrates: The role of the liquid-air interface in vertical deposition
Robert G. Shimmin, Alexander J. DiMauro, Paul V. Braun
Hyperthermal O+ induced etching of polyhedral oligosilsequioxane (POSS) monolayer and multilayer on Au(111)
Xin Liu, Tochko Tzvetkov, Dennis C. Jacobs
I am GaN. GaN I am. Will I form a stable SAM?
Christina Arisio, Marya Lieberman
Immobilization of enzymes in porous gold
Olga V. Shulga, Kenise Jefferson, Maria Cristina Parlato, Alexei V. Demchenko, Jingyue Liu, Keith J. Stine
Imparting size control on materials for nanomedicine: An assessment of the effect of PRINT particle size on in vivo biodistribution
Stephanie E. A. Gratton, Patrick D. Pohlhaus, Jin Lee, Moo J Cho, Joseph M DeSimone
In situ monitoring of salt-induced disassembly of redox-sensitive DNA/poypeptide polyplexes
Lei Wan, Davika Soundara Mannickam, Guangzhao Mao
Influence of surface hydrophobicity on immobilized lipase activity
Joseph A. Laszlo, Kervin Evans
Influence of the atom-surface potential for stability of commensurate monolayers on well-ordered surfaces
Alexandre Tkatchenko, Nikola Batina, Marcelo Galván
Influence of the shape of silver and gold nanoparticles on the surface-enhanced Raman scattering detection limit of biomolecules
Anandhi Ray, Gopala Krishna Darbha, Paresh Ray
Interaction of potassium perfluorooctanesulfonate and perfluorooctanoate with phosphatidylcholine vesicle membranes: Fluorescence anisotropy study
Wei Xie, Hans-Joachim Lehmler
Interaction of the disease-associated prion protein with quartz surfaces
Xin Ma, Debbie I. McKenzie, Judd M. Aiken, Joel A. Pedersen
Intracellular delivery of siRNA with PRINT nanoparticles
Andrew J. Murphy, John An, Ashley L. Galloway, Moo J Cho, Joseph M. DeSimone
Kinetic investigation of glucose oxidase reaction with a surface tethered N-hydroxysuccinimide ester using surface plasmon resonance
Alice A. Deckert, Hans Carlberg
Label-free DNA detection using polydiacetylene-based fluorescent sensors
Gil Sun Lee, Eun Jin Kim, Doo Ho Yang, Jong-Man Kim, Dong June Ahn
Lateral distribution of surfactants in waterborne pressure sensitive adhesive films: Theory and experiment
C-H. Lei, K. Ouzineb, O. Dupont, Alexander F. Routh, VR. Gundabala, SJ. Hinder, JL. Keddie
Light-induced charge separation across bioinorganic interface
Nada Dimitrijevic, Zoran V. Saponjic, Tijana Rajh
Liposomes with crosslinked polymer shells: A highly stable drug-delivery system
Sang-Min Lee, Thomas V. O'Halloran, SonBinh T. Nguyen
Low–energy electron–induced oligomerization of condensed carbon tetrachloride
Lachelle D. Weeks, Lin Zhu, Marina Pellon, David R. Haines, Christopher R. Arumainayagam
Mechanism and growth kinetic study of gold nanoparticles
Xiong Liu, Qun Huo, Qiu Dai, Jianhua Zou
Microwave-assisted rapid preparation of V-MCM-41 materials by hydrothermal synthesis
Jun Qiang Xu, Wei Chu, Shi Zhong Luo
Modification of the NIR signal of textile fabrics via colloidal self-assembly
Christina M Diaz
Monolayer-protected nanoparticle film assemblies as platforms for protein monolayer electrochemistry: Interfacial adsorption considerations
Andrew Loftus, Michael C Leopold
Monolayer-protected nanoparticle film assemblies as platforms for protein monolayer electrochemistry: Signal-to-noise considerations
Katey P Reighard, Michael C Leopold
Monte Carlo simulation of microstructure of polyelectrolyte around oppositely charged macroions
Dapeng Cao, Ran Ni
Multi-dimensional nanoparticle assembly through supramolecular hydrogen-bonded scaffolds
Sachin Kinge, Mercedes Crego-Calama, David Reinhoudt
Nanoengineered halloysite tubules for controlled release of drugs and proteins
Aadel A. Darrat, Nalinkanth G. Veerabadran, Shantanu S. Balkundi, Yuri M. Lvov
Nanoparticle interfacial assembly using PEGylated gold nanoparticles
Elizabeth Glogowski, Ravisubhash Tangirala, Jinbo He, Thomas P. Russell, Todd Emrick
Nanoparticle synthesis using porous polyelectrolyte thin films
Hyung-Jun Jeong, Sung Yun Yang
Nanoparticle-based optical probes for chemical imaging
Candace Thompson, Daniel Finley, Matthew Holt, Christopher J. A. Daley, Steven R. Emory
Nanoparticle-mediated refolding of thermally denatured proteins
Mrinmoy De, Vincent M. Rotello
Nanotechnology for colloidal chemistry
Kyung M. Choi
Novel anionic gemini surfactants with sulfonic groups: Synthesis, surface properties, and application
Chen Li, Jiping Yang, Yan Ding, Gong Chen
Paper Withdrawn
Original height and compression elasticity of chloroplast DNA with contact and tapping atomic force microscope
Jie Zhu, Guo Dong Wang, Bin Zhang, Daohua He
pH Dependent clustering of PAA coated gold nanoparticles
Tatsushi Isojima, Alan Hatton
Physiochemical properties of magnetic iron oxide composites
Allyson M. Jones, Kathryn A. Layman
Polydiacetylene vesicle application for cell detection on chip
Hyun Choi, Kyung Woo Kim, Jung Eun Sohn, Min Kyu Oh, Gil Sun Lee, Jong-Man Kim, Dong June Ahn
Polymer electrolytes confined in nanoporous membranes: Mixed ionic electronic conductor composites
Nguyen H. Truong, Paige L. Johnson, Dale Teeters
Polymer nanoparticles synthesized from amphiphilic block copolymers as probes for DNA detection
Brian R. Stepp, Megan Boyle, Sharan Srinivasan, DeeDee Smith, Julianne Gibbs Davis, SonBinh T. Nguyen
Preparation and characterization of conjugated organic molecules on H-passivated silicon surfaces
Jun-Hyun Kim, Josh Kellar, Jui-Ching Lin, Rina Verma, Michael J. Bedzyk, Mark C. Hersam, SonBinh T. Nguyen
Preparation and characterization of nitrogen-doped
Bao-Chrung Hsu, Yu-Ting Liu, Shiao-Shing Chen, Chaochin Su
Preparation and characterization of polyelectrolyte-coated gold nanoparticles
Annie C. Dorris, Simona Rucareanu, Christopher J Barrett, L. Reven, R. Bruce Lennox
Preparation of hollow cobalt ferrite nanoparticles
Quy K. Ong, Christian Kuebel, Amy L. Oldenburg, Alexander Wei
Preparation, characterization and properties of Au/Pd surface alloy on Pd (111)
Zhenjun Li, Feng Gao, Florencia C. Calaza, Luke A. Burkholder, WT. Tysoe
Pressure tuning the optical transmission properties of photonic bandgap composites
Yurong Ying, Jiqiang Xia, Parul Rungta, Stephen F. Foulger
Protein adsorption and cell attachment/spreading on gradient surfaces of poly(ethylene glycol) generated by the contact printing approach
Yangjun Cai, Yang H. Yun, Bi min Zhang Newby
Protein-resistant surfaces based on dithiocarbamate assembly
Heng Zhu, Alexander Wei, Joseph Irudayaraj
Quasielastic neutron scattering and molecular dynamics studies of structure and dynamics of surface water on nanopowder rutile and cassiterite
Eugene Mamontov, Lukas Vlcek, David J. Wesolowski, Peter T. Cummings, Wei Wang, Jorgen Rosenqvist, Craig M. Brown, Victoria García Sakai, David R. Cole
Recent advances in the studies of CdSe magic clusters
Yuri A. Barnakov, Carl E. Bonner Jr., Atsuo Kasuya, Yasato Noda, R. Sivamohan, Rodion Belosludov, Y. Kawazoe, Igor Dmitruk, Vladimir Romanyuk
Redox-assisted flavin motion of FMN-functionalized single walled carbon nanotubes
Sang-Yong Ju, Fotios Papadimitrakopoulos
Refractive index engineering of the transparent film based on siloxane polymer-dispersed ZrO2 nanoparticle
Hyeon-Jin Shin, Seong Jae Choi, Seon-Mi Yoon, DongKee Yi, Jae-Young Choi
Restoring gene expression with PRINT nanoparticles
Ashley L. Galloway, Andrew J. Murphy, Peter L. Sazani, Ryszard Kole, Joseph M. DeSimone
Salt-dependent adsorption of pectin on bovine serum albumin surface studied by quartz crystal microbalance with dissipation monitoring
Xiaoyong Wang, Yu-wen Wang, Qingrong Huang
SAM derivatization with a fluorescent ruthenium complex by topotactic photopolymerization
Beth Wetmore, Laura L. Wright, Timothy Hanks
SAXS/GISAXS study on nanobio particles: Structural deformations induced by interactions with solid substrates
Byeongdu Lee, Zhongwei Niu, Qian Wang, Chieh-Tsung Lo, Pappannan Thiyagarajan
Scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy studies of dinuclear organometallic molecules
Song Guo, Zhongqing Wei, S. Alex Kandel
Selective colloidal stabilization of doped single wall carbon nanotubes
Sang Nyon Kim, Zhengtang Luo, Fotios Papadimitrakopoulos
Self-assembled monolayers of alkyl tethered π moieties
Lucile C. Teague, Erin Hinson, William R. Kwochka, James G. Kushmerick
Self-assembled pentammine cobalt-terminated monolayers with two types of scissile bonds: Characterization and lithographic processing
Koshala Sarveswaran, Marya Lieberman
Self-assembly and controlled assembly of nanoparticles
Lisa M. Dillenback, Allison Yake, Derek Triplett, Darrell Velegol, Kristen A. Fichthorn, Christine D. Keating
Self-assembly properties of pore-forming amphiphilic peptides
Lei You, George W. Gokel
Self-induced 1-D molecular chain growth of thiophene on Ge(100)
Seok Min Jeon, Hangil Lee, Soon Jung Jung, Do Kyung Lim, Soo Il Kim, Sehun Kim
Single liposome tracking in dense suspensions of stabilized liposomes
Yan Yu, Stephen M. Anthony, Liangfang Zhang, Steve Granick
Spatially-resolved product formation in the reaction of formic acid with single-crystal calcium carbonate: The role of step density and adsorbed water-assisted ion mobility
Courtney R. Usher, Jonas Baltrusaitis, Vicki H. Grassian
Stimuli responsive drug-conjugated polymer nanoparticles via ring-opening metathesis polymerization
DeeDee Smith, Sandra Clark, Timothy R. Holden, Paul A. Bertin, Clifton K-F Shen, Bernard Mirkin, SonBinh T. Nguyen
Structural evolution and shear banding in self-assembled worm-like micellar solutions
Matthew E. Helgeson, Paula A. Vasquez, Norman J. Wagner, Eric W. Kaler, Pamela L. Cook, Lionel Porcar
Structure and phase behavior of mixed alkanethiol and biphenylthiol self-assembled monolayers on gold films
James W. Rivard III, Daniel A. Hall, Eric L. Bullock
Studies on the self-assembled monolayer of 2-(terthienyl)phosphonic acid on TiO2 thin film
Chih Wei Hsu
Study of conjugation of proteins with gold colloidal nanoparticles
Kazushige Yokoyama, Dewi Sri Hartati, Winnie Sze Man Tsang
Study of gold colloidal nanoparticles embedded in a silica-based sol-gel
Paul Kogan, Tonya M. Gilbert, Jeffrey R. Swana, Kazushige Yokoyama
Study of mechanical properties of insulin amyloid fibrils and crystals by AFM nanoindentation
Senli Guo, Boris B. Akhremitchev
Study of the formation of self-assembled monolayers on nitinol
Rosalynn Quiñones, Ellen S. Gawalt
Surface enhancement of Raman scattering using substrates patterned by nanoparticle assembly and e-beam lithography
Su Il Kim, Ju-Hyung Kang, Yong-Hee Lee, Sehun Kim
Surface modification and characterization of POSS-based acrylic thin films
Kathryn Zimmermann, Brian H. Augustine, Wm. Christopher Hughes, Ashley J. Figueiredo, Charles C. Chusuei
Surface modification as a means to alter adsorption and decomposition mechanisms of metallorganic compounds on semiconductors: Tetrakis–(dimethylamino)–titanium on clean and ammonia-modified silicon surfaces
Juan Carlos F. Rodríguez-Reyes, Andrew V. Teplyakov
Surface modifications for biosensor applications
Fei Shen, Jan Genzer, Orlando J. Rojas, Patrick V. Gurgel, Ruben G Carbonell
Paper Withdrawn
Surfaces and interfaces of high explosives probed by nonlinear optical spectroscopy
S. Eric Surber, Aaron Lozano, Alexei Lagutchev, Dana D. Dlott
Suspended self-assembled opal membranes
Andrew K. Bohaty, Ilya Zharov
Synergistic effects in antimicrobial polymers: Synthesis, characterization, and antimicrobial testing
Kristi Rose Keller
Synthesis and characterization of ω-functional alkylphosphonic acids to be used as self-assembling monolayers on titanium dioxide
Victoria Dougherty, Dave Johnson
Synthesis and characterization of alkanethiolate monolayer-protected Au38 clusters
Junhyung Kim, Kesta Lema, Macmillan Ukaigwe, Dongil Lee
Synthesis of responsive fluorescent nanoparticles
Volodymyr Tsyalkovsky, Viktor Klep, Robert Lupitskyy, Sergiy Minko, Igor Luzinov
Synthesis of thiophene derivatives and their applications in developing tobacco mosaic virus composite fibers
Siqi Li, Zhongwei Niu, Michael Bruckman, Qian Wang
Synthesis, characterization and optical spectroscopy of silver nanoprisms
Gopala Krishna Darbha, Anandhi Ray, Paresh Ray
Templated synthesis of cobalt nanoparticles from a Co16–resorcinarene complex
Jie Liu, Alexander Wei
The deposition morphology of Brownian/non-Brownian particles within a constricted tube
You-Im Chang
The effects of including N-terminally alkylated peptoid mimics of lung surfactant protein C on the in vitro surface activity of mixed lipid-peptoid films
Michelle T. Dohm, Andrey Ivankin, Nathan J. Brown, Chao Liu, David Gidalevitz, Annelise E. Barron
The use of artificial neural network (ANN) as well as various mathematically formulae to rank the applicability of proposed models for attaining the surface free energy of powders
Samad Ahadian, Siamak Moradian, Mohsen Mohseni
Toxic metal ion removal by coated activated carbon
Carmin Burrel, Anselm Omoike
Unusual magnetic properties of PbS nanoparticles bound via 1,8-octanedithiol to a p-type of GaAs surface
Alexander Zakrassov, Grigory Leitus, Sidney Cohen, Ron Naaman
Vesicle-forming iodine contrast agents
Don B. Elrod, Ranga Partha, Delia Danila, S. Ward Casscells, Jodie L. Conyers
Waterborne nanocomposite pressure-sensitive adhesives: Achieving enhanced adhesion combined with electrical conductivity
T. Wang, C-H. Lei, A. B. Dalton, M. Manea, JM. Asua, J. L. Keddie
Improved nanodiamond solvent formulations
Suzanne Ciftan Hens, Scott L Wallen, Vavara Grichko, Garry B Cunningham, Matthew Casulli, Olga Shenderova

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