Successful STEP for science


Larry G. Spears, spearsl@uhd.edu1, Vicky Estrera, estrerav@uhd.edu2, Akif J. Uzman, uzmana@uhd.edu1, and Sarah Percy Janes, Sarah.Janes@sjcd.edu3. (1) Department of Natural Sciences, University of Houston - Downtown, Houston, TX 77002, (2) Department of Natural Sciences, University of Houston-Downtown, One Main St., Ste. N813, Houston, TX 77002, (3) Academic Affairs, San Jacinto College North, 5800 Uvalde Road, Houston, TX 77049
On September 22, 2003 the University of Houston-Downtown (UHD) was awarded a five-year grant (DUE-0336612) through the NSF Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Talent Expansion Program (STEP). The title of this program is "Expanding Pathways to Success in Science at UHD and SJCN (EPSS)." UHD is a primarily undergraduate urban institution with 11,000 students and SJCN (San Jacinto College North) is a two-year community college with 6,000 students. The goals of EPSS are: (1) to enhance the learning environment in science; (2) to establish a bridge between SJCN and UHD; (3) to motivate students to pursue careers and graduate degrees in science; (4) to promote student participation in research; (5) to foster the interdisciplinary nature of science; and (6) increase the recruitment/retention of STEM students. In particular, EPSS has utilized a comprehensive undergraduate research program to establish a dynamic community of faculty/student learners in science.