Coffee for justice: An international collaboration for research and service with small-holder coffee farmers of Nicaragua

CHED 1695

Susan C. Jackels, sjackels@seattleu.edu1, Charles F. Jackels2, Carlos Vallejos3, Stephanie Kleven1, Roberto Rivas3, and Scott Fraser-Dauphinee4. (1) Department of Chemistry, Seattle University, 901 12th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98122, (2) University of Washington Bothell, Bothell, WA, (3) University of Central America Managua, Managua, Nicaragua, (4) University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
This presentation describes the activities of a NSF Discovery Corps Senior Fellowship awarded to Susan Jackels for 2006. Coffee for Justice works through an international collaboration to conduct projects designed to aid small-holder coffee producers in assessing and improving their coffee quality. Additionally, Nicaraguan research capability is enhanced through projects of a laboratory established for agricultural and environmental analysis at the University of Central America Managua. Students, faculty, coffee producers and Catholic Relief Services staff participated in field and laboratory research on coffee processing, service-based applied research and coffee-producer workshops that advanced knowledge and practice for coffee quality improvement on farms. Results will be presented on a study of the relationship between scientific control of coffee fermentation and the quality of the resulting roasted coffee. Also to be described is a study in which 100 small-holder coffee producers were provided a pH kit for characterization and optimization of fermentation.