POLYTuesday, 12 September 2006

8:30 AM-11:50 AM San Francisco Marriott -- Salon 12/13, Oral
Biocatalysis in Polymer Science
Tutorial Session
Organizer:H. N. Cheng
Organizer, Presiding:Richard A Gross
8:30 AMIntroductory Remarks
8:35 AMOverview: Polyester synthesis catalyzed by Candida antarctica lipase B and the cutinase from Humicola insolens
Richard A. Gross
9:05 AMIndustrial applications of enzymes in polymer science
Dietmar Häring
9:35 AMFermentative and biocatalytic processes to prepare 1,3-propanediol, p-hydroxycinnamic acid and p-hydroxystyrene
Sharon L. Haynie, Charles E. Nakamura, Sima Sariaslani
10:05 AMIntermission
10:20 AMBiocatalytic materials: From fundamental underpinnings to tools for discovery
Jonathan S. Dordick
10:50 AMEnzymatic synthesis of PHAs using ionic liquids as solvents
Johnathan Gorke, Romas J. Kazlauskas, Friedrich Srienc
11:20 AMPossibilities and limitations of chemoenzymatic cascade polymerization
M. de Geus, ARA. Palmans, Andreas Heise, Cor E. Koning

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The 232nd ACS National Meeting, San Francisco, CA, September 10-14, 2006