PETRTuesday, 12 September 2006

8:30 AM-11:30 AM Palace -- Presidio Room, Oral
2nd International Symposium on Hydrotreating/Hydrocracking Technologies
Process Development
Organizers:Ömer Refa Köseoglu
Shigeki Nagamatsu
Slavik Kasztelan
8:30 AMReview of catalytic processes for resids and heavy oils conversion
Jean-Claude Plumail
9:10 AMHydrogen opportunities from natural gas: A challenging approach for the Arab world
Mazen A Shalabi, Hussein K Abdel-Aal
9:30 AMModel-feedstock studies on the hydrogenating, desulfurizing and denitrogenating activity of a fresh, spent and regenerated catalyst from ebullated-bed VRU
Robert Wandas
9:50 AMEffect of deasphalting residue hydrotreating: A batch reactor study
Vicente Sámano, Fania Guerrero, Mohan S. Rana, Jorge Ancheyta, José AI. Díaz
10:10 AMCo-liquefaction of Cayirhan lignite blended with petroleum vacuum residue
Arif Hesenov, Ömer Gül, Parvana Gafarova Aksoy, Harold H. Schobert, Oktay Erbatur
10:30 AMSilica alumina and zeolite-based hydrocracking catalysts
Shakeel Ahmed
10:50 AMDemonstration of hydrogen spillover effects on Pd-Co/Al2O3 hydrocracking catalyst by temperature programmed studies
Mohammad M. Hossain
11:10 AMStudy on sulfurization of water-soluble Fe catalyst during slurry bed hydrocracking of residue
Dong Liu, Aijun Guo, Jichang Zhang, Guohe Que

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