POLYWednesday, 13 September 2006

8:30 AM-12:40 PM San Francisco Marriott -- Salon 14/15, Oral
7th International Biorelated Polymers Symposium
Bio-related Polymer Architectures
Organizers:Raphael M. Ottenbrite
Rigoberto C. Advincula
Presiding:Ying Chang
Takashi Miyata
8:30 AMIntroductory Remarks
8:40 AMSynthesis of amino acid-functionalized polymers (biohybrids) by anionic polymerization and hydrosilation chemistry
Roderic Quirk, Sumana Roy Chowdhury
9:10 AMSynthesis of hydrogels with well defined network structure using Click chemistry
Robert Vestberg, Michael Malkoch, Nalini Gupta, Craig J. Hawker
9:30 AMBiohybrid block copolymer architectures by "click" chemistry
Joost A. Opsteen, A. J. Dirks, Sander S. van Berkel, Nikos S. Hatzakis, Rene P. Brinkhuis, Marieke E. G. Reijnders, Jan C. M. van Hest
9:50 AMControlled synthesis of star-shaped homo- and co-polymers of aliphatic polyesters
Ann-Christine Albertsson, Karin Odelius, Anna Finne-Wistrand
10:10 AMPolymer architectures and the relation to their material properties
Ann-Christine Albertsson, Anna Stjerndahl
10:30 AMIntermission
10:40 AMSurfactant induced helix formation of cylindrical brush polymers with poly-L-lysine side chains
Manfred Schmidt, Nikhil Gunari, Bin Zhang, Andreas Janshoff
11:10 AMSynthesis of degradable functional polymers with various molecular architectures by combination of ATRP and nature-inspired reversible reactions
Nicolay V. Tsarevsky, Ke Min, Krzysztof Matyjaszewski
11:30 AMSynthesis of polycations with reducible disulfide bonds in the backbone and their use in nucleic acid delivery
Harpreet Kaur, Devika Soundara Manickam, David Oupicky
11:50 AMSynthesis of polyketals using acyclic diene metathesis(admet) polymerization
Sirajud D. Khaja, Niren Murthy
12:10 PMDesigning polymers for biological activity
Gregory N. Tew

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