POLYSunday, 10 September 2006

1:30 PM-5:20 PM San Francisco Marriott -- Salon A2, Oral
Entrepreneurship in Polymers and Technology
Bridging the Gap from Science to Commercialization
Organizers:Kathleen O. Havelka
Peter Zarras
Joseph M. DeSimone
Organizer, Presidings:Dennis W. Smith Jr.
Rosemarie D. Wesson
1:30 PMWarwick Effect Polymers Ltd: Commercializing university IP in living radical polymerization
David M. Haddleton
2:00 PMEntrepreneurship at the interface of medicinal and polymer sciences: An NSF IGERT program to prepare students for an uncertain future
Douglas A. Wicks, Lon J Mathias, Ken Malone, John S Williamson
2:30 PMOpportunities for collaboration with industries in diverse stages of technological developments: Cases in Japanese universities
Yoshiharu Kimura
3:00 PMIntermission
3:15 PMFrom the lab to the marketplace: Plextronics-a case study on entrepreneurship
Richard D. McCullough
3:45 PMPolymers designed to perform in an application
Raymond L. Stark
4:15 PMH.F. Whalen, Jr. 2006 Award in Honor of J. DeSimone
4:20 PMThe H.F. Whalen, Jr. 2006 Award Address, The blending of academic research and teaching with entrepreneurship: The launching of Liquidia Technologies
Joseph DeSimone
4:50 PMWhalen Award presentation and reception honoring J. DeSimone

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The 232nd ACS National Meeting, San Francisco, CA, September 10-14, 2006