PHYSWednesday, 13 September 2006

7:30 PM-10:00 PM Moscone Center -- Hall D, Poster
Poster Session
Experiment: Surface Science, Ionic Liquids, Kinetics, Spectroscopy
Organizer:Bruce D. Kay
Activity coefficient of d-tartaric acid enantiomers in aqueous solutions of d-tartaric acid and d,l-tartaric acid and similar mandelic acid systems
S. Alex Studniarz
Betalain pigments for solar energy conversion in dye-sensitized TiO2 films
Dongshe Zhang, Suzanne M. Lanier, Jason L. Avent, Jonathan A. Downing, Jeanne L. McHale
Biomimetic synthesis of Dy3+ doped CdS nanocrystals and their photoluminescence properties
Jianhua Huang, Zhifen Meng, Aiqin Liu, Xiaobo Li
Chemically selective imaging with single pulse CARS microscopy
Allison G. Caster, Sang-Hyun Lim, Olivier Nicolet, Stephen R. Leone
Conformational transitions in M(CO)5-arene systems
Matthew C. Asplund, Aaron M. Johnson, Carolyn A. Evans
DNA templated Ag nanocluster formation
Caroline M. Ritchie, Spence T. Gibbs, John R. Kiser, Robert M. Dickson, Jeffrey T. Petty
Effect of interparticle coupling on coherent phonon oscillations of monolayer periodic plasmonic nanoparticles
Wenyu Huang, Wei Qian, Mostafa A. El-Sayed
Electronic properties of 2-aminopurine as measured by Stark spectroscopy
Goutham Kodali, Robert J. Stanley
Emission from charge recombination during the pulse radiolysis of various organic compounds
Shingo Samori
Encapsulation of saline solution by tetrahydrofuran clathrate hydrates and inclusion migration by recrystallization
Kazushige Nagashima, Suguru Orihashi, Osamu Ishizaki, Yoshitaka Yamamoto
Energetics of charge separation in medium polarity solvents
Juan C. Alicea, Andrew R. Cook, Kate Dorst, John R. Miller, Lori Zaikowski
Energy transfer from conjugated polymer nanoparticles
Jason D. McNeill, Yueli Zheng, Changfeng Wu
Enhanced translational diffusion of probe molecules in supercooled sucrose benzoate studied by holographic FRAP
Justin Rajesh Rajian, Edward L Quitevis
Entropy driven phase separation in a mixed bola-linear lipid layer
Gabriel S. Longo, Igal Szleifer
Exchange averaging in rotational spectra at thermal equilibrium
Nancy S. True
Halide free synthesis of energetic azolium azolate salts
Marcin Smiglak, David Drab, C. Corey Hines, W. Matthew Reichert, Robin D. Rogers, Kostyantyn Kirichenko, Adam Vincek
Paper Withdrawn
Intervalence charge transfer in hybrid organic-inorganic neutral radicals
Lisa N. Perlson, Imma Ratera, Christian Sporer, Jaume Veciana, Steven G. Boxer
Investigating the free energies of hydrophobic mismatch and the role of anchoring side chains
Armando Jerome de Jesus, Toby W Allen
Ion chromatography: A valuable method for the quality control of ionic liquids
Tom Beyersdorff, Marcin Gonsior, Thomas J. S. Schubert
Kinetics and surface analyses of carbon catalysts for contaminant remediation
Bernard J. Kronschnabel, Patrick J. Shea, Evgueni B Kadossov, Karen J Gaskell, Marjorie A Langell
Microwave spectrum and structure of argon trifluoroacetonitrile complex
Wei Lin, Stewart E. Novick
Molecular and cluster anion properties: Application to dissociative attachment processes in real time
Richard Mabbs, Andrei Sanov, Kostyantyn Pichugin
Noble gas emission from multibubble sonoluminescence in sulfuric acid
Nathan C. Eddingsaas, Kenneth S Suslick
Novel branched structures for optical and electronic applications
Meng Guo, Xingzhong Yan, T. Goodson III
Phase behavior of small semi-fluorinated molecule in the confined condition
Dong Ki Yoon, Myung Chul Choi, Yun Ho Kim, Mahn Won Kim, Hee-Tae Jung
Plasmon resonances in Au-Ag nanoboxes studied by single nanoparticle spectroscopy
Min Hu, Gregory V. Hartland, Jingyi Chen, Zhi-Yuan Li, Younan Xia, Xingde Li, Manuel Marquez
Polarization spectroscopy of metal phthalocyanine chloride in superfluid helium droplets
Linsen Pei, Wei Kong
Pyrazine in supercritical xenon
Bruce J. Hrnjez, Joshua Balderman, Benjamin Dach, Abdo Kabarriti
Reaction between diphenylsilanediol and hexamethyldisilazane: A model study
Carol A. Deakyne, John Sipple, Emily Spellman, Jonathan P. Blitz
Scanning tunneling microscopy of dinuclear metal complex molecules
Zhongqing Wei, Song Guo, S. Alex Kandel, Roger Nassar, Thomas P. Fehlner
Shape-dependent optical properties of nanohole arrays
Min Hyung Lee, Yelizaveta Babayan, Teri W. Odom
Solution properties of a fluorinated alkyl methacrylate polymer in carbon dioxide
Ji Guo, P. Andre, Mirielle Adam, Sergey Panyukov, Michael Rubinstein, Joseph M. DeSimone
Structure-based design, Fourier transformed infrared, Raman studies and structure-activity relationship of synthetic peptides with trans/cis-cinnamic and dihydrocinnamic acids as inhibitors of thrombin
Cristina C. Clement, Christian Matthaeus, Manfred Philipp
Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopic monitoring of the catalytic oxidation of 4-(dimethylamino)benzaldehyde by gold nanoparticles
Rachel M. Krieger, Paul W. Jagodzinski
The effects of the solvent environment on the charge-transfer-to-solvent dynamics of sodide (Na- )
Molly Cavanagh, Benjamin J. Schwartz
The synthesis, two-photon absorption properties, and excited state dynamics of six novel nitrogen centered branched chromophores
Ajit Bhaskar, Guda Ramakrishna, Theodore Goodson III, Zhikuan Lu, Robert J. Twieg, Joel M. Hales, David J. Hagan, Eric van Stryland
Quantum chemical calculations of UV-VIS spectra of Perylene Orange, Perylene Red and their complexes with sodium azide
Nikolay N. Barashkov, Irina I. Irgibaeva, Anuar A. Aldongarov
New fluorescent dye with an excited state proton transfer
Nikolay N. Barashkov, Tamara S. Novikova, Tamara V. Sakhno
Use of classical adsorption models for description of methane adsorption under ambient temperature
Wei Xing, Xiaodong Dai, Zi-feng Yan
Adsorption, trapping and transport of dopants in ASW films
George Kumi, S. Malyk, Hanna Reisler, Curt Wittig
Colloidal crystallization of polymer-grafted nanoparticles in ionic liquids
Kazuhide Ueno, Masayoshi Watanabe
Computational studies of imidazolium based ionic liquids with alkoxymethyl substituent
Sergio Urahata
Investigation of Mn2+ environment in core/shell CdSe/Zn1-xMnxS nanoparticles
Shizhong Wang, Gregory J Yeagle, David R Britt, Angelique Y Louie, Susan M Kauzlarich
Temperature independence of orbital mediated tunneling in cobalt(II) phthalocyanine
KW. Hipps, Brett Gyarfas
Crystal engineering utilizing ionic liquids
C. Corey Hines, Marcin Smiglak, W. Matthew Reichert, Scott T. Griffin, Robin D. Rogers
Effect of symmetry of the cation on the intermolecular dynamics of imidazolium-based ionic liquids studied by optical Kerr effect spectroscopy
Dong Xiao, Shengfu Li, Richard A. Bartsch, Edward L Quitevis
Empirical approach to modeling ion size effects in diffuse double layer theory
Thomas G. Smagala, W. Ronald Fawcett
Ionic liquids based on azole anions
Marcin Smiglak, C. Corey Hines, Timothy Wilson, W. Matthew Reichert, Scott T. Griffin, Robin D. Rogers, Kostyantyn Kirichenko, Shailendra Singh, Adam Vincek
Phase behavior of polymers and polymer gels in ionic liquids
Takeshi Ueki, Masayoshi Watanabe
Using ionic liquids as lubricants in ambient and vacuum environments
Y. Liu, T. Haensel, M. Kosinskiy, S. I-U. Ahmed, W. Hild, S. Krischok, J. A. Schaefer

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