PETRWednesday, 13 September 2006

1:30 PM-4:50 PM Palace -- Telegraph Hill, Oral
Symposium on Clean Fuels from Biomass
Biofuels Production and Utilization
Organizers:Devinder Mahajan
Kyoung Ro
A. Brad Anton
1:30 PMIntroductory Remarks
1:40 PMConversion of animal by-products to biofuels
Prince Dugba
2:10 PMThemrochemical processing of biomass for farm-based economical production of methanol
Mouzhgun Anjom, Kyoung Ro, P. G. Hunt, Devinder Mahajan
2:35 PMMethanol conversion for the production of hydrogen
Charles Taylor, Bret H. Howard, Christina R. Myers
3:00 PMTheoretical study on elementary reaction steps in the methanol-to-olefin process
David Lesthaeghe, Bart De Sterck, Guy B. Marin, Veronique Van Speybroeck, Michel Waroquier Sr.
3:25 PMIntermission
3:35 PMConstraints determining the selectivity of Fischer-Tropsch synthesis and related process opportunities
Hans Schulz
4:00 PMNanoporous carbon from corncobs for storing landfill gas
Parag S Shah
4:25 PMScreening of efficient hydrocarbon degrading strains and studying of influence factors of degradation of refinery oily sludge
Zhang Xiu-xia, Zhang Yun-bo, Liu Qiyou, Geng Chunxiang, Zhou Lei

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