POLYThursday, 14 September 2006

8:30 AM-12:00 PM San Francisco Marriott -- Salon A2, Oral
Silicones and Silicone-Modified Materials
Organizers:Stephen J. Clarson
Mark E. Van Dyke
Steven D. Smith
John J. Fitzgerald
Organizer, Presiding:Michael J. Owen
8:30 AMFluorosilicone coatings
Michael J. Owen
9:00 AMFunction of siloxanes in fabrication of holographic gratings
Yusuke Kawakami, YeongHee Cho
9:30 AMHole transporting silsesquioxanes
Wayne T. Ferrar, William T. Gruenbaum, Xin Jin, Michel F. Molaire, J. Robin Cowdery, David S. Weiss
9:50 AMOcta(hydridotetramethyldisiloxanyl) silsesquioxane as a synthetic template for patternable dielectric materials
jianjun Hao
10:10 AMIntermission
10:30 AMDisappearing and reappearing nanoparticles in condensation cured polydimethylsiloxane hybrid elastomers
Kenneth J. Wynne, Shinsuke Inagi, Tomoki Ogoshi, Yoshiki Chujo, Massimo Bertolucci, Giancarlo Galli, Emo Chiellini, Tomoko Fujiwara
11:00 AMSelective incorporation of organic groups on the inner pore surface of ordered mesoporous silica towards studying the effect of pore size on proton conductivity
Christopher A. Alabi, Mark E. Davis
11:20 AMViscoelastic behavior of PDMS stabilized magnetic nanoparticle complexes
Wen Yin, Qiongdan Xie, Jianjun Deng, Jonathan D. Goff, Timothy P. Vadala, Judy S. Riffle, Alan R. Esker
11:40 AMInvestigating the aging behavior of polysiloxane nanocomposites with broadband dielectric spectroscopy and degradative thermal analysis
James P. Lewicki, David Hayward, John J. Liggat, Richard A. Pethrick

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The 232nd ACS National Meeting, San Francisco, CA, September 10-14, 2006