POLYMonday, 11 September 2006

1:30 PM-5:10 PM San Francisco Marriott -- Salon C3, Oral
Nanoparticles and Microparticles: Synthesis and Applications
Nanoparticle Assembly
Organizers:Stephen H. Foulger
Warren T. Ford
Organizer, Presiding:Vincent M. Rotello
1:30 PMNanoparticles trapped in polymer gels by grafting-from and cross-linking
Kevin Sill, Sang-Ho Cha, Jong Chan Lee, Todd Emrick
2:00 PMMonofunctional gold nanoparticles and nanoparticle/polymer hybrid materials
Qun Huo, Qiu Dai, Jianhua Zou
2:20 PMInorganic cluster synthesis in thin film coatings based on polymer multilayers and block copolymers
Robert E. Cohen
2:50 PMBricks and mortar: Polymer-mediated self-assembly of nanoparticles
Vincent M. Rotello
3:20 PMIntermission
3:40 PMMesoscopic arrays of gold nanostructures
Eugene R. Zubarev
4:00 PMNanoparticles in PAMAM dendrimer containing polyelectrolyte multilayers
Nicole Zacharia, Miguel Modestino, Paula T. Hammond
4:20 PMPolymers to make and align nanoparticles to controlled superstructures
Markus Antonietti
4:50 PMControlled preparation of nanogel particles and their use as macromonomers
Jeffrey W. Stansbury, Marianela Trujillo-Lemon, Xingzhe Ding

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The 232nd ACS National Meeting, San Francisco, CA, September 10-14, 2006