FUELThursday, 14 September 2006

9:00 AM-12:10 PM Palace -- Gold Ballroom, Oral
Fuel Cell Chemistry and Operation
Electrocatalysts for PEM Fuel Cells and SOFC in Honor of Dr. Subash Singhal
Organizers:Thomas A. Zawodzinski Jr.
Steven J. Hamrock
Organizer, Presiding:Andrew M. Herring
9:00 AMIntroductory Remarks
9:05 AMElectrode design for PEM fuel cell
Chunxin Ji, Wenbin Gu, Brian A Litteer, Mike Scozzafava, Hubert Gasteiger
9:25 AMNew designs in fuel cell fabrication that addresses water management and improved air circulation
Tarek R. Farhat
9:45 AMResearch of aluminum - water storing hydrogen cell
Linsen Zhang, Wei Wang
10:05 AMFabrication of membrane-electrode assembly using novel nanocomposite electrode
Yung-Eun Sung, In-Su Park, Baeck Choi, Yong-Hun Cho, Yun-Hwan Cho
10:25 AMIntermission
10:35 AMIntroductory Remarks
10:40 AMPolarization effects in anode-supported solid oxide fuel cells (sofc): Design of cells with ultra-high performance
Anil V. Virkar
11:10 AMEffect of varying methane slip on the performance of a tubular SOFC operating on partially reformed JP-8
Anthony M. Dean, Gaurav K. Gupta, Jonathan R. Marda, Andrew Colclasure, Huayang Zhu, Robert J. Kee
11:40 AMShort stack performance of intermediate temperature-operating solid oxide fuel cells using stainless steel interconnects and anode-supported single cells
Joongmyeon Bae, Youngsung Yoo

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The 232nd ACS National Meeting, San Francisco, CA, September 10-14, 2006