FUELTuesday, 12 September 2006

1:35 PM-4:30 PM Palace -- Gold Ballroom, Oral
Fuel Cell Chemistry and Operation
Proton Exchange Membranes for Fuel Cells in Honor of Prof. Jim McGrath, Contributed Papers
Organizers:Andrew M. Herring
Steven J. Hamrock
Organizer, Presiding:Thomas A. Zawodzinski Jr.
1:35 PMIntroductory Remarks
1:40 PMMEA fabrication by hot-pressing using poly (arylene ether) based proton exchange membrane and Nafion® impregnated electrodes
Masahiro Yamashita, Yoshimitsu Sakaguchi, Kota Kitamura, Satoshi Takase
2:00 PMNew sulfonated aryl ether sulfone polymers with perfluorocylcobutyl (pfcb) linkage
Amit Y. Sankhe, Jianyong Jin, S. Suresh, Chris M. Topping, Raul S. Hernandez, Earl H. Wagener, Stephen E Creager, D. W. Smith Jr.
2:20 PMPoly(vinylbenzyl phosphonic acid) homo- and BAB block copolymers as polymer electrolyte membranes for fuel cells
Dilyana Markova, Avneesh Kumar, Klaus Müllen, Markus Klapper
2:40 PMStructure and dynamics of hybrid organic-inorganic membrane materials for fuel cell applications
James Horan, John A. Turner, Andrew M. Herring, Steven F. Dec
3:00 PMIntermission
3:10 PMProton transfer salts: A new class of solvent-free, involatile, fuel cell electrolytes
D. F. Gervasio, J-P Belieres, C. Austen Angell
3:30 PMSurface chemistry of inorganic materials for composite membranes in PEM fuel cells operating at elevated temperature and reduced relative humidity
Serguei N. Lvov, Mark V. Fedkin, Elena Chalkova, Sridhar Komarneni, David J. Wesolowski
3:50 PMTransport properties of multiblock hydrophilic-hydrophobic proton exchange membranes for fuel cells
Abhishek Roy, Hae-Seung Lee, Anand S. Badami, Xiang Yu, Yanxiang Li, Thomas E. Glass, James E. McGrath
4:10 PMSome approaches towards higher-temperature PEMs using fluorosulfonimide and fluoroalkylphosphonic acid ionomers
Darryl D. DesMarteau, Arno Rettenbacher, Iqbal Sharif, Dong Qing Zhuang, Stephen E. Creager

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