POLYMonday, 11 September 2006

1:30 PM-5:00 PM San Francisco Marriott -- Salon B2, Oral
Multicompartment Micelles: Higher Order Self-assembly of Block Copolymers
Organizers:Marc A. Hillmyer
Timothy P. Lodge
Presiding:Frank S. Bates
1:30 PMAqueous micelles formed by ABC, ACB, ABCA and ABCB copoly(2-oxazoline)s
Jean-François Gohy, Charles-André Fustin, Haiying Huang, Alain Jonas, Richard Hoogenboom, Mark A. M. Leenen, Frank Wiesbrock, Ulrich S. Schubert
2:00 PMTelechelic hydrophobically-modified poly-(N-isopropylacrylamides and poly-(2-isopropyl-2-oxazolines): Do they form multidomain polymeric micelles in water?
Piotr Kujawa, Rodolphe Obeid, Xing-Ping Qiu, Françoise M. Winnik
2:30 PMStructure analysis of multicompartment micelles: Scattering methods
Andreas F. Thünemann
3:00 PMIntermission
3:30 PMMonodisperse three-phase particles from micellar nanoreactors
Anthony J. Ryan, Oleksandr O Mykhaylyk, Nadejda Tzokova, Neal Williams
4:00 PMDesign of microphase morphologies using hierarchic self-assembly in blends with block copolymers
Volker Abetz, Klaus-Viktor Peinemann, Peter F. W. Simon, Diógenes J. Rojas Rivas
4:30 PMFluctuation relaxation in multicomponent systems containing micelles and other aggregates
Amish J. Patel, Megan L. Ruegg, Alec Sandy, Suresh Narayanan, Simon G. J. Mochrie, Bruce Garetz, Hiroshi Watanabe, Nitash P. Balsara

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The 232nd ACS National Meeting, San Francisco, CA, September 10-14, 2006