COLLSunday, 10 September 2006

8:30 AM-11:40 AM Sir Francis Drake -- Renaissance Room, Oral
Dynamics of Single Atoms, Molecules and Clusters on Surfaces
Surface Evolution
Organizer:Ludwig Bartels
Presiding:E. I. Altman
Joseph W. Lyding
8:30 AMIntegrating carbon nanotubes with semiconductor surfaces
Laura B. Ruppalt, Peter M. Albrecht, Joseph W. Lyding
9:00 AMIn situ growth of copper nanoclusters and nanocrystals on the Si(111)-(77) surface
Guo Qin Xu
9:20 AMStructure, dynamics, and clusters on metal oxide surfaces
Ulrike Diebold
9:50 AMIntermission
10:10 AMGrowth, structure, and chemical properties of vanadium oxide thin films
M. Li, E. I. Altman
10:40 AMAccelerated molecular dynamics of thermal desorption
Kristen A. Fichthorn, Kelly E. McLaughlin
11:10 AMProduction of highly homogeneous Si(100) surfaces by etching: Surface morphology and the role of strain
Melissa A. Hines, Marc A. Faggin, Sara K. Green, Ian T. Clark, K. T. Queeney

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The 232nd ACS National Meeting, San Francisco, CA, September 10-14, 2006