COLLWednesday, 13 September 2006

8:30 AM-11:50 AM Sir Francis Drake -- Franciscan Room, Oral
Surface Chemistry Symposium in Honor of Gabor Somorjai
Tribology, Adsorption
Organizers:Francisco Zaera
Andrew J. Gellman
Bing Zhou
Presiding:Wilfred T. Tysoe
8:30 AMDeveloping a nanoscale understanding of dynamic friction
C. Mathew Mate, Robert N. Payne, Qing Dai, Kyosuke Ono
8:50 AMMolecular aspects of vapor phase lubrication of gold contacts
Scott S. Perry, Ian C. Laboriante
9:10 AMMaking ultralow friction surfaces
Yip-Wah Chung
9:30 AMAdhesion of small particles on oxide surfaces
Matti Paajanen, Jukka Katainen, Jouko Lahtinen
9:50 AMFormation and action of self-assembled layers of friction modifying additives at sliding interfaces
Hiroko Ohtani, Michael L. Greenfield
10:10 AMMethanol adsorption on clean and oxygen-predosed V(100) single-crystal surfaces
Min Shen, Francisco Zaera
10:30 AMAdsorption and reactions of NO on V(110) studied by XPS and NEXAFS
Chang Min Kim, Hyun Suk Jeong
10:50 AMThermal chemistry of 1-methyl-1-cyclohexene and methylene cyclohexane on a Pt(111) single-crystal surface
Ricardo Morales, Francisco Zaera
11:10 AMIn situ sum frequency generation vibrational spectroscopy of CO oxidation and ethylene hydrogenation on shape controlled platinum nanoparticles
Kaitlin M. Bratlie, Sasha Kweskin, Susan E. Habas, Hyunjoo Lee, Kyriakos Komvopoulos, Gabor A. Somorjai
11:30 AMReaction path of water formation on Pt (111) surface under UHV condition and alloying effects
Liang Qi, Ju Li

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The 232nd ACS National Meeting, San Francisco, CA, September 10-14, 2006