PHYSThursday, 14 September 2006

1:20 PM-5:20 PM Grand Hyatt San Francisco -- San Francisco B/C, Oral
Frontiers in Molecular Dynamics: Experiment and Theory
Vibrational Effects in Bimolecular Reaction Dynamics
Organizers:Laurie J. Butler
Joel M. Bowman
Presiding:George C Schatz
1:20 PMComparing reactions of H and Cl with C-H stretch-excited CHD3
Richard N. Zare, Jon P. Camden, Hans A. Bechtel, Davida J. Ankeny Brown
2:00 PMVibrational vs. translational energy in promoting polyatomic reactions
H. Floyd Davis, Marivi Ortiz-Suarez, David L. Proctor
2:40 PMImaging the dynamics of Cl-atom reactions
Bertrand Retail, Julie K. Pearce, Stuart G. Greaves, Andrew J. Orr-Ewing
3:00 PMRenner-Teller quantum dynamics of the N+H2 → NH+H reaction
Carlo Petrongolo, Paolo Defazio
3:20 PMIntermission
3:40 PMHow statistical is the O + O2 isotope exchange reaction? A combined theoretical and experimental study
Geörgy Lendvay, Annalise L. Van Wyngarden, Kathleen Mar, Kristie A. Boering, Jim J. Lin, Yuan T. Lee, Shiying Lin, Hua Guo
4:20 PMVibrationally enhanced abstraction reactions of highly excited pyridine-d5 (Evib=38,000 cm-1) with Cl radicals
Amy S. Mullin, Ziman Li, Qingnan Liu
5:00 PMThird-row transition metal ions: Reactivity, mechanisms, and thermodynamics
Peter B. Armentrout, Feng-Xia Li

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The 232nd ACS National Meeting, San Francisco, CA, September 10-14, 2006