AEIMonday, 11 September 2006

8:00 PM-10:00 PM Moscone Center -- Hall D, Sci-Mix
Academic Employment Initiative
Organizer:Corrie Kuniyoshi
Presiding:Jerry A. Bell
 A critical look at peak capacity production in 2D high performance liquid chromatography
Dwight R. Stoll, Xiaoli Wang, Peter W. Carr
 Effect of an atmospheric pressure ion lens on an electrospray ion source
Alison E. Holliday, Rong Yi, David D. Y. Chen
 Electrochemical and photophysical properties of various Au38 nanoparticles protected by mixed-monolayer ligands
Jai-Pil Choi, Balasubramanian Ramjee, Joseph M. DeSimone, Royce W. Murray
 Electrochemical nano-architectures: Fabrication, growth mechanism, and application
Seungil Cho, Rui Xiao, Dong Hwa Choi, Ran Liu, Sang Bok Lee
 Electrochemistry: Probing the addicted brain
Tiffany A. Mathews, Sara R. Jones
 IMS-FAIMS-MS-MS of peptides and phosphoryated peptides
Matthew Joseph Pollard, Herbert H. Hill Jr.
 Quantitation of the effect of xenobiotics on endogenous retinoic acid by LC-MS/MS
Maureen A. Kane, Joseph L. Napoli
 The effect of temperature and mobile phase composition on the adsorption isotherm of L-tryptophan using reversed phase HPLC
Tarab Ahmad, Georges Guiochon
 In vitro translation of unnatural cyclic peptides
Matthew C. T. Hartman, Kristopher Josephson, Jack W. Szostak
 Synthesis and biochemical evaluation of non-hydrolyzable analogs of O-acetyl-ADP-ribose
Lindsay R. Comstock, John M. Denu
 Dynamic NMR studies of isomerization kinetics of 3-fluoroprolines
Colin A Thomas, Erach R. Talaty, James Bann, D. Paul Rillema
 Atomic force microscopy studies of neurodegenerative related protein aggregation: Technique development and application
Justin Legleiter, Paul J. Muchowski, Tomasz Kowalewski
 HIV-1 nucleocapsid protein-catalyzed DNA strand-exchange reactions monitored by a novel quadruplex displacement assay
Besik I Kankia, George Barany, Karin Musier-Forsyth
 Molecular recognition characteristics of riboswitch
Jinsoo Lim, Ronald R. Breaker
 Potential therapeutic for chronic myelogenous leukemia by a polyamide-chlorambucil conjugate
C. James Chou, David Alvarez, Michelle E Farkas, Ryan Burnett, Peter B. Dervan, Joel M Gottesfeld
 Role of heme-protein covalent bonds in mammalian peroxidases revealed by horseradish peroxidase F41E mutant
Liusheng Huang, Grzegorz Wojciechowski, Paul R. Ortiz de Montellano
 Structural insight into environmental signal sensing by Salmonella PhoQ
Margaret E. Daley, Anna R. Schneider, Martin W. Bader, Lynne R. Prost, Samuel I. Miller, Rachel E. Klevit
 Structure-based design of reversible peptides inhibitors of thrombin and Factor VII-a
Cristina C. Clement, Lisa Gingold, Manfred Philipp
 Towards “b-proteins”: Structural characterization of a self-assembling b3-peptide
Douglas S. Daniels, Ernest James Petersson, Jade Qiu, Alanna Schepartz
 Using immobilized enzymes to study substrate specificity and free radical chemistry
Bradley E Sturgeon
 I. Polyfluors: Highly emissive fluorophore arrays for DNA detection and biosensing II. II. Polyphenyleneethynylenes (PPEs): Conjugated polymers for photonic and sensing applications
James N. Wilson, Uwe Bunz, Eric T. Kool
 Transcription factors for directed assembly of functional DNA-multiprotein complexes at nanoscale
Grazyna E. Sroga, Jonathan S. Dordick
 Tandem riboswitch functions as a genetic logic gate
Narasimhan Sudarsan, Ming C. Hammond, Kirsten F. Block, Ruediger Welz, Jeffrey E. Barrick, Ronald R. Breaker
 Detecting the enzymatic synthesis of a-galactosyl trisacchride by using a quartz crystal microbalance
Mingchuan Huang, Peng George Wang
 Synthesis of CCA-Phe-cap-biotin isotopomers
Minghong Zhong, Scott A Strobel
 Impact of an alcohol on the depth profile of ion concentrations at the aqueous liquid-vapor interface
Maria J. Krisch, Matthew A. Brown, John C Hemminger, Raffaella D'Auria, Karen M. Callahan, Douglas J. Tobias, Markus Ammann, Hendrik Bluhm
 Alkanethiol self-assembled monolayers as capping agents, molecular resists and lubricants
Noshir S. Pesika, Peter C. Searson, Kathleen J. Stebe, Jacob Israelachvili
 Chemistry of metal and metal oxide nanoparticles: Characterization of small Au nanoparticles using electrospray mass spectrometry
Joseph B. Tracy, Gregory Kalyuzhny, Laurent D. Menard, Ramjee Balasubramanian, Jai-Pil Choi, Matthew C. Crowe, Ralph G. Nuzzo, Royce W. Murray
 Measuring and controlling single molecule motions in supramolecular surface structures
Tao Ye, Tomohide Takami, Jianzhuang Jiang, James M. Tour, Byung-chan Yu, Paul S. Weiss
 Suppression of pyrite oxidation by lipid coating: kinetics, mechanism, surface structures, and implications in acid mine drainage
Xiang V. Zhang, Treavor A. Kendall, Daniel R. Strongin, Martin Schoonen, Scot Martin
 Calculation of the reduction potential of Flavin Adenine Dinucleotide (FAD) in medium chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase Using Combined DFTB/MM Simulations
Sudeep Bhattacharyay, Marian T. Stankovich, Jiali Gao
 Exciton localization in semiconductor carbon nanotubes
Svetlana V. Kilina, Sergei Tretiak
 Synthesis and applications or inorganic and organic nanomaterials
Randall L. Vander Wal
 Theoretical investigations of metal oxide structure and reactivity at environmental interfaces
Cynthia S. Lo
 Controlling intermicellar exchange: Strong-stick and weak-stick collisions in hydrocarbon media
Jianzhong Fu
 Progress in process intensification: Synthesis of imidazole derivatives using a spinning tube-in-tube reactor
James T. Ciszewski, Michael A. Gonzalez
 Adventures in bioinorganic and organometallic chemistry: From small molecule activation to the synthesis of functional macromolecules
Javier Vela
 Mechanistic study of metal catalyzed insertion polymerization and ionic hydrogenation
Fan Wu
 Lithography-free patterning of nanoparticles and nanowires by dip coating
Jiaxing Huang, Andrea R. Tao, Franklin Kim, Steve Connor, Peidong Yang
 Bismuth (III) luminescence in Sillen phases
Yetta Porter-Chapman, Edith Bourret-Courschesne, Marvin Weber, Stephen Derenzo
 C(sp3)-N Bond forming reductive elimination of benzylamines from palladium(II) benzyl amido complexes
Devon C. Rosenfeld, John F. Hartwig
 Cyanide linkage isomerism and spin crossover behavior in pentanuclear cyanide-bridged clusters
Mikhail Shatruk, Alina Dragulescu-Andrasi, Kristen E. Chambers, Andrey V. Prosvirin, Catalina Achim, Kim R. Dunbar
 Development of nanostructured materials (metal oxides, zeolites, mesoprorous materials, hydrotalcites and gold/supported gold nanoparticles) for catalytic, photocatalytic and biomedical applications
Moses O. Adebajo
 Electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution by cobalt complexes of macrocyclic imine ligands
Xile Hu, Bruce B. Brunschwig, Nathan S. Lewis, Jonas C. Peters
 Enhancing solar energy conversion while bringing research experiences to the undergraduate lab
Anne K. Bentley, Kyoung-Shin Choi, Gabriela C. Weaver
 Exploring nitric oxide and dioxygen activation chemistry
Simona C. Puiu, Kenneth D. Karlin, Timothy H. Warren
 From coordination chemistry to crystal engineering: A journey with poly(pyrazolyl)methane ligands
Daniel L. Reger, Radu F. Semeniuc, Mark D. Smith
 High valent oxorhenium(V) catalyzed hydrosilation of organic carbonyl compounds
Guodong Du
 Highly luminescent copper(I) phenanthroline complexes
Michael Santiago Cintrón
 Interaction of nitric oxide with biologically relevant iron-sulfur complexes
Todd C. Harrop, Datong Song, Stephen J. Lippard
 Ionic strength dependence of formation constants, complexation of asparagine with thallium
Dr.Mehdi Vadi Jr.
 Mechanistic studies of dioxygen activation and substrate oxidation by model complexes and metalloenzymes
Liviu M. Mirica
 Metal-metal interactions in actinide and mixed f-element complexes
Eric J. Schelter, Jacqueline M. Veauthier, Brian L. Scott, Kevin D. John, J. D. Thompson, David E. Morris, Jaqueline L. Kiplinger
 Neutral nickel (II) catalysts for the copolymerization of ethylene and methyl methacrylate
Xiawei Zhang, Emil Lobkovsky, Geoffrey W. Coates
 Part I: Generating Ti(III) species through Ti-O bond homolysis: Thermodynamics, kinetics, and applications. Part II: Photo- and thermochemical activations of small molecules
Kuo-Wei Huang
 Raman spectroscopy of cystathionine β-synthase
Colin L. Weeks, Gurusamy Balakrishnan, Mrinalini Puranik, Ruma Banerjee, Thomas G. Spiro
 Selective labeling of extracellular proteins with appended polyhistidine regions by a fluorescein-nitrilotriacetic acid conjugate
Christian R. Goldsmith, Jacek Jaworski, Morgan Sheng, Stephen J. Lippard
 Targeting the S1¢ pocket with intrinsic reporting groups: Toward luminescent probes for the detection of active matrix metalloproteinases
Jay Stork, John T. Mongan, J Andrew McCammon, Seth M. Cohen
 Titania metal oxide microspheres and nanoparticles from ultrasonic spray pyrolysis:
Won Hyuk Suh, Ah Ram Jang, Yoo-Hun Suh, Kenneth S. Suslick
 Water affects the structure and accelerates the dioxygen reactivity of non-heme diiron enzyme model complexes
Min Zhao, Datong Song, Stephen J. Lippard
 Coupling of a targeting synthetic peptide RGD to plasmid DNA via diazo coupling for targeting gene delivery
Yanhong Li, Timothy Heath
 Chemical proteomics and its applications in drug discovery
Zhengying Pan
 PDT efficiency of pheophorbide a analogs upon conjugating with cyclo(RGDfK)
Suresh K. Pandey, Shipra Dubey, Xiang Zheng, Yihui Chen, Carrie A. Butt, Janet Morgan, Michael J. Ciesielski, Munnawar Sajjad, Hani A. Nabi, Robert A. Fenstermaker, Allan R. Oseroff, Ravindra K. Pandey
 A) Nitrogen-directed homoallylic free-radical rearrangements for the construction of bridged azacycles B) Studies on a total synthesis of the microbial immunosuppressive agent FR901483 C) Phosphinoboranes as bifunctional organocatalysts and ambiphilic ligands
Magnus W. P. Bebbington, Didier Bourissou, Ghenwa Bouhadir, Sébastien Bontemps, Steven M. Weinreb, Jeffrey E. Kropf, Ivona C. Meigh, David M. Hodgson, Paul A. Willis
 Acetalization/ring-closing metathesis for synthesis of tetrahydropyran containing natural products thromboxane B2 and spicamycin
Christopher C Marvin, Alexander J. L. Clemens, Michael P. McGuan, Steven D. Burke
 Exploring intramolecular π-π interactions in conjugated polymers
Anne J. McNeil, Peter Mueller, Timothy M. Swager
 Phthalocyanines and azaphthalocyanines: Synthesis, characterization, and applications in photovoltaics
Britt A. Minch, Adam P. Smith, Barney E. Taylor, Michael F. Durstock
 Design, synthetic approaches and characterization of a novel cyclic sulfoximine NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) analog
Joey S. W. Kwong, Matthew D. Lloyd, Michael D. Threadgill
 Efficient synthesis of the bis(tetrahydrofuran) ring core of trilobin and trilobacin and progress toward the synthesis of the natural products
Laura M. Wysocki, Steven D. Burke
 Inhibitors of tryptophanyl-tRNA synthetase from Plasmodium falciparum via in situ click chemistry
Suresh M. Pitram, Zhanna Druzina, Valery V. Fokin, Paul Schimmel, K. Barry Sharpless
 Isomerization of trans-olefins by nucleophilic attack on [CpRu(CO)22-trans-olefin)]BF4 complexes
Kevin M McWilliams, Robert J. Angelici
 Mechanistic elucidation and its application in the development of organic methodology
Jeffrey B Johnson
 Novel synthesis of DNA-mitomycin C adducts formed at N2 of guanine
Elise Champeil, Maria Tomasz
 Optimal Sox-based fluorescent chemosensor design for serine/threonine protein kinases and development of redshifted fluorescent reporters for in vivo studies
Dora Carrico-Moniz, Barbara Imperiali
 Progress towards the total synthesis of communesin B
Jimmy Wu, Barry M Trost
 Rapid synthesis of anhydrous tetrabutylammonium fluoride from potassium fluoride
Haoran Sun, Stephen G. DiMagno
 Site-specific labeling of biomolecules using gold nanoparticles with modified glutathione as ligand
Raymond P Briñas, James F. Hainfeld, Minghui Hu, LuPing Qian, Elena Lymar, Shlomo Trachtenberg
 Transition metal-mediated reduction of conjugated polymers: Effective, efficient synthesis of all cis-arylenevinylenes
Christine G. Espino, Timothy M. Swager
 Photolysis of nitrate in aged sea salt aerosol as a potential Cl2 source
Amy C. Moskun, Lisa M. Wingen, Barbara J. Finlayson-Pitts
 Probing the photochemistry of organic and secondary organic aerosols via chemical ionization mass spectrometry and cavity ringdown spectroscopy
Joelle Underwood, Xiang Pan, Robert Bennigsdorf, Sergey A. Nizkorodov
 Chemical imaging of phase-separated lipid membranes by secondary ion mass spectrometry
Mary L. Kraft, Peter K. Weber, Marjorie L. Longo, Ian D. Hutcheon, Steven G. Boxer
 Combining research in physical chemistry and chemical education
Jack Barbera
 Computational studies of environmentally important interfaces
Collin D. Wick, Liem X. Dang
 Conformations of single chains of conjugated polymers and their dynamics by SERS
Zhenjia Wang, Lewis Rothberg
 Excited state dynamics of pure liquid water: Ionization and dissociation
Christopher G. Elles, Robert A. Crowell, Ilya A. Shkrob, Stephen E Bradforth
 Exciton transfer in organic-semiconductor nanostructures
Dmitri S. Kilin, Kiril Tsemekhman, Eduard I. Zenkevich, Svetlana V. Kilina
 Experimental and computational studies of π-conjugated inorganic single-molecule wires
Geoffrey R. Hutchison, Samuel Flores-Torres, Jacob E. Grose, Daniel C. Ralph, Héctor D. Abruña
 Hydrolysis of Β-lactam via ab initio and QM/MM simulations
Anastassia N. Alexandrova, William L. Jorgensen
 Investigations of conformational transitions and the orientation of β-sheet peptides at model interfaces
Annabel H. Muenter
 Oxidation of monolayers at the air/water interface: Human impact on tropospheric chemistry and atmospheric oxidant impact on human health
Laura F. Voss, Christopher M. Hadad, Heather C. Allen
 QM/QM electronic embedding for electronic structure studies of surface chemistry
Hrant P. Hratchian, Ryan D. Fenno, Ujjal Das, Krishnan Raghavachari, Thom Vreven, Michael J. Frisch
 Secondary structure formation in model peptides
Edward A. Gooding, E. Fouts, C. Palmer, B. Nolan, A. Pozo Ramajo, S. Sharma, J. Wang, Martin Volk
 Structural dynamics of biological relevant species by time resolved electron diffraction
Yonggang He
 A novel, inexpensive tandem-cell approach to solar energy conversion
Paul G. Hoertz, Neal M Abrams, Lara I. Halaoui, Seung-Hyun Lee, Greg D. Barber, Thomas E. Mallouk
 Poly(ethylene glycol)-b-polycaprolactone nanoparticles and their use as drug delivery vehicles
Margarita Herrera-Alonso, Robert K. Prud'homme

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