POLYTuesday, 12 September 2006

6:00 PM-8:00 PM Moscone Center -- Hall D, Poster
Entrepreneurship in Polymers and Technology
Organizers:Kathleen O. Havelka
Peter Zarras
Dennis W. Smith Jr.
Joseph M DeSimone
Rosemarie D. Wesson
Bridging the gap: Views from both sides of an educational interface between business and polymer science
Justin W. Chan, Thomas B. Barker
Communication: A vital key to the success of interdisciplinary programs
Alicyn M. Rhoades, Micah S. Black
Fostering entrepreneurship at the university
Jean-Francois Morizur
Graduate student perspective of high-tech start-up companies: Selected case studies
Micah S Black, Alicyn M Rhodes
Green polyolefins
Sigridur Jonasdottir, Anne Venturelli, Robert B. Wilson Jr.
Igert courses foster creativity and technology development for start up companies
Andrew Magenau
International immersion for graduate student education: EMPS IGERT, a graduate student perspective
Stacy M. Trey, Lisa K. Kemp
Operation dissemination, an exercise in creativity
Tiffany D. Clark, Jeremy Swanson
Road to a business plan competition: EMPS IGERT, the learning never ends
Nicholas L. Hammond, Lisa K. Kemp
USM/UM EMPS IGERT: Student journey toward collaboration and technology development
Lisa K. Kemp, Stacy M. Trey

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The 232nd ACS National Meeting, San Francisco, CA, September 10-14, 2006