ORGNTuesday, 12 September 2006

8:00 PM-10:00 PM Moscone Center -- Hall D, Poster
New Reactions and Methodology, Heterocycles and Aromatics, Bioorganic Chemistry
Organizer:Robert D. Larsen
Aqueous phosphoric acid as a mild reagent for deprotection of tert-butyl carbamates, esters and ethers
Bryan Li, Martin A. Berliner, Richard A. Buzon, Charles K-F Chiu, Steve Colgan, Takushi Kaneko, Nandell Keene, William S. Kissel, Tung V. Le, Kyle R. Leeman, Lisa Newell, John Weaver, Michael Witt, Zhijun Zhang
Quick and easy solution-phase synthesis and purification method using hydrophobic tag "Hiver"TM
Yusuke Kono, Shokaku Kim, Kazuhiro Chiba
Microwave-assisted synthesis of chiral O-(α-protected-aminoacyl) steroids, -sugars,-terpenes, and -alcohols
Parul Angrish
Microwave-assisted synthesis utilizing solid-supported reagents and scavengers: A rapid and versatile technique in multi-step organic synthesis and purification
Shahnaz Ghassemi
Organometallic chemistry in living cells
Craig Streu, Eric Meggers
Compact water-soluble bioconjugatable porphyrins
K. Eszter Borbas, Jonathan S. Lindsey
Testing the randomness of fluctuations in product yield
Paul Johnson, Ling Huang
Novel water-soluble aminophosphinothiol for traceless Staudinger ligation
Annie Tam, Matthew B. Soellner, Ronald T Raines
Facile functional group interconversions using copolymerized triphenylphosphines
Paul A Boguszewski, Alasdair A MacDonald, Aubrey J Mendonca, Frank P Warner
One-pot conversion of carboxylic acids to amides by in situ generated N-hydroxysuccinimide esters
Misoo Kim, Ki-Jong Han
Conversion of N4-(α-aminoacyl)cytidines to N-(4-cytidinyl)amino acid amides by a novel rearrangement reaction
Frantz Victor, Deyi Zhang, David M Bender, Jeffrey A Peterson, Robert D Boyer, Gregory A Stephenson, Adam Azman, James R McCarthy
Synthesis of O-alkylarylhydroximoyl azides
Artie S. McKim, Debra D. Dolliver
Allenyl boron derivatives in the synthesis of amines and heterocycles
Nicos A. Petasis, Fotini Liepouri
Nickel-catalyzed amination of aryl chlorides at room temperature by using a bulky phenanthryl N-heterocyclic carbene ligand
Wenhua Feng, Qiang Chai, Minghu Huang, Zhijun Sun, Hongwei Yu, Xueying Liu, Changqin Ma, Yudao Ma
Copper-catalyzed C-N bond formation: The cross-coupling of oxime esters and vinyl boronic acids
Songbai Liu, Ying Yu, Lanny S. Liebeskind
Palladium-catalyzed directed oxidation of carbon-hydrogen bonds
Allison R. Dick, Dipannita Kalyani, Melanie S. Sanford
In situ reductive ozonolysis of olefins: Capture and decomposition of carbonyl oxides by N-oxides
Chris Schwartz, Patrick Dussault
The SiliCycle® SiliaCat™ TEMPO: An effective and useful oxidizing catalyst
Genevieve Gingras, Michel Morin, Mario Pagliaro, David Avnir, François Béland
Isopolyperoxo-tungstates and -molybdates with large quaternary ammonium of preparations and catalytic activities in green synthesis of adipic acid
Wenshuai Zhu, Huaming Li, Xiaoying He, Huoming Shu, Chunxiang Li, Haiyan Ji
Oxidation of benzyl alcohol to benzaldehyde with peroxotungstates in ionic liquids
Huaming Li, Junxiang Guo, Wenshuai Zhu, Zhijun Luo, Huoming Shu
Clean synthesis of adipic acid by large quaternary ammonium dectungstates
Wenshuai Zhu, Huaming Li, Xiaoying He, Huoming Shu, Chunxiang Li, Haiyan Ji
Sulfation via sulfite diesters
Martijn Huibers, Floris P. J. T. Rutjes, Floris L. van Delft
Reiterative approach for the synthesis of the ansa chains of streptovaricins D and U
Wildeliz Torres, Jose A. Prieto
Mono- and sequential condensations of 1,3-bis(diethylphosphono)acetone
David F. Zigler, George A. Hudson, Brendan P. Aydt, Kelly A. Cosgrove, Bret Van Ausdall, Edward M. Treadwell
Diastereoselective intermolecular radical conjugate addition to α,β -disubstituted unsaturated esters
Irina Denisova, Yvan Guindon
Domino Sakurai/Mukaiyama aldol/Schmidt reactions of azido aldehydes with enones
Huaxing Pei, Huey-Lih Lee, D. Srinavasa Reddy, Gagandeep Somal, Yibin Zeng, Jeffrey Aubé
Use of borate as an organic phosphate mimic in aldolase-catalyzed reactions: Practical syntheses of L-fructose and L-iminocyclitols
Masakazu Sugiyama, Lisa J Whalen, Zhang-Yong Hong, William A. Greenberg, Chi-Huey Wong
Asymmetric cross aldol reaction of 1,2-diketones and ketones mediated by L-proline derivatives
Sampak Samanta, Cong-Gui Zhao
Organocatalytic enantioselective synthesis of α-hydroxy phosphonates
Sampak Samanta, Cong-Gui Zhao
Electrophilic activation of Lewis base complexes of borane for aromatic substitution
Timothy S. De Vries, Edwin Vedejs
Conjugate additions of aryl boronic acids to electron-deficient olefins
William C. Trenkle, Marcus D. Faust Jr., Julia L. Barkin, Dwight A. Sweigart
Paper Withdrawn
Paper Withdrawn
One-pot process for the amination of oxazolidinone mesylate by sodium diformylamide
Jinchu Liu, Mark Cameron, Scott Hoerrner, James M. McNamara
Reaction of electrophilic allyl halides with amines and imines: A reinvestigation
Sven Mangelinckx, Norbert De Kimpe
Asymmetric acylimidazole alkylation using phase-transfer catalysis
Merritt B. Andrus, Erik J. Hicken, David K. Bedke, Michael A. Christiansen
Functional group reduction: Developing a better understanding of electron transfer
Farrah L. Bhatti, Timothy J Donohoe
Asymmetric conjugate addition of various silylzincate reagents: How important is the copper?
Yonglian Zhang, Mikael Bergdahl
Fluorinated synthons for modified Julia olefinations
Barbara Zajc, Arun K Ghosh
Enantioselective synthesis of hexadienes via tandem Pd(0)-catalyzed decarboxylative sp3-sp3 coupling/Cope rearrangement
Shelli R. Waetzig, Dinesh K. Rayabarapu, Jimmie D. Weaver, Jon A. Tunge
Bioinspired decarboxylative coupling of amino acid derivatives
Erin C. Burger, Jon A. Tunge
Copper(I)-catalyzed conjugate addition of alkenyl-alkylzincate reagents: New tool in synthesis of complex molecules
Amer El-Batta, Mikael Bergdahl
Stereoselective alkylation of α,β-unsaturated imines via C-H bond activation
Denise A. Colby, Robert G. Bergman, Jonathan A. Ellman
Bismuth nitrate-catalyzed versatile Paal-Knoor reactions of 3-amino beta-lactams
Bimal K. Banik, Isabella Garcia, Karen Gomez
Lewis Acids-catalyzed electrophilic substitution of indole with carbonyl compounds
Bimal K. Banik, Calista Aguilar
Sodium bismuthate-induced oxidation of aromatic hydrocarbons
Bimal K. Banik, Hector Aguilar, Luis Canales
Acid-induced Michael reaction of indoles in aqueous media
Bimal K. Banik, Isabella Garcia, Frances Morales
Suzuki cross-couplings for functionalized azobenzene synthesis
Jessica H Harvey, Brandon K Butler, Matthew Volgraf, Dirk Trauner
Mild thermal and acid-catalyzed rearrangement of O-aryl ethers into ortho- and para-hydroxy arenes
Rachel Turnbull, Philip D. Magnus
Methods for regiospecific and highly stereoselective glycosylation of purines: Synthesis of purine 2'-deoxynucleosides including 2-chloro-2'-deoxyadenosine (cladribine)
Minghong Zhong, Morris J. Robins
Efficient exclusion of N7 alkylation by a proximal C-H bond: Restricted planar conformations of 6-heteroarylpurines provide regiospecific N9 alkylation
Minghong Zhong, Morris J. Robins
Unexpected intermolecular Pd-catalyzed cross-coupling reaction employing heterocyclic carboxylic acids and aryl halides
François Bilodeau, Marie-Christine Brochu, Miguel St-Onge, Pat Forgione
Bicyclic and tricyclic-ß-lactones via nucleophile-catalyzed bis-cyclizations of keto acid substrates: Application to the synthesis of dihydroplakevulin
Changsuk Lee, Huda Henry-Riyad, Daniel Romo
Rate acceleration effects in the Nazarov cyclization of aryl dienones
Andrew P. Marcus, Richmond Sarpong
Lewis acid–catalyzed aziridination without the usual byproducts
Arindam Mazumdar, Michael F. Mayer
Observation of catalytic aziridination in the presence of viologen additives
Zheng Xue, Michael F. Mayer
4,4-bis(Methylthio)azetidin-2-ones as templates for preparation of S,S-dithioacetals, 1,3-dicarbonyl- and 1,2,3 –tricarbonyl systems
Monika Konaklieva
Syntheses and reactions of a new series of twisted lactams
Lei Yao, Aaron D. Wrobleski, Jennifer E. Golden, Jeffrey Aubé
Catalyzed allylboration reaction towards trisubstituted five-membered lactones
Tim G Elford, Dennis G. Hall
Synthesis of tetramic and tetronic acids by tellurium-triggered Dieckmann-type cyclizations
Donald C. Dittmer, Dmytro V. Avilov, Elliot B. Hohn, Zachary J. Martens, Qun Li, Matthew W. Bacler
N-Sulfonyloxy carbamates as reoxidants for aminohydroxylation reactions
David J. Klauber, Timothy J. Donohoe, Majid J. Chughtai, David Griffin, Andrew D. Campbell
Halogenation studies of thiodiglycolic acid and thiodiglycolic diethylester: Synthesis of 1,4-diethyl-1,2,5-trithiapentane
David B. Engel, Lawrence K. Montgomery
Thiapentalene precursors via t-butyl malonate esters
Riley G. Jones, Chad A. Snyder
Investigation of a facile intramolecular N→C acyl migration
Joanna L. S. Turteltaub, Paul G. Williard
New synthetic approach for acyclic and cyclic hydroxamic acids: Preparation of polyhydroxamate chelators for iron
Aravamudan S. Gopalan, Yuan Liu, Hollie K. Jacobs
Development of stereoselective transition metal-catalyzed reductive cyclizations
Hon Wai Lam, Pekka M Joensuu, Gordon J Murray, Euan AF Fordyce, Oscar Prieto
Intramolecular hetero-Diels-Alder reactions, domino Knoevenagel/hetero-Diels-Alder and Knoevenagel/hetero-Diels-Alder/elimination reactions
Sabitha Gowravaram, Venkata E Reddy, Srinivas Alla Reddy, Ch Maruthi, J. S. Yadav
Assessing the efficacy of the modified Julia alkenation for the synthesis of alpha, beta-unsaturated lactones
Paul R. Blakemore, Heath E. Giesbrecht
Acid-catalyzed cascade approach to N-aryl-1,4-dihydropyridines
Yan-Guang Wang, Sun-Liang Cui
Use of gallium(III) triflate as an efficient Lewis acid catalyst for multicomponent and cyclization reactions
G. K. Surya Prakash, Thomas Mathew, Habiba Vaghoo, Chiradeep Panja, George A. Olah
Fluorous phase Pummerer cyclative-capture for the synthesis of N-heterocycles
David J. Procter, Rosemary A. McCormick, Laura A. McAllister, Karen M. James
Facile synthesis of isodamascone and its analogs
D. W. Rangnekar, V. S. Kulkarni, P. V. Ranade, R. W. Sabnis
Microwave-accelerated synthesis of fluoroarenes
Matthew H Daniels, Graham B. Jones
An efficient method for synthesis of 4-bromo-12- benzophenone-imine [2,2]paracyclophane by using Hartwig-Buchwald reaction
Yudao Ma, Tong Zhou, Xi Fang, Changqin Ma, Qiang Chai, Minghu Huang, Xueying Liu, Chun Song
New synthetic approach to highly functionalized 2-aminophenyl naphthohydroquinones
Kimberly D. Fisher, Björn C. G. Söderberg
Synthesis and properties of 1,4-difluorobenzo[c]phenanthrene and its metabolites
Mahesh K. Lakshman, Suyeal Bae, Heduck Mah
Survey of the two-step, one-flask reaction of 5-pentafluorophenyldipyrromethane with a 5,5-dimethyldipyrromethanedicarbinol species bearing pentafluorophenyl substituents
Anna Y. O'Brien, G. Richard Geier III
Progress towards a rigid triarylmethane molecular motor stator
Nicholas M Hext, Thomas W Bell
Synthesis of novel tetraazamacrocyclic antiparasitic agents
David J. Robins, Caroline M. Reid, Andrew Sutherland
Determination of pKa of Bilirubin-C-10-sulfonate
Suchitra Datta, David A. Lightner
Synthesis of methoxy-[6]-semirubins
Sanjeev K. Dey, David A. Lightner
A new synthesis of 131-oxophorbines, simple mimics of chlorophyll
Muthiah Chinnasamy, Joydev K. Laha, Masahiko Taniguchi, Jonathan S. Lindsey
Synthesis of porphyrins bearing distinct patterns of C1 substituents
Zhen Yao, Jayeeta Bhaumik, Dhanalekshmi Savithri, Marcin Ptaszek, Phillip A. Rodriguez, Jonathan S. Lindsey
An efficient two-step synthesis of 3-amino-1-benzhydrylazetidine
Michael Witt, Bryan Li, Thomas A. Brandt, David Whritenour
Benzofuran synthesis via α-acylcarbonium ions
Na Liu, Robert J. Twieg
Oxidative rearrangement of 2-alkoxy-3,4-dihydro-2H-pyrans: Stereocontrolled synthesis of tetrahydrofuranones
Alan Armstrong, Hunsuk Chung
Synthesis of dithieno [3,2-b:2',3'-d] thiophene derivatives from 1,8 diketones
Olcay Mert, Ayhan S. Demir, Turan Ozturk, Serap Eroksuz
Transition metal-catalyzed formation of heterocycles
Katherine M. P. Wheelhouse, Timothy J. Donohoe, Paul Glossop
Formation of enantiopure pyrroline building blocks for natural product synthesis
Rhian E Thomas, Timothy J Donohoe, Ian D. Linney
Intramolecular cyclization reactions of carbamate and N-acyl derivatives of sulfoxides and phosphonates: Approach to functionalized dihydropyrrolidine systems
Aravamudan S. Gopalan, Sarah Gibson, Hollie K. Jacobs
Synthesis of highly functionalized tetramic acids and α-substituted pyroglutamates from L-threonine
Muhammad Anwar, Mark Moloney
Convenient synthesis of aza-polycyclic aromatic compounds by superacid-induced cyclizations
Douglas A. Klumpp, Ang Li, Daniel J. DeSchepper
Novel selective syntheses of indoles or quinolines from 2-nitrostyrenes
Serge R Banini, Bjorn GC. Soderberg
Synthesis of hetero-fused thiazole azo dyes
Vikas Nawathye, A. G. Gadre, R. W. Sabnis
1H and 2-D NMR spectra of 1, 1'-diethyl-2, 2'-cyanine iodide in water and methanol
Irina A. Struganova, Tony Wallner, James Kelly, Ileana Pazos
Design and synthesis of N-heterocyclic carbenes for organocatalytic redox reactions
Justin R. Struble, Jeffrey W. Bode
First synthesis of 3-methyl-substituted 2,4-diketo esters and their use in pyrazole heterocycles
Venugopal Rao Veeramaneni, Janardhan Reddy Jakkidi, Prem Kumar Chitineni, Jaipal Reddy Gowrigari, Venkataiah Sunku
Parallel synthesis and biological screeening of pyrazole and pyrimidine analogs
John Nielsen, Tobias Persson, Jakob E. Rasmussen
Synthesis of 3-aroyl-N-2,4-dichlorophenylindoles
Reyhan Iseri, John W. Huffman
Synthesis of amides from o-chlorophenylaceticacid
Reyhan Iseri, John W. Huffman
Preparation of N, N', N''-trisubstituted guanidines
Niveen M. Khashab, Alan R. Katritzky
A one-pot synthesis of 5-carbonylmethyl-1,2,4-oxadiazoles from amidoximes under solvent-free conditions
Wu Du, William K. Hagmann, Jeffrey J Hale
Facile and highly efficient synthesis of a novel class of chromene-3-yl-imidazo[1,5-a]pyridines
Xin Xu, Olayinka O. Ogunro II, Xiu R. Bu
A nitrile anion acylation route to (–)-swainsonine
William C. Trenkle, Sirong Gao
Stereodiverse route to piperidines
Louis V. Adriaenssens, Mairi Gibson, Richard C. Hartley
Stereoselective synthesis of cycloalkane condensed 4,5-dihydropyridazinones
Bryan A. Fiamengo, Paul T. Buonora
Synthesis of planar-chiral bridged bipyridines and terpyridines
Nobuhiro Kanomata, Jun Suzuki, Hironobu Kubota
Tetrahydroquinoline-3-carboxylic esters by a tandem reduction-reductive amination reaction
Richard A. Bunce, James E. Schammerhorn
Total synthesis of the putative structure of the gonioheptolides
Peter C. Sill, Keith R. Buszek
Azepine assembly via cyclopropanol fragmentation
Marita C. Lawler, Erik M. Stang, Kevin P. C. Minbiole
Cyclopropanol fragmentation approach to the synthesis of oxepanes and oxocanes
R. Stephen Andrews, Kevin P. C. Minbiole
Towards a gated synthetic ion channel for controlled ion transport
Parag V. Jog, Mary S. Gin
First total synthesis of the bacterial fatty acids (Z)-13-methyltetradec-8-enoic acid and (Z)-15-methylhexadec-10-enoic acid: Bacterial fatty acids with biological potential
Néstor M. Carballeira, Nashbly Montano, Luis F. Padilla
Synthesis of the phosphoramidite derivatives of 2'-deoxy-2'-C-a-ethylcytidine and 2'-deoxy-2'-C-a-hydroxyethylcytidine
Nan-Sheng Li, Joseph A. Piccirilli
Electric fields in DNA via the vibrational Stark effect of nitrile probes
Peter O Ankomah, Michael E. Pitzer, Edward E. Fenlon
Combinatorial polyfluors in biomolecular detection
Yin Nah Teo, James N. Wilson, Younjin Cho, Eric T. Kool
The Pennsylvania Green fluorophore: A hybrid of Oregon Green and Tokyo Green for the construction of hydrophobic and pH-insensitive molecular probes
Laurie Mottram, Siwarutt Boonyarattanakalin, Rebecca E. Kovel
DNA as template in PNA-peptide ligation reactions: A strategy for the detection of single-base mutations
Tom N. Grossmann, Christian Dose, Oliver Seitz
Probing drug-receptor interactions with unnatural amino acids
Kiowa Bower, Xinan Xiu, Kristin Rule, Michael Torrice, Henry A. Lester, Dennis A. Dougherty
Secondary structure in cyclopropane g-amino acids stabilized by C-H hydrogen bonds
Martin D. Smith, M. Khurram Qureshi
Synthesis of photolabile 2-(3, 4-methylenedioxy 6-nitrophenyl)-propyloxycarbonyl-protected amino acids
Kumar R. Bhushan
Palladium-catalyzed synthesis of conformationally constrained small cyclic peptides via an intramolecular Suzuki coupling
Javed Iqbal, V. Balraju, Mariappan Periasamy
Highly efficient synthesis of peptidomimetic macrocycles
Sung Bin Y. Shin, Barney Yoo, Kent Kirshenbaum
Solid-phase synthesis of a biologically active phalloidin analog
Laura A. Schuresko, R. Scott Lokey
Total synthesis of Katanosin B
Aikomari Guzman-Martinez, Ryan B. Lamer, Michael S. VanNieuwenhze
New building blocks for the synthesis of conformationally restricted β-peptides
Antonio Morán Ramallal, Javier González, Carlos del Pozo Losada, Alberto Macías Rabanal
Effect of fullerene amino acids with flexible linkage unit on peptide's cell transport and peptide's secondary structure
Nadjmeh Doostdar, Andrew R. Barron
Influence of pentafluoroaromatic functionality on peptoid secondary structure
Benjamin C. Gorske, Helen E. Blackwell
New flexible solution-phase and solid-phase peptide synthesis methods for peptide-DOTA molecular imaging probes
Byunghee Yoo, Mark D. Pagel
Peptide bond formation in aqueous media using N-(3-dimethylaminopropyl)-N'-ethylcarbodiimide hydrochloride
David Mitchell, John Pu, Sathish Boini, Christopher W. Doecke, Ken Moder, Radhe Vaid
Ligation of diverse peptoid sequences
Barney Yoo, Kent Kirshenbaum
Straightforward preparation of peptides displaying an internal thioester linkage
Yazmin T Rosa Bauza, Jonathan A. Ellman
Synthesis of aminoacylated dinucleotide, pdCpA-Baa, for ribosome-mediated biosynthesis of peptide sequence including Bucky amino acid (Baa)
Amanda Strom, Andrew R. Barron
Paper Withdrawn
Diastereoselective preparation of substituted α-amino-(1,3,4,9-tetrahydro-pyrano[3,4-b]indol-1-yl)acetates as inhibitors of HCV NS5B polymerase
Matthew G. LaPorte, Tandy L. Draper, Lori E. Miller, Christopher J. Burns, Srinivas K. Chunduru, Dorothy C. Young, Stephen M. Condon
Organometallic protein kinase inhibitors
Douglas S. Williams, Howard Bregman, G. Ekin Atilla, Eric Meggers
Design of modified organometallic complexes as protein kinase inhibitors
Nicholas Pagano, Howard Bregman, Douglas S. Williams, Jasna Maksimoska, Eric Meggers
Re-engineering β-1,4-galactosyltransferase-1 to accept a UDP-Gal analog
Michelle E. Rueffer, Jennifer J. Kohler
Enzymatic formation of multiple triterpenes by mutation of histidine 234 of the oxidosqualene-lanosterol cyclase from saccharomyces cerevisiae
Yuan-Ting Liu, Tung-Kung Wu
Site-saturated mutagenesis of phenylalanine 445 of saccharomyces cerevisiae oxidosqualene-lanosterol cyclase results in production of isomalabaricane triterpenoid and parkeol
Tung-Kung Wu, Yuan-Ting Liu, Feng-Hsuan Chiu
Identification of a putative active site residue within oxidosqualene-lanosterol cyclase from saccharomyces cerevisiae that influences B/C ring cyclization
Wen-Hsuan Li, Tung-Kung Wu
Molecular cloning and inhibition studies of oxidosqualene-lanosterol cyclase from bovine liver using a novel Ro48-8071 based fluorescence probe
Cheng-Hsiang Chang, Tung-Kung Wu

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