CHEDMonday, 11 September 2006

2:30 PM-4:30 PM Moscone Center -- Hall D, Poster
Undergraduate Research Poster Session: Physical Chemistry
Organizer:Andrea T Bennett
A variable temperature reaction apparatus for automating atmospheric chemical kinetics studies
Christopher S. Smeal
Activity coefficients of HBr + NdBr3 + H2O system from 5 to 55C
Michael S. Fuge, Chandra N. Roy, Brittany J. Park, Lakshmi N. Roy, Rabindra N. Roy
An investigation for the complexes of iron ions with carbohydrates
Assem I. Abdulahad, N. Ravi, Subhash C. Bhatia
Biophysical analysis of the milk fat globule membrane
Peter J. Krommenhoek, Grant Gallagher, Rafael Jimenez-Flores, Derek E. Gragson, John P. Hagen III, Peter V. Schwartz
Comparison of surface adsorption between reduced and oxidized cytochrome c on fused silica
Casey M. Kraning, Kayla S. Bloome, Carrie Ann Hedge, Ken D. Clevenger, Tara L. Benz, Todd A. Hopkins, Geoffrey C. Hoops, Meng-Chih Su
Construction and experimentation of a Ranque-Hilsch vortex tube
Lizette Gutierrez, Charles A. Smith
Determination of the ionization constants of amino acids at elevated temperatures and pressures
Michael C Giano, Gregory H Zimmerman
Development of a laser induced breakdown spectrometer for undergraduate research and the physical chemistry lab
Philip Webster, Brock Dyer, Derek E. Gragson
Dithiocarbamate-capped silver nanoparticles: Synthesis, spectroscopic, and electrochemical studies
Moony C Tong, Jia Sun, Shaowei Chen
Emission spectroscopy of hydroxyl radicals in the 306 nm to 324 nm region of the electromagnetic spectrum
Kellen M. Harkness
Flammability properties of partially fluorinated hydrocarbons and percolation theory
Chris Blaszkowski, Ismail Kul
Investigation of the motions of enkephalins using NMR spin relaxation
Ryan T. Gingo, Michael M. Fuson
Liquid-state dynamic nuclear polarization with varying microwave power and free radicals
Austin David McRobbie
Measuring the ultraviolet-visible broadband emission spectrum of hybrid rocket exhaust plumes
Megan S. Easterly
Open path diode laser absorption studies of the exhaust plumes of hybrid rockets
Charles F. Rivenbark II
Simulating photoelectron spectra using ab initio calculation results
Sharon Betterton, Patrick E. Fleming
Spectroscopy of AuO: A new look at the near-infrared electronic transition
Anne E. Oberlink, Leah C. O'Brien
Spectroscopy of CuN: A new electronic transition in the near-infrared
Darci J. Trader, Anne E. Oberlink, Leah C. O'Brien
Surface tension of mixed non-ionic surfactant solutions
Marc Bresler, John P. Hagen III
Synthesis and surface characterization of sodium dioctadecyldiothicarbamate
Meredith Chabrier, John P. Hagen III, Kevin Kingsbury
The oxidation of CO on titania-supported thin gold surfaces: A density functional study
Nathan Froemming, Graeme Henkelman
Thermodynamics of aqueous lanthanide chloride and bromide salts
Lakshmi N. Roy, Rabindra N. Roy
Thermodynamics of HBr + PrBr3 + H2O system at 5-55C
Neha K. Sangoi, Chandra N. Roy, Shahaf Ashkenazi, Hannah M. Hughes, Lakshmi N. Roy, Rabindra N. Roy
Thermodynamics of unsymmetrical mixed electrolytes HCl + TbCl3 + H2O
Craig D. Dunseth, Samantha D. Egbert, Lakshmi N. Roy, Rabindra N. Roy
Use of epifluorescent microscopy to determine phase diagrams of cholesterol-phospholipid monolayers
John Kong, John P. Hagen III
Water-heptane-acetone phase diagram
Jon White, John P. Hagen III

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The 232nd ACS National Meeting, San Francisco, CA, September 10-14, 2006