FUELTuesday, 12 September 2006

1:30 PM-5:05 PM Palace -- Marina Room, Oral
Advances in Hydrogen Production
Organizers:Yong Wang
David L. King
1:30 PMKeynote Address. Low emissions generation of hydrogen
David L. Trimm
2:10 PMGeneration of 1 kg/h of hydrogen from diesel oil or soybean biodiesel
Albin Czernichowski, Mieczyslaw Czernichowski, Krystyna Wesolowska
2:30 PMA thermodynamic analysis of hydrogen production by steam reforming of glycerol
Sushil Adhikari, Sandun Fernando, Steven R. Gwaltney, Agus Haryanto
2:50 PMInvestigation of the potential application of MgO in Ni-YSZ SOFC anodes
XianQin Wang, Hyun-Seog Roh, David L King, Ya-Huei Chin, Yong Wang, Yuanbo Lin
3:10 PMIntermission
3:25 PMCatalytic decomposition of hydrogen sulfide into hydrogen and sulfur
Abolghasem Shamsi
3:45 PMCatalytic decomposition of sulfuric acid on silicon carbides for sulfur-based thermochemical water spliting cycles
Ja Hun Kwak, Yong Wang, Daniel M. Ginosar, Lucia M. Petkovic
4:05 PMMetal oxide catalysts for sulfur-based thermochemical water splitting cycles
Daniel M. Ginosar, Harry W. Rollins, Lucia M. Petkovic, Kyle C. Burch, Tracy P. Houghton
4:25 PMHydrogen generation in novel catalytic reactor for solar-energy driven photolysis of water
Yanghee Kim, Prabir K. Dutta
4:45 PMConcluding Remarks

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