PETRMonday, 11 September 2006

8:30 AM-10:30 AM Moscone Center -- Hall D, Poster
Division of Petroleum Chemistry Poster Session
Organizers:Yong Wang
James G Speight
Adsorption isotherms of artificial zeolite L
JianzhaoI Qin, YiliangI Chen, Shiling Guo, Jun Xu, Yuzhong Zhan, Dongyan Wei
Cyclotrimerization of acetylene to benzene on a Au-Pd surface
Kerrie K Gath, D. Kumar, T. Wei, C-W. Yi, M-S. Chen, DW. Goodman
Development of ethylene glycol monomethyl ether soyate as a novel biodiesel
Hejun Guo, Shenghua Liu, Longbao Zhou, Yanfeng Gong, Hongyun Zhang, Dayong Jiang
Development of potential gas oil cracking catalysts by incorporating tetrahderal aluminum in SBA-15
Conrad W. Ingram, Yohannes Ghirmazion, Tesfamariam Mehreteab
Electrochemical synthesis of hollandite and its reactivity in the reduction of manganese oxide by methane
HY. Lin, CT. Yang, NT. Suen, MY. Liao, NS. Chong
Evaluation of density functionals and semiempirical methods for highly fluorinated amines and hydrocarbons
Elizabeth A. Amin, Philippe Bühlmann
Experimental study on the absorption conditions of indirect electrolysis of hydrogen sulfide for hydrogen and sulfur
Haiyan Huang, Ying Yu, Reigang Liu
Highly selective conversion of bioethanol into lower olefins over Ni-ion loaded mesoporous silica catalysts
Kouji Kasai, Teruki Haishi, Takashi Yamamoto, Masakazu Iwamoto
Low temperature oxidative dehydrogenation of propane/ethane on nanosized Ti-Ni-O catalyst
Ying Wu, Yiming He, Tinghua Wu, Weizheng Weng, Huilin Wan
Oxidative desulfurization of naphtha with hydrogen peroxide in the presence of acid catalyst in naphtha-acetic acid solutions
Kazumasa Yazu, Shinya Sato, Akimitsu Matsumura, Ikuo Saito
Selective hydrogenation of acetylene on non-thermal plasma derived Pd-based catalysts
Chunkai Shi, Ben W-L. Jang
Selective oxidation of propane to acrolein over SiO2 supported Mo-Bi-Te catalysts
Yiming He, Ying Wu, Xiaodong Yi, Weizheng Weng, Huilin Wan
Study of the effect of resins on the aggregation process of asphaltenes
Jimmy Castillo, Sócrates Acevedo, Jose Chirinos, María A. Ranaudo, Omar Ocanto
Sulfur resistant bimetallic noble metal catalysts: A theoretical approach
Hong Jiang, Hong Yang, Zbigniew Ring
Synergy effect between Te2MoO7 and MoO3 in partial oxidation of propylene to acrolein
Yiming He, Ying Wu, Xiaodong Yi, Weizheng Weng, Huilin Wan
Synthesis and modification of zeolite KL
Yiliang Chen, JIanzhao Qin, Junhong Zhao, Shiling Guo, Yuzhong Zhan, Jun Xu, Dongyan Wei
The characterization of phosphorus modified Y zeolites
Jianqiu Zhang
Validation of density functionals, semiempirical methods, and new multicoefficient correlation methods for Zn coordination chemistry
Elizabeth A. Amin, Donald G. Truhlar

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The 232nd ACS National Meeting, San Francisco, CA, September 10-14, 2006