PETRThursday, 14 September 2006

8:30 AM-11:10 AM Palace -- Presidio Room, Oral
Chemistry of Petroleum and Emerging Technologies
Organizer:Marvin I. Greene
8:30 AMDownhole upgrading of Orinoco-based extra-heavy crude oil using hydrogen donors under steam injection conditions: Effect of the presence of catalysts
Cesar Ovalles, Victor Rivero, Arelys Salazar, Fernando González-Jiménez, Edgar Jaimes
8:50 AMEfficient conversion of thiols to disulfides by 2,3-tetrapyridinoporphyarzinocobalt(III) catalyzed aerobic oxidation
Phillip D. Voegel, Jacob Shaffer
9:10 AMMeasuring the olefin content of FCC gasoline
Gary G. Podrebarac, Arvids Judzis Jr.
9:30 AMSelective removal of organic sulfur from model fuel
Yuuki Mochizuki, Katsuyasu Sugawara, Takuo Sugawara
9:50 AMStudy on influence of coker heavy fractions on hydrogen-transfer ability of vacuum residue during thermal reaction
Yue-yuan Ye, Ai-jun Guo
10:10 AMUsing ZSM-5 additive with DMS based (Distributed Matrix Structure) FCC catalyst for increased propylene production
James C. Fu, Mingting Xu
10:30 AMCatalytic activity of K/Co/beta-Mo2C for mixed alcohols synthesis via syngas
minglin Xiang, Debao Li, Huijie Qi, Wenhuai Li, Bing Zhong, Yuhan Sun
10:50 AMStudy on influence factors of fermentation of refinery oily sludge
Zhang Xiu-xia, Zhang Yun-bo, Liu Qiyou, Geng Chunxiang, Zhou Lei

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The 232nd ACS National Meeting, San Francisco, CA, September 10-14, 2006