Hydrogen production from residual glycerol obtained from biomass transesterification

FUEL 122

A. Iriondo, inbirhea@lg.ehu.es1, M. B. Güemez, belen.guemez@ehu.es2, V. L. Barrio, laura.barrio@ehu.es1, J. F. Cambra, jose.cambra@ehu.es1, P. L. Arias, pedroluis.arias@ehu.es1, R. Navarro, r.navarro@icp.csic.es3, M. C. Sánchez-Sánchez3, and JLG. Fierro, jlgfierro@icp.csic.es3. (1) Department of Environmental and Chemical Engineering, University of the Basque Country (School of Engineering), c/ Alameda Urquijo s/n, Bilbao, 48013, Spain, (2) Department of Nuclear Engineering and Fluids Mechanics, University of the Basque Country (School of Engineering), c/ Alameda Urquijo s/n, Bilbao, 48013, Spain, (3) Structure and Reactivity, Instituto de Catalisis y Petroleoquimica, CSIC, Marie Curie, 2, Madrid, 28049, Spain
Hydrogen generation via steam reforming of glycerol, a by-product in the biodiesel production, has been studied.

The activity tests are carried out in a fixed-bed catalytic reactor at 773 K and 873 K with nickel catalysts supported on g-alumina and modified by different contents of MgO, ZrO2, CeO2 or La2O3. The feed composition was increased from 1 to 10% of glycerol in water which is a similar content to that obtained in the first phase glycerol separation from biodiesel.

The experimental results indicate that all catalysts are able to convert the glycerol completely with values very close to the predicted by thermodynamic equilibrium. Indeed, special attention must be paid to the product distribution. The promoters addition allows to improves significantly hydrogen selectivity, avoiding the formation of undesirable by-products if compared with non-promoted catalyst. This improvement achieves its maximum for the promoted catalyst with a 5%wt of lanthana.


Advances in Hydrogen Production
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