Variability of single wall carbon nanotubes produced by pulsed laser vaporization, arc discharge and HiPco


Ed Sosa, edward.sosa-1@nasa.gov1, Pavel Nikolaev, pasha.nikolaev-1@nasa.gov1, William Holmes1, Olga Gorelik1, Sivaram Arepalli1, and Leonard Yowell2. (1) ERC Inc. / NASA JSC, Mail Stop JE62, P. O. Box 58561, Houston, TX 77258, (2) NASA JSC, Mail Stop ES-4, P. O. Box 58561, houston, TX 77258
Variation in the quality and physical characteristics of single wall nanotubes produced by pulsed laser ablation, arc discharge and high pressure disproportionation of carbon monoxide (HiPco) methods were examined. For each production method single wall nanotube material was collected from different zones within the production chamber or in the case of HiPco at different times during the growth process. The purity, morphology and physical properties of these materials were characterized using the Johnson Space Center (JSC) characterization protocol.1 It was observed that the quality and physical characteristics are influenced by the region within the production chamber from which they are collected. An understanding of these variations may help to obtained single wall nanotubes with desired quality or properties. 1. Carbon 42, 8-9, 1783-1791, 2004