Automated visual characterization and analysis of nanomaterials


Vitali Khvatkov, Radi Kadushnikov, Ira Bleiweiss, and Vladimir Nesh. Smart Imaging Technologies, 1770 Saint James Place, suite 414, Houston, TX 77056
Issues of accurate and reliable characterization and analysis of carbon nanotube materials and nanoparticles become increasingly important for the development of commercial applications. Repeatable methods are necessary for quality control, metrology, and standardization. We present a comprehensive set of methods and solutions for automated visual characterization and analysis of nanotube materials (using AFM, TEM, SEM microscopy) that includes characterization of single nanotubes, bulk nanotube materials and nano-phase dispersed systems. Characterization of single nanotubes includes statistical measurements of length, diameter, aspect ratio, wall count, curvature, and segregation of tubes, ropes and particles. Automated quality analysis methods for bulk nanotube material include measurement and rating of tube thickness and orientation, metallic catalyst particles, amorphous carbon, and other contaminants. Nano-phase dispersed systems characterization and quantitative analysis includes methods for automated visual analysis of macro and micro parameters of discontinuous phase (aggregates), density and regularity of dispersion of nano-phase particles