Trimetaspheres: A new generation of fullerenes


Stephen R. Wilson,, Zhiguo Zhou,, Darren Macfarland, Jing Zhang, Jianzhong Yang, and Martin Drees. Luna nanoWorks, 521 Bridge Street, Danville, VA 24541
Luna nanoWorks manufactures unique, proprietary trimetasphere nanomaterials that provide extraordinary properties to a number of research and industrial applications. Luna is dedicated to bring nanotechnology from the laboratory to the marketplace.

Endohedral metallofullerenes have shown intriguing properties and potential applications in biomedical and nanomaterial sciences since the first report on encapsulation of lanthanide metals inside a C82 cage by Smalley and coworkers. Trimetallic nitride metallofullerenes (trimetaspheres) represent a unique class of endohedral fullerenes, with interesting optical, electrical, thermal, magnetic, chemical and biological properties. A novel and economic separation process from fullerene soot (electric-arc) to pure metallofullerene species has been developed. This method highly accelerates the whole purification procedure. Chemical reactivity of the icosahedral trimetallic nitride metallofullerenes differs with changes in the encapsulated metal clusters. A variety of new trimetasphere derivatives using the newly developed chemical functionalization methods have been synthesized and their use in medical imaging, photovoltaic and EMI shielding applications are being pursued.