Polyethylenimine sidewall functionalization of fluorinated single walled carbon nanotubes


Eoghan Dillon, eoghan.dillon@gmail.com, Christopher A. Crouse, crous1ca@rice.edu, and Andrew R. Barron, arb@rice.edu. Department of Chemistry, Smalley Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology, Rice University, Houston, TX 77005
Covalent attachment of polyamines to the sidewalls of fluorinated single walled carbon nanotubes (F-SWNTs) was explored. The covalent attachment of various diamines to F-SWNTs has been previously published along with PEI functionalization at the carboxylic acid moieties found at the end of SWNTs. It was our hope to prepare highly functionalized SWNTs with direct covalent attachment to the sidewalls providing a more stable material with increased solubility and biological compatibility. Branched polyethylenimine (B-PEI), of varying molecular weights, was chosen as a test polymer due to its commercial availability, low biological activity and solubility properties. B-PEI coated SWNTs display good solubility in water at physiological pH and may have possible applications in medicinal biotechnology as drug carriers and contrast agents.