Working for Dr. Julian: An everyday experience


James C. Letton,, Industrial Chemicals Division, Procter & Gamble Company (Ret.), 1247 Jeremy Ct, Forest Park, OH 45240
I first became aware of Dr. Julian when I was an undergraduate attending Kentucky State College. The Chairman of the Chemistry Department, Dr. E.D. Raines was a former student of Dr. Julian's during his days as a professor. Dr. Raines contacted Dr. Julian on my behalf, resulting in a letter from Dr. Julian offering me an interview. I was offered employment and Dr. Julian wanted to have me start immediately. I had to make arrangements with my wife who was carrying our first son so I had to put him off for a few days. I later joined Julian Laboratories as a chemical operator, along with several other new hires that summer of 1957. I eventually became a group leader, then plant manager, responsible for all plant operations and later as ownership changed, I moved into research and development chemistry. Dr. Julian began our relationship as a teacher, then coach, advisor and mentor. Later, I worked part-time as I went back to school full time. During those years we spent time discussing the “new things” that I was learning along with my plans for my future and that of my family.