Percy L. Julian: A review of his contributions to the synthesis and SAR of steroid hormones


Robert Aslanian Sr.,, Medicinal Chemistry, Schering Plough Corp, 2000 Galloping Hill Rd, Kenilworth, NJ 07033
Percy L. Julian's multifaceted career spanned more than five decades. He was a man of varied interests and talents, making significant contributions to society as a teacher, chemist, businessman, entrepreneur and civil rights activist. As a chemist, some of his most important contributions were in the steroid area. Beginning in the late 1930's, Dr. Julian developed new synthetic techniques and processes for the preparation of medicinally important steroids like cortisone and progesterone that lessened the cost to prepare these compounds and thus made them more available to patients. Additionally, he contributed to the understanding of the structure/activity relationships of steroids thus contributing to the discovery of more potent compounds with fewer side effects. This talk will present an overview of the contributions of Dr. Julian to steroid chemistry.