Dispensed polymer waveguides and laser-ablated couplers for optical interconnects on PC boards

POLY 525

Yongzhang Leng, yleng@lps.umd.edu, Victor Yun, Lisa Lucas, Warren N. Herman, herman@lps.umd.edu, and Julius Goldhar, julius@lps.umd.edu. Laboratory for Physical Sciences and Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742
Optical interconnects can provide much needed bandwidth for chip-to-chip data communication as processor speed and density keep growing. Optical waveguides and couplers are essential components for implementing the optical interconnections. Techniques for directly-dispensing low transmission loss UV curable polymer waveguides in laser-ablated trenches on printed circuit (PC) boards and for fabricating optical couplers are presented for quick prototyping of optical interconnects. High quality UV curable polymer waveguides were fabricated for optical transmission at visible and infrared wavelengths. Simple and very efficient reflective-undercut facet couplers can be fabricated using excimer laser ablation.