An investigation into the surface structure and composition of a novel DBAB block copolymer using AFM and NSOM

POLY 523

Amanda M. Lorts,, Shameika Vick, Carl E. Bonner Jr., Cheng Zhang,, and Sam-Shajing Sun, Center for Materials Research, Norfolk State University, 700 Park Ave, Norfolk, VA 23504
A novel DBAB block copolymer has been synthesized that consists of two derivatized polyphenylene-vinylene (PPV) polymers; a donor-substituted PPV and an acceptor-substituted PPV, separated by a non-conjugated bridge. Like other block copolymers, this polymer is expected to exhibit phase separation on the same order scale as the length of the polymer block. Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) phase imaging in non-contact tapping mode has been used to determine the phase separation of this block copolymer, and Near-Field Scanning Optical Microscopy (NSOM) has been used to determine the identity of the phases on the surface. The sensitivity of the method has shown to be effective in the phase identification of copolymers of poly(styrene-co-butadiene) and poly(styrene-co-butadiene-co-methyl-methacrylate).