The SiliCycle® SiliaCat™ TEMPO: An effective and useful oxidizing catalyst

ORGN 487

Genevieve Gingras1, Michel Morin, mmorin@silicycle.com1, Mario Pagliaro2, David Avnir3, and François Béland, fbeland@silicycle.com1. (1) SiliCycle inc, 1200, ave St-Jean-Baptiste, suite 114, Quebec City, QC G2E 5E8, Canada, (2) Institute of Chemistry and Technology of Natural Products, CNR, via U. La Malfa 153, 90146 Palermo, Italy, (3) Institute of Chemistry, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, 91904, Israel
SiliCycle®, has a new catalyst line of innovative products called the SiliaCat™. This new line is composed of various silica-based catalysts like the SiliaCat™ TEMPO that can easily be used to replace their homogenous equivalent in a wide variety of well-known organic reactions. These silica-based catalysts present a number of advantages over their solution phase equivalents, like the ease to remove the spent catalyst by a simple filtration. In this poster we will present different applications using the SiliaCat™ TEMPO for demonstrating the effectiveness and the versatility of this silica-based catalyst. This product will be commercially available in either in bulk, in SPE cartridges, and in Flash cartridges formats. We will investigate more applications using the SiliaCat™ TEMPO as an oxidizing catalyst to demonstrate its greater selectivity compared to the homogenous phase TEMPO during various oxidation reactions like: oxidation of alcohols (Montanari-Anelli oxidation of 1-nonanol), oxidation of vic diols to a-hydroxy acids, oxidation of amino diols, etc. We will also look at the catalytic activity efficiency and the stability of the SiliaCat™ TEMPO in several consecutive runs for some oxidation reactions.