Division of Medicinal Chemistry


D. P. Rotella, Program Chair
Moscone CenterSunMonTueWedThu
General Oral Session A    
Telomerase: An Emerging Target for the Development of Anticancer AgentsA    
Small Molecule Activators of Apoptosis as Anticancer AgentsP    
General Poster Session E    
Designing Multiple Ligands A   
Hepatitis C Inhibitors A   
Reverse Pharmacology: The Role of Medicinal Chemistry in Novel Target Identification P   
Sci-Mix E   
Medicinal Chemistry Award Symposium  A  
Gamma and Beta Secretase  P  
General Oral Session   P  
Neuropeptide GPCRs   A 
Parallel Medicinal Chemistry   A 
Antagonists of TRP Channels and Vanilloid Receptors   P 
Medicinal Chemistry of Rare Diseases   P 
General Poster Session    E 
General Oral Session     A
General Oral Session     P
Co-sponsored Symposia:
Selecting a co-sponsored symposia will take you outside of the current Committee, Secretariat or Division
Health Materials and Techniques: Research and Development over the Past 25 Years: Investment in Basic Research Leading to Benefits for Society* (HIST)A    
Nucleosides, Nucleotides and Oligonucleotides* (CARB)A    
Advances in Nanomedicine* (COLL)DDEA  
Advances in Virtual High-Throughput Screening* (CINF)D    
Structure-Based Design & Development of Estrogen Receptor Modulators* (COMP)D    
Peptide Bond Isosteres* (ORGN) A   
Dr. Percy L. Julian - Scientist, Humanist, Educator, Entrepreneur, and Inspirational Trailblazer* (CMA) D   
Tetrahedron Prize for Creativity in Organic Chemistry* (ORGN) P   
Drug Toxicity & Safety Prediction* (TOXI)  P  
Uncovering the Metabolome and Metabolic Defects* (BIOL)   A 
Repligen Award Symposium: Enzymatic Catalysis and Transition States* (BIOL)   P 
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A = AM; P = PM; D = AM/PM;
* Cosponsored symposium, primary organizer(s) shown in parentheses.
** Primary organizer, cosponsoring organizer(s) shown in parentheses.