Division of Biochemical Technology


T. A. Good, Program Chair
A. A. Shukla, Program Chair
Moscone Center, Hilton San FranciscoSunMonTueWedThu
Biophysical and Biomolecular Symposium: Protein EngineeringDA   
Downstream Processing: Advances in Chromatographic SeparationsD    
Emerging Technologies: NanobiotechnologyD    
Upstream Processing: Metabolic EngineeringD    
Alan S. Michaels Award in the Recovery of Biological ProductsP    
David Perlman Memorial LectureP    
Downstream Processing: Alternatives to Chromatographic Separations A   
Industrial Biotechnology Award A   
Upstream Processing: Biocatalysis A   
Emerging Technologies: Systems Biology D   
Biophysical and Biomolecular Symposium: Challenges to Membrane Protein Production and Characterization PA  
Upstream Processing: Cell Culture Process Development: Advances in Process Engineering PP  
Biophysical and Biomolecular Keynote Lecture P   
FDA Symposium: Process Analytical Technology (PAT) Initiative P   
Sci-Mix E   
Emerging Technologies: Proteomics and Genomics: Applications and Developments  A  
FDA Symposium: Process Development and Validation  A  
Marvin Johnson Award  A  
Downstream Processing: Purification and Platform Case Studies  D  
Biophysical and Biomolecular Symposium: Protein-Protein Interactions  PA 
FDA Keynote Address  P  
FDA Symposium: Follow-on Biologics: The Challenge of Establishing Comparability  P  
Biophysical and Biomolecular Symposium: Protein Misfolding and Aggregation   A 
Downstream Processing: Advances in Filtration and Membrane Separations   A 
Elmer Gaden Award   A 
Upstream Processing: Molecular and Cellular Approaches to Advances in Cell Culture and Fermentation   A 
Emerging Technologies: Design and Engineering of Novel Therapeutic Strategies   PA
Biophysical and Biomolecular Symposium: Protein Folding and Posttranslational Modification   P 
BIOT Division Young Investigator Award   P 
Emerging Technologies: Combinatorial and High Throughput Analysis of Biological Systems   P 
FDA Symposium: The Science Behind Process Transfer   P 
Poster Session   P 
Biophysical and Biomolecular Symposium: Biomolecule Instability, Formulation and Drug Delivery    A
Downstream Processing: Downstream Process Modeling to Facilitate Process Development, Validation and Troubleshooting    A
FDA Symposium: Case Studies for Therapeutic Antibodies    A
Biophysical and Biomolecular Symposium: New and Emerging Techniques for Protein Characterization    P
Economics of Biopharmaceutical Processes    P
Emerging Technologies: Stem Cells    P
Upstream Processing: Microbial Fermentation Process Development: Advances in Process Engineering    P
Co-sponsored Symposia:
Selecting a co-sponsored symposia will take you outside of the current Committee, Secretariat or Division
Alfred Bader Award Symposium: Protein Folding, Unfolding, and Misfolding* (BIOL)A    
Francis P. Garvan-John M. Olin Medal Symposium: Protein Folding and Aggregation: From the Test Tube to the Cell* (BIOL)P    
Undergraduate Research Poster Session: Biochemistry* (CHED) P   
Eli Lilly Award Symposium: Chemical Approaches to Neuroscience and Other Complex Systems* (BIOL)  A  
Uncovering the Metabolome and Metabolic Defects* (BIOL)   A 
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A = AM; P = PM; D = AM/PM;
* Cosponsored symposium, primary organizer(s) shown in parentheses.
** Primary organizer, cosponsoring organizer(s) shown in parentheses.