(HIST) Health Materials and Techniques: Research and Development over the Past 25 Years: Investment in Basic Research Leading to Benefits for SocietyA    
(BIOL) Alfred Bader Award Symposium: Protein Folding, Unfolding, and MisfoldingA    
(POLY) Polymers in Biosensors and BiochipsDA   
(BIOT) Biophysical and Biomolecular Symposium: Protein EngineeringDA   
(PHYS) Physical Chemical Foundations of Biological Membrane PhenomenaDDDAD
(POLY) 7th International Biorelated Polymers SymposiumDDDDD
(PHYS) Frontiers in Single-Molecule Biophysical Chemistry and ImagingDDDPD
(CINF) Advances in Virtual High-Throughput ScreeningD    
(BIOT) Downstream Processing: Advances in Chromatographic SeparationsD    
(BIOT) Emerging Technologies: NanobiotechnologyD    
(BIOT) Upstream Processing: Metabolic EngineeringD    
(ENVR) Microbially Mediated Redox Dynamics in the Shallow SubsurfaceP  E 
(BIOL) Francis P. Garvan-John M. Olin Medal Symposium: Protein Folding and Aggregation: From the Test Tube to the CellP    
(BIOT) Alan S. Michaels Award in the Recovery of Biological ProductsP    
(BIOT) David Perlman Memorial LectureP    
(CHAL) Protection of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Intellectual Property: Patents and Trade SecretsP    
(POLY) General Papers: Polymers and BiologyE    
(ORGN) Peptide Bond Isosteres A   
(BIOT) Downstream Processing: Alternatives to Chromatographic Separations A   
(BIOT) Industrial Biotechnology Award A   
(BIOT) Upstream Processing: Biocatalysis A   
(CHAS) A Focus on Laboratory Biosafety A   
(BIOT) Emerging Technologies: Systems Biology D   
(BIOT) Biophysical and Biomolecular Symposium: Challenges to Membrane Protein Production and Characterization PA  
(BIOT) Upstream Processing: Cell Culture Process Development: Advances in Process Engineering PP  
(POLY) General Papers: Polymers and Biology P   
(BIOT) Biophysical and Biomolecular Keynote Lecture P   
(BIOT) FDA Symposium: Process Analytical Technology (PAT) Initiative P   
(BIOL) Eli Lilly Award Symposium: Chemical Approaches to Neuroscience and Other Complex Systems  A  
(BIOT) Emerging Technologies: Proteomics and Genomics: Applications and Developments  A  
(BIOT) FDA Symposium: Process Development and Validation  A  
(BIOT) Marvin Johnson Award  A  
(PMSE) Polymers for Biomedical Applications  DDD
(POLY) Biocatalysis in Polymer Science  DDD
(CINF) Herman Skolnik Award Symposium  D  
(BIOT) Downstream Processing: Purification and Platform Case Studies  D  
(BIOT) Biophysical and Biomolecular Symposium: Protein-Protein Interactions  PA 
(BIOT) FDA Keynote Address  P  
(BIOT) FDA Symposium: Follow-on Biologics: The Challenge of Establishing Comparability  P  
(POLY) 7th International Biorelated Polymers Symposium  E  
(POLY) Biocatalysis in Polymer Science  E  
(BIOL) Uncovering the Metabolome and Metabolic Defects   A 
(BIOT) Biophysical and Biomolecular Symposium: Protein Misfolding and Aggregation   A 
(BIOT) Downstream Processing: Advances in Filtration and Membrane Separations   A 
(BIOT) Elmer Gaden Award   A 
(BIOT) Upstream Processing: Molecular and Cellular Approaches to Advances in Cell Culture and Fermentation   A 
(COLL) Nano-Scale Science and Technology in Biomolecular Catalysis   DD
(BIOT) Emerging Technologies: Design and Engineering of Novel Therapeutic Strategies   PA
(AGRO) Recent Advances in Immunochemistry and their Applications to Agrochemicals   PD
(BIOT) Biophysical and Biomolecular Symposium: Protein Folding and Posttranslational Modification   P 
(BIOT) BIOT Division Young Investigator Award   P 
(BIOT) Emerging Technologies: Combinatorial and High Throughput Analysis of Biological Systems   P 
(BIOT) FDA Symposium: The Science Behind Process Transfer   P 
(BIOT) Poster Session   P 
(CHAL) Protecting Chemical Intellectual Property from Bench to Bench   P 
(PMSE) Advances in Protein Drugs and Gene Delivery: Delivery and Diagnostic Technologies    A
(BIOT) Biophysical and Biomolecular Symposium: Biomolecule Instability, Formulation and Drug Delivery    A
(BIOT) Downstream Processing: Downstream Process Modeling to Facilitate Process Development, Validation and Troubleshooting    A
(BIOT) FDA Symposium: Case Studies for Therapeutic Antibodies    A
(CINF) General Papers    D
(ENVR) Understanding and Controlling Biofouling in Aquatic Systems    D
(BIOT) Biophysical and Biomolecular Symposium: New and Emerging Techniques for Protein Characterization    P
(BIOT) Economics of Biopharmaceutical Processes    P
(BIOT) Emerging Technologies: Stem Cells    P
(BIOT) Upstream Processing: Microbial Fermentation Process Development: Advances in Process Engineering    P
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A = AM; P = PM; D = AM/PM;
* Cosponsored symposium, primary organizer(s) shown in parentheses.
** Primary organizer, cosponsoring organizer(s) shown in parentheses.