Drug Discovery

(MEDI) Telomerase: An Emerging Target for the Development of Anticancer AgentsA    
(MEDI) General Oral Session A    
(PHYS) Physical Chemical Foundations of Biological Membrane PhenomenaDDDAD
(POLY) 7th International Biorelated Polymers SymposiumDDDDD
(COLL) Advances in NanomedicineDDEA  
(CINF) Advances in Virtual High-Throughput ScreeningD    
(BIOL) Francis P. Garvan-John M. Olin Medal Symposium: Protein Folding and Aggregation: From the Test Tube to the CellP    
(CARB) Melville L. Wolfrom/Horace S. Isbell New Investigator Awards SymposiumP    
(CHAL) Protection of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Intellectual Property: Patents and Trade SecretsP    
(MEDI) Small Molecule Activators of Apoptosis as Anticancer AgentsP    
(MEDI) General Poster Session E    
(MEDI) Designing Multiple Ligands A   
(ORGN) Peptide Bond Isosteres A   
(MEDI) Hepatitis C Inhibitors A   
(ANYL) Development and Applications of Metabonomic/Metabolomic Methods of Analysis D   
(FLUO) Fluorinated Heterocycles D   
(ORGN) Tetrahedron Prize for Creativity in Organic Chemistry P   
(MEDI) Reverse Pharmacology: The Role of Medicinal Chemistry in Novel Target Identification P   
(BIOL) Eli Lilly Award Symposium: Chemical Approaches to Neuroscience and Other Complex Systems  A  
(SCHB) Steps to Business Success for the Chemistry Entrepreneur  A  
(POLY) Biocatalysis in Polymer Science  DDD
(CINF) Herman Skolnik Award Symposium  D  
(CHED) Using Pharmaceuticals to Teach Chemistry: Educational Innovations for Majors and Non-Majors  D  
(BIOT) Biophysical and Biomolecular Symposium: Protein-Protein Interactions  PA 
(BIOL) Pfizer Award Symposium: Structure and Function of Macromolecular Assemblies  P  
(HIST) History of the FDA in its Hundredth Year  P  
(TOXI) Drug Toxicity & Safety Prediction  P  
(MEDI) General Oral Session   P  
(MEDI) Gamma and Beta Secretase  P  
(POLY) 7th International Biorelated Polymers Symposium  E  
(POLY) Biocatalysis in Polymer Science  E  
(MEDI) Parallel Medicinal Chemistry   A 
(AGFD) Sterling Hendricks Memorial Lectureship   A 
(BIOL) Uncovering the Metabolome and Metabolic Defects   A 
(MEDI) Neuropeptide GPCRs   A 
(NUCL) Recent Advances in Molecular Imaging   DD
(BIOT) Emerging Technologies: Design and Engineering of Novel Therapeutic Strategies   PA
(BIOL) Repligen Award Symposium: Enzymatic Catalysis and Transition States   P 
(MEDI) Antagonists of TRP Channels and Vanilloid Receptors   P 
(MEDI) Medicinal Chemistry of Rare Diseases   P 
(CHAL) Protecting Chemical Intellectual Property from Bench to Bench   P 
(MEDI) General Poster Session    E 
(PMSE) Advances in Protein Drugs and Gene Delivery: Delivery and Diagnostic Technologies    A
(MEDI) General Oral Session     A
(COMP) Free Energy Computations in Drug Discovery    D
(CINF) General Papers    D
(MEDI) General Oral Session     P
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A = AM; P = PM; D = AM/PM;
* Cosponsored symposium, primary organizer(s) shown in parentheses.
** Primary organizer, cosponsoring organizer(s) shown in parentheses.